(Isaiah 49:21-26)
Captivity means holding one against his or her will. It also means bondage. Bondage is an unpleasant condition or situation, which brings about sorrow, stagnation and makes life difficult.
When God arises, He will hold your captivity captive and arrest the arrester for your sake.

Types of Captivity

  1. Selective Captivity (Genesis 35:22, 49:1-2): Reuben was a good example of this.
  2. Partial Captivity- This set of people serve and love God, but are oppressed. A good example is Samson in Judges 16:6. It is not only about coming to church, but about the power you carry.
  3. Individual Captivity- This is a result of a direct attack on you, where the victim is used for experiments by the enemy. They are carriers of bondage.
  4. Collective Captivity (2 Chronicles 36:1-23) – Here we have: corporate captivity, family captivity and group bondage.
    1. Family Captivity –  This could be no fault of yours, but your ancestors, family lineage and foundation. For example, if your ancestors have spilt blood or undergone demonic initiation, their actions have made you a collaborator. You must look at your family trend, some occurrences are particular about your family.
    1. Corporate  Captivity- There are some industries where negative occurrences are commonplace like failed marriages.
    1. Spirit of Error –  This is captivity whereby the person in bondage does not accept corrections till there is a repercussion.

How To Identify Captivities:
They can be identified through nightmares, alcoholism, sex addiction and perversions (like homosexuality), premature death, lack of help, uncontrollable anger, and daydreaming (having dangerous desires and emotional imbalance).

How To Get Out
1. Recognise the source of the problem. You must be very sensitive as a believer, ask questions, talk to men of God, and do not hide your problems.
2. Confess your sins and those of your ancestors; plead for mercy. (13 people gave their lives to Christ)
3. Pray aggressively with a sign of authority.

Prayer Points:

  1. Father, I plead the Blood of Jesus upon myself and my family.
  2. Ask for mercy over every work of iniquity over your life, loved ones and ancestors.
  3. Every foundational bondage holding me down, Father expose them in the Mighty Name of Jesus.
  4. Father! Every stranger hiding in my marriage, destiny and home, Holy Ghost fire expose them!
  5. Father! Every stranger hiding in my finances, business, and career, Holy Ghost fire expose them!
  6. Father! Every siege against my life from the womb, Holy Ghost fire expose them!
  7. Every evil load from my father’s, mother’s, in-law’s house, enough is enough, every owner of evil load, carry your load.
  8. Every evil shoe that I inherited from my father’s and mother’s house that is following me around, I remove you by fire in Jesus’ Name.
  9. Every altar receiving sacrifice in my father’s and mother’s house on my behalf receive fire now in Jesus’ Name.
  10. Father! Every strong man and woman, that says I will not prosper, let the ground open and, in the next 21 days, swallow them.
  11. Everyone gathering my blessings and virtues with demonic basket and everyone swallowing my prosperity be consumed by the fire of the Holy Ghost.
  12. Father! Wherever my matter is discussed, Holy Ghost fire intervene for me!
  13. Father, from the four corners of the earth, wherever my helpers are, let them locate me today in Jesus’ Name.

55 people attended the service for the first time. Don’t miss next month’s edition.


(Psalm 5:1-12)

To prevail means to overcome, to overpower, to conquer, to defeat, to have victory, and to win. Prevailing prayers usher in seasons of rest, glory and testimonies. One of the three areas that prevailing prayers must address in your life is THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR LIFE (Psalm 11:3). 

The foundation is the basis for breakthrough and deliverance to take place, and the righteous can have a faulty foundation (Psalm 11:3). Examples of men with faulty foundations:

  1. Jabez, whose foundation was sorrowful (1 Chronicles 4:9-10).
  2. Jephthah, who was born to a harlot (Judges 11:1-2).
  3. Reuben, who was cursed for committing adultery (Genesis 49:3-4) and his descendants were also affected (Numbers 26:7, 32:1-5, Deuteronomy 27:1-13).
  4. Eli, who was cursed alongside his generation by God (1 Samuel 2:30-36).
  5. Gehazi, who was cursed alongside his generation by Elisha (2 Kings 5:27).

