The greatest oppression of the devil is the captivity of the mind. Satan will only go to the extend you have given him to operate in your life. One of the terrible things evil covenant does is that it brings limitations to one’s destiny. And one of the hallmarks of limitation is failure at the edge of success. When an evil covenant is operating in your life, you will not be yourself.

In the past editions of this series, we had learned about how evil covenants were created, their symptoms and the rules for breaking them. This month’s focus was on a third rule for breaking hidden evil covenants – KNOW YOUR ENEMY. You must understand the strategies and the devices of the enemy before you engage in battle (2 Corinthians 2:11). You can’t go into a strong man house to take his possession except you first bind him (Mark 3:27). Before you can fight a strong enemy, you must first take authority over them and you cannot take authority except you know the Owner of all authority (an altar call was raised and 36 people gave their lives to Christ). 81 people were first time attendees.

Prayer points

  1. Father! I decree and declare, every hidden covenant and power that has tied me to where I do not belong, hear the Word of the Lord, your time is up, loose me and let me go!
  2. Father, every hidden evil covenant made on my behalf and destiny, wherever you are, catch fire!


In continuation with the March Breakthrough and Deliverance Service, the Lord ministered unto His people (where 14 were first-time attendees) on the role remembrance plays when the tides are turned in a man’s favour as seen in 2 Samuel 9:1 – 13. Here are a few key components that led to the tide turning in Mephibosheth’s favour.

  1. When it is your time, God can use anyone (irrespective of age or status) to turn the tide in your favour. So, never look down upon anyone.
  2. 2 Samuel 9:3 speaks of the power of connection. The power of connection will work in your favour in Jesus name.
  3. King David set out to favour a member of Saul’s household for Jonathan’s sake.
  4. Your location sometimes matters in how far you can go in life. Lo Debar means ‘not having’ or ‘low pasture’; it was a town of forgotten people (a slum) (2 Samuel 9:4). However, in spite of this, God found Mephibosheth. Help will locate you today in the name of Jesus.

After the tide turns in a man’s favour, Psalm 126 becomes his testimony.

If God could repair Mephibosheth’s life, He will also locate you in the name of Jesus. Therefore, do not ever allow a condition to define you. Instead, make positive confessions about yourself.

Remember, Jesus is the One Who turns tides. Whenever God remembers His (Jesus) sacrifice, He turns the tide in your favour; which begs the question – do you have a genuine relationship with Jesus? (16 people accepted Jesus during the service).

Psalm 40:2 shall find expression in your life in Jesus name.

During the course of the service, the Lord dealt with people afflicted by these 5 spirits (familiar/unclean spirits, the spirit of setback, the spirit of evil projection, the spirit of near-success and the spirit of ‘up-today-down-tomorrow’.

Prayer Points

  1. Every satanic padlock used to lock my destiny, wherever you are I unlock you now.
  2. Father, that contact that will hear my story and proffer solution to my problems, connect me to him/her.
  3. Father, connect me with my destiny helpers before the end of this month.

Glory to God.


Last month, the Breakthrough and Deliverance Service (BDS) themed THE TIDE SHALL TURN was power-packed and one of the longest since its inception (it lasted 5 hours!). We started with some strategic prayers targeted at demonic powers secretly tormenting God’s people such as:

  1. Father! Every demonic presence in my home, life, business, neighborhood, disturbing my progress, in the Mighty name of Jesus, CATCH FIRE!!!
  2. Father! Wherever demonic powers are hiding in my life, destroy them in Jesus name.
  • I decree, whatever the enemy has used to tie down my life, glory, promotion and success, LOOSE ME and LET ME GO!

Tide, literally, means the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effect of gravitational forces exerted by the moon, sun and other natural forces. However, spiritually speaking, tide represents trouble that are beyond human control.


  1. Challenges that set a limit to how far one can go in life (John 5:1–7).
  2. Challenges that cut short testimonies (Judges 6: 1–7).
  3. Challenges that makes one go into error at the sight of miracles (also known as the spirit of error and disobedience) (1 Samuel 15: 1-25).


  1. The extreme wickedness of people (Proverbs 4:16-17).
  2. Sin (Proverbs 14:34).


  1. Believe in God and believe in Him alone.
  2. Don’t ever underestimate what the enemy can do or who the enemy can be.

Afterwards, 9 people accepted Jesus Christ and 7 spirits (failure, delay, poverty, death, witchcraft, failure and barrenness) were cast out of the lives of God’s people. 36 people came to the BDS for the first time.