However, there is hope for anyone with a faulty foundation as seen in Reuben’s case where his descendants were delivered by the prophet, Moses (Deuteronomy 33:1-6). It is the joy of the Lord for you to succeed in life and to make it to heaven (13 people gave their lives to Christ, while 35 people were attending for the first time).


  1. Lord, please disconnect my destiny from the spirit of death, failure, disaster and tragedy in the Name of Jesus (Jeremiah 15:15,21).
  2. (One of the strategies of the evil foundation is to put an evil mark on the affected, therefore say,) Father! By the Blood of Jesus, blot out, remove every evil mark upon me, my spouse and children in the Name of Jesus.
  3. O evil mark! I address you by the Spirit of God and the Blood of Jesus, leave me by fire!
  4. Father! Every evil fire that the enemy has ignited in my life, let it quench now in Jesus Name.


It takes battle to take back your possession in life, ministry, marriage, career and family. It takes even greater battle to retain these possessions. One thing is to have your possession, another is to retain it. It is pertinent to know that some breakthroughs will not come until God’s judgment cuts off all oppositions. Also, it is worthy to note that the devil that fought your predecessors to a standstill is very much alive and ready to fight you.

Without battles, there would be no victory; and life on its own is full of battles.

Battle is a contention, strife or struggle over a particular thing of value. There must be parties to a battle, which principally are God and you on one side, and Satan and his agents on the other.

Victory on the other hand means conquest, to overcome, to prevail or to take charge. God has reserved victory solely for the righteous (John 3:6).


  1. Powers that set a limit to how far you can go in life (John 5:1-7).
  2. Powers that cut short testimonies (Judges 6 vs 1-7). 
  3. Powers that make you go into error at the sight of your miracle (1 Samuel 12:1-35).
  4. Powers causing blessings to die in your hands.
  5. Powers that turn your helpers against you.


  1. Trust in the Lord and in Him alone (Psalm 7:1).
  2. Examine yourself if you are a lawful captive; are there any properties belonging to the devil in your possession, such as characters, properties and covenants?
  3. Take a step to deliver yourself by declaring for Jesus through genuine repentance (2 Corinthians 7:10) (There were 34 new converts and 35 first timers).
  4. Prepare to declare the word of victory to yourself regularly.


  1. I decree and declare that every anti-progress spirit in my life that has placed a limit to how far I can go in life, be bound now! In the Name of Jesus.
  2. All powers revealing my secrets and progress to the enemies, begin to fail in the mighty Name of Jesus!
  3. Father, I decree all powers creating a limit in my life, business, marriage, career and education; I command you to loose me and let me go in the Name of Jesus.
  4. Every devil that has set a limitation to my life, progress, destiny and marriage; I command you to catch fire now in Jesus Name!
  5. Every chain the devil has used to tie me down, break by fire in Jesus Name!
  6. Every spirit of Saul that has made me do the wrong thing at the right time; every spirit of error that is manipulating my life; I command you to loose me and let me go!
  7. I decree and declare that no blessing would die in my hands again; whatever I touch with my hands will succeed, everything I touch will move forward and progress in Jesus Name.


(Isaiah 43: 18-19)

There are so many things that God does that cannot be seen such as the creation before the earth was made; but there are others that are revealed to men. When God is going to make a way for you, you have a role to play and it can be categorized into these three stages:

  1. Liberate Your Mind: Life is divided into three parts – the past, present and future; and your advancement in life is dependent on the state of your mind. To move forward in life, you must let go of your past and embrace your future which is found in God’s Word. When a mind dwells on past experiences (good or bad), such a life cannot move forward. To be liberated from the past does not mean that you will forget its experiences, but they will no longer have the power to influence you again. The salvation of your soul is the first step to releasing your mind from the past (10 people gave their lives to Christ during the service while 23 were first time attendees).
  2. Behold Your Glorious Future: After your salvation and the liberation of your mind, you will begin to behold the new things of God through the eye of your spirit (Psalm 36:9). This is because your spirit-man is the one who works with the Word of God and sends signals from it to your mind in order to establish your faith.
  3. Speak Forth: After beholding your future inspired by the Word of God, you must command it into existence. This is where prayer comes in (Romans 4:17 & 21).

Prayer Points:

  1. Plead the Blood of Jesus upon yourself, and ask for God’s mercy in any area where you need it.
  2. I decree and declare that no power assigned against me will be able to limit me in the Name of Jesus.
  3. I become unstoppable in my journey to greatness, fulfilment, breakthrough and success in the Name of Jesus.
  4. Every power prolonging my problems, you are in trouble today, catch fire in the mighty Name of Jesus.
  5. Father, every demonic chain that has tied me down to where I do not belong, break! Lose me now and let me go in the Name of Jesus.
  6. Holy Ghost fire catapult me to my next level in the mighty Name of Jesus.
  7. Begin to decree and declare where you want to see yourself and command it to existence; let it come to reality.


[1ST KINGS 18:30-40]

The manifestation of God’s fire is about revival in your life and situation; and it is this power that transforms a life of defeat into victory.


  1. Wonders and miracles take place (Acts 3:3-9).
  2. Salvation and righteousness are inputted (Acts 2:41).
  3. You have boldness and confidence in God (Proverbs 3:26, 1st John 5:14).


Prisoners of demonic altars and evil covenants. An altar is a place of sacrifice (1st Corinthians 10:19-20). It is also a place of slaughter where dreams are killed, destinies are destroyed, and blessings are replaced with curses, fruitfulness with barrenness, joy with sorrow, abundance with lack, and favour with failure. The land or place where the altar is situated is one that is dedicated to demons.


  1. They have strange dreams like being pursued by snakes or masquerades.
  2. Blockages at the edge of miracles.
  3. They lack help and are always struggling in life.
  4. They are spiritually backward.
  5. They live in accursed houses and properties.
  6. They see imaginary enemies.
  7. Consistent errors and repeated problems.


  1. You must recognize operations of these altars.
  2. Repent of anything you have done to make these evil altars prosper.
  3. Renounce and resist them by the Word of God through prayer.
  4. Withdraw your name, virtues and benefits from these evil altars.
  5. Destroy the altar by cursing it and setting it on fire.
  6. Dedicate your life to God (4 people gave their lives to Christ during the service while 13 persons attended it for the first time).


  1. The God Almighty Who quickens and calls to be those things that be not as though they are, answer me by fire today!
  2. I receive Holy Ghost fire mandate over my life; therefore, I decree that all demonic hold and satanic limitations over my miracles be destroyed!
  3. Father, I renounce and resist every evil altar speaking against me and my family in the name of Jesus!
  4. Let the fire of God locate anything in my life making me an easy target for demonic oppression; I command you, burn to ashes!
  5. Every altar of darkness speaking against me and my family be roasted by fire!
  6. I declare (mention your name), I remove my name from wherever it has been buried in Jesus Name.
  7. Father, by reason of the Holy Ghost fire, I remove my promotion, blessings, divine health, joy, success, virtues, and financial breakthroughs from demonic altars; come out!
  8. Agents of demonic altars on assignment in my life, home, and place of work; working against me, receive the Holy Ghost fire now in the Name of Jesus!
  9. (Lift up your right hand) I take authority in the Name of Jesus, I cover myself in blood of Jesus, I immerse myself in the grace of the anointing, I decree and declare that every altar erected and receiving sacrifices on my behalf, where my name has been taken to, I come against you in the Name of the Lord of Hosts, the Name of Jesus, catch fire!!!
  10. Every demonic altar and all the objects therein, I curse you in the Name of the Lord of Hosts, I come against you in the Name of Jesus!


(Psalm 30:1-5, John 15:11)

Joy is the gladness of heart and the end result of the flow of God’s river of favour and abundance flowing into your life.
It is a state of gladness of your heart.

Factor’s that can contribute to the joy in your life and make your joy full.

1) When God help you to surpass and go beyond the level that the world has limited you to be or beyond the level of human expectation for you (Psalm 118:22-24).

2) When God turns your captivities and makes your enemies to prostate before you (2 Samuel 16:13, 2 Samuel 16:19).

(2 Samuel 19) when God restore the kingdom of David.
(2 Samuel 19:16-20) Anyone who is trying to fighting with you is fighting with the Lord and battle can never be won.

3) When God turn’s your delay into testimony. Breaking the power of delay (1 Samuel 1:1-2, 1 Samuel 1:19-20).