  1. Every spirit of failure assigned to my life be bound in the name of Jesus.
  2. Father! Whatever causes delay in my life, your time is up, pack up your load and go.
  3. Father! Anyone occupying my sit of progress, be relocated in Jesus name.

SHINING LIGHT 2 (MARK 5: 15- 16, ISAIAH 60:1)

The moment you declare Christ as your Lord and personal saviour, you become a carrier of the light (John 1:4). It is one thing to be the light and it is another thing to shine. You don’t have the light to keep in your closet, it is meant to reflect and radiate for people around you to see. It is possible for light to be there and not shine.


To shine means ‘ARISE and WALK’; and if you are walking, ‘RUN’; if you are running, ‘FLY’; and if you are flying, ‘SOAR’. The light should reflect and not introduced because a shining light excels and doesn’t struggle. Whatever is stopping you from shinning is destroyed today in the name of Jesus.


  1. Brightness
  2. Temperature
  3. Colour (Beauty)

As a child of God, you are not only a carrier of His glory, you are also a carrier of the LIGHT of His glory. During the service, 4 people became carriers of this LIGHT by giving their lives to Christ, while 13 persons were in attendance for the first time to the glory of God.


  1. Father! The original me You created, let me manifest by fire!
  2. Father! Every glory robber and destiny manipulator assigned to me, separate us by fire!
  3. Father! Any structure erected to cover my light, collapse and scatter in Jesus name.
  4. Holy Ghost fire! (7 times) Every market anywhere trading the souls of men, consume them now!

The Breakthrough and Deliverance Service is a Divinely-appointed program used to deliver the people and usher them into higher realms of breakthrough. It will be coming up later this month, whatever happens …DO NOT MISS IT.


SHINING LIGHT (ISAIAH 60: 1-3, 17- 22).

The first Breakthrough and Deliverance Service for the year, 2019 started with hymn ‘In Christ Alone’. And no power of hell will be able to take you away from His hand in Jesus name.
Light is the opposite of darkness, and shining is the opposite of obscurity. Light illuminates your path. It brings joy to every area that has brought in darkness. And you need light to fulfil destiny. But anywhere the enemy has overshadowed is filled with darkness. This year 2019, the Lord will shine His light on your path in Jesus name.

What It Means to Shine:
1. It means to arise from your present level to a greater and higher level (Matthew 9:6, Luke 15:18). And the situations of life determine and define your level. Whatever has bound you to a low level, God will destroy it today in Jesus name.

2. It means to overcome (Mark 5:25 – 29, John 5:5 – 9). There are situations in your life that if you don’t overcome, you will not have your testimony. Whatever has said you will not enjoy life, that brings reproach to you, will end today in the name of Jesus! As long as God is alive, today, your story will change for good in Jesus name. Every strange voice from the pit of hell asking you to do inordinate things will catch fire in the name of Jesus.

3. It means to receive favour (1 Samuel 2:26). It is not enough for you to overcome, when you overcome you must move forward. And to move forward, you need favour. No one succeeds alone. God will send favour to you today in the Mighty name of Jesus.

4. It means to have Jesus. This is the greatest form of shining because Jesus is the only one that can bring light into darkness. He can also turn every darkness into light. If you don’t have Jesus, you don’t have light. If you are not born again, it doesn’t matter who prays for you, who lays hands upon you, your problem can never be solved. Salvation is in the name of the Lord and not by your attendance in church. Be wise (22 people accepted Jesus during the service).
From today no one will be able to describe you with problems in Jesus name (AMEN!).

I. Father! Let your light locate every point of darkness in my life and destroy them in the name of Jesus.
II. Father! Every aspect of my life where the enemy has introduced darkness let the power of God deliver me today.
III. Father! I decree by the Blood of Jesus, arise by fire, pursue my enemies.
IV. Father! In the name of Jesus, every serpent of darkness assigned against my life, hear the Word of the Lord, loose me and let me go!

There were 49 guests (first timers) during this service. Whatever it takes, do not miss the February edition.

REMEMBER: The only thing that will make your deliverance permanent is your ability to say NO to sin and satanic influences; and you can only do this by surrendering your life to Christ today.
God bless you.