4) When God saves you from the life of sin and death.
The joy of salvation (Romans 8:1-2).

Prayer Points
* Every heart that has been troubled, may the Lord give you gladness in the Mighty name of Jesus.

*Everyone who has segment you will celebrate you in Jesus Mighty name.


Life is not fair to anyone, instead, it is full of battles. And nobody wishes you better success than himself. Therefore, the most important factor needed for victory is the weapon of praise.

How to Praise God for Victory?

  1. You must see less of yourself and more of God (2 Samuel 6:14-15, 20-22).
  2. You must praise God with clean hands and pure hearts (Psalm 24:3-4, 66:17-18).
  3. Continue to praise Him until your victory is complete (2 Samuel 22:4).


Father, As I begin to praise You, every stranger in my life lose your hold over me and get out of my life in Jesus Name.

This was a service dedicated to praising God and it featured the ministration of the guest minister, Yetunde Are. During the course of the service, 27 people gave their lives to Christ and 20 people were first-timers.

Happy New Year!


Strategies for Dealing with the Mighty

  1. You must trust in the Lord and do not lean on your own strength (Psalm 37:5). There are battles of life that you cannot win by yourself no matter your intellectual prowess.
  2. Learn to allow God to complete your victory (2 Kings 6:21-22). The battle is not yours, it’s the Lord’s.
  3. What you confess with your mouth (Proverbs 8:21). Your tongue is a weapon of authority, with it you can decide what will happen in your life. Learn to only say good things to and about yourself.
  4. Do not make yourself a lawful captive (John 14:30). Sin and unrighteousness attract afflictions. When you are delivered from any point of contact with the devil, it will be easier for God to deliver you. At this point, 30 people repented of their sins and accepted the Lord Jesus as their Saviour, while 33 people attended the service for the first time.

Prayer Points

  1. Father, I decree and declare, that every anti-progress spirit in my life, be bound, get out in the Name of Jesus.
  2. Father, I decree and declare, every affliction of slavery and poverty in my life, lose your hold in Jesus Name.
  3. Father, every power revealing my secret to the enemy, begin to fail now in Jesus Name.
  4. Every power blocking the anointing of God in my life, begin to fail now in Jesus Name.
  5. Father, every unprofitable attachment in my life, your time is up, go in the Name of Jesus.


(Isaiah 49:22-26)

You cannot exercise power over whom you do not know.

Who or What is the Mighty? 

The mighty represents Goliath as he was to David. He is the source of sorrow, failure and affliction. He is synonymous with oppression. Every force whether natural or spiritual or psychological that has stopped you from becoming whom God wants you to become in life is the Mighty. When good things are happening around you, the mighty causes you to be a spectator. The mighty turns you against the vision of the Almighty in your life. He makes you an object of mockery instead of an object of blessings. The mighty is the shrine that swallows favour, help and breakthrough.

Instruments of Oppression of the Mighty.

  1. Witchcraft power – Witchcraft is the power of manipulation.
  2. Dream caterers – Serving people food in the dream.
  3. Sorcery – Those who operate in the demonic supernatural realm; they can put on the nature of other people or animals to attack.
  4. Satanic Ministers – It’s more demonic. These are people whom you think are men of God but are agents of Satan. 
  5. Spirit husband and spirit wife – 90% of delays in childbirth are related to these instruments.
  6. Familiar spirits – Deceptive manipulators.

How to Overcome.

Identify the point of contact with the mighty in your life and deal with them. These points of contacts mostly come about through sin and iniquity. Repent and surrender to God.

Prayer Points

  1. I decree and declare, every strong man and woman on assignment to destroy the purpose of God for my life, through any means be bound!
  2. Father, every power that is mocking God in my life, catch fire!!!
  3. Every power prolonging delay in my life, your time is up, catch fire!
  4. Any power that steals from me what will announce me to my generation, return it by fire!
  5. Arrow of sorrow in my body, hear the word of the Lord, come out by fire!
  6. Enchantment power assigned to cause my downfall and trouble my life, what are you waiting for, catch fire now!!!
  7. Every waster of destiny visiting me at night in my dreams, your time is up, be roasted by fire!
  8. Father, let the greatness inside of me begin to manifest!