GREAT JOY (Matthew 2:1-10)

Greater is the end of a thing than the beginning there of. It is never too late for you to testify of God’s goodness. The last Breakthrough and Deliverance Service for the year 2018 titled ‘GREAT JOY’ indeed kicked off with great joy with the hymn Joy to the world but God proved to be unpredictable by changing the message from Great Joy to ‘BREAKING EVERY YOKE THAT HAS TAKEN JOY AWAY FROM YOUR LIFE’.

The sermon was focused on (spiritual) prisons. Prisons house the saddest people in society because they do not have access to joy and they cannot make any form of progress. And the worst prison a man can be locked in is the Prison of Sin. Prisoners of sin are those who have been held captive by sinful acts or lifestyles, they cannot leave sin by themselves. And where there is sin, there is death which can be spiritual, marital, financial, career etc. So, prisoners of this kind can only be released by deliverance seasoned with prayers and fasting. And if you can deal with sin in your life, you can deal with every other thing.

The joy of the Lord cannot locate prisoners but Who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass, when the Lord commandeth it not? (Lamentations 3:37). 73 people were released from the prison of sin by giving their lives to Christ while 48 were in attendance for the first time.


1. I decree over you the sun will not set until you are victorious in Jesus name.

2. Holy Ghost will bring you out from wherever the enemy has kept you in Jesus name.

3. Every gang up against you that says on your day of joy your sit will be vacant, I destroy them by fire in Jesus name.

4. Every conspiracy against you shall be a ladder of progress in Jesus name.

5. I reverse every sentence of the enemy over my life in Jesus name.
This message continued on Monday, 31st December 2018 during the Cross Over Service – LAST NIGHT IN SLAVERY. You can order for your copy by contacting us on social media or via this phone number – 09090879801.

RESURRECTION (Luke 7: 11-15)

Before resurrection can take place, there must have been death because it is only the dead that can be resurrected back to life. Death is the absence of life and it can be physical or spiritual. A life that does not produce fruits is dead. Therefore, a person can be physically alive but is spiritually dead. It is not enough to exist alone, to be alive means that you must bear fruits. Death is also not restricted to the physical body alone, marriages, businesses and careers etc. can be dead too. Whatever is dead in your life is resurrected in Jesus name.

The grave is the place of the dead. Like death, there are physical and spiritual graves. The (Spiritual) grave is known as the coven. It is a place where kindness and mercy are taboo. It is a pit (Job 33:18) that harbors the agenda of the wicked, where failure and sorrow thrives. It is a place of evil judgement, where the wrong is taken to right and the right is taken to the wrong. It is a dark place of cruelty (Psalm 74:20) where people are imprisoned and destinies are determined.

These are some of the cruel things that happen to prisoners of the grave:

1. They are always static and stagnant in life (Deuteronomy 2:3)

2. They are always stationed for disgrace. A spirit of resentment is always following them around. They have hidden evil marks that make them go into error. They usually do things that bring shame to them and their loved ones.

3. Good things are always hidden from them. Anywhere they are seen, disaster always happens.

4. They always experience spiritual armed robbery and evil manipulations.

A sinner is also a prisoner of the grave and he cannot be set free unless he accepts Jesus and becomes born again. Resurrection is synonymous to life and you don’t have to wait till Easter to experience the resurrection power of God. There is hope.
Whatever has positioned you for disgrace, may the Holy Ghost fire consume them in your life in Jesus name. Every power that has hidden good things in your life, they will begin to fail in Jesus name.
The deliverance service was extra-special because the Lord promised, through His son – Pastor Ola Olukoyede, that everyone present would be delivered. These were some of the cases that was dealt with, people with – unstable careers, abnormal sex lives, spirit of uncontrollable anger, bad luck, inability to hold on to a job, sickness, demonic images at home and work, strange marks and incisions, sex and eating in the dream, gunshot in the dream, near-success syndrome, seeing dead relatives in the dream and negative circumstances of birth. The power of God was present and moved mightily in the congregation. 10 people accepted Jesus to the glory of God while 85 people were in attendance for the first time.

I. Father! The reason why You died and resurrected let it be made manifest in my life in Jesus name.
II. Father! Every plant that You have not planted in my destiny, hear the word of the Lord – your time is up, loose me and let me go in Jesus name.
III. O God of Elijah! Arise and scatter every grave that harbors my blessings now.
IV. Father! Every strange voice speaking evil against me, catch fire now.
You can purchase the full service on CD or DVD by contacting this phone number – 09086785195. Don’t miss this month’s Breakthrough and Deliverance Service, it could be the day God decides to set you free from all your problems and sorrows.