Breakthrough & Deliverance Service

Breakthrough and Deliverance Service holds this Saturday
Date: 27/10/18
Time: 7a.m – 10a.m
Theme: Resurrection


Welcome you all very specially to the month of October, the month of Double Grace. It is my prayer that the Almighty God will not forget you and your entire household, everything you would have lost in the time past you shall receive and recover this month of October in Jesus Name.

The story in this passage is a typical example of what the Lord can do within a reasonable period of time which can turn your enemies to a gazing and wondering doll. It does not matter what your background looks like, what people, who don’t believe in you, feel about you or even how you feel about yourself. God has the capacity to turn your life around just as He did in the life of Jephthah without permission from anyone.

It is my prayer for you that in the remaining three months left in this year the Lord will visit you and make your life a wonderful example of His miracle working power. He will touch every aspect of your life for good. You will not experience any loss in Jesus Name,

What can Grace accomplish in our lives this month?
1) Grace will avert every tragedy
Judges 11:1-2 tells us that the life of Jephthah started with tragedy. He was born by a harlot and thrown out of his father’s house, but by the time Grace was through with him he became a celebrity. Every garment of shame and tragedy in your life shall tear to pieces this month in Jesus Name.

2) Grace will give your enemies trouble and make you a solution to the trouble (Judges 11:4-6).

3) Grace will make your enemies bow before you.
Judges 11:9-11. All the people who chased away Jephthah including the elders all went to plead with him to make him their head

Prayer points
1) Bless the name of the Lord for all His manifold blessings over your life in the past nine months; thank Him for life, and the miracles of sleeping and waking up.

2) Father, let everyone who troubles me be troubled in Jesus Name.

3) Father, let all my enemies (spiritual and physical) bow before me this month in Jesus name

4) Father, let me be remembered for good throughout this month in Jesus Name.

5) Father, please do something new in my life this month that will make my enemies bow before me.

Shalom! God Bless you and have a wonderful month.


Helpful tips and steps for every working woman towards being more organized.

4. MAXIMIZE YOUR TIME: If you work full time, hire outside help to keep up your house and not your home, because you need the extra time for your family. Be a Total Woman and not a ‘super woman,’ who wants does everything. This leads to a stressed out woman who is not a joy to be around. I have tried it and ended up on a side bed. If you are unable to afford hiring someone to help clean your house, schedule a day or evening every week or twice a month when you can get the basics done such as cleaning the toilets, doing the laundry, dusting and mopping the rooms. Once you are able to achieve this, you would not be too reliant on hired helps because you are now able to do it yourself.

This principle also works well when you are planning for the holidays. In my case, I try to have everything finished for Christmas by December 1st, this way I have time to enjoy the season, go to parties, school errands and church functions without the added stress of trying to get ready for Christmas. Here is a useful secret for you, identify the hardest and most stressful part of your day and create a plan to ease or change it (if you can). When you are able to apply this amendment to your schedule, you will be able to do so much more. I’m an example of this. In my own case that stressful task is laundry, so I planned with a dry-cleaning outfit, who takes care of it and I pay them what is not too much for me to handle. Your day will go more smoothly if you take some stress out of it. Remember, when you make a task easier, you don’t just save time you make your life better.

5. CHANGE YOUR HOUSE INTO A HOME: Changing your house into a home can be one of the most fulfilling goals for a woman to achieve. Even if you are not the type of person who likes to clean, you probably love the warm feeling you get when you welcome your family and friends to your home. Just think about Christmas or the birthday of any member of your family. When my home is full of good food, beautiful decorations and loved ones, I have a true sense of contentment and fulfilment. My goal is to have this same kind of contentment in my home every day. It takes work, time, effort and wisdom to achieve this in our home. Titus 2:5 encourage us to be “sensible pure, workers at home.” This verse is an encouragement for us because it shows the Lord’s desire for us as wives and homemakers to be hard workers in our homes. In fact, the Psalmist said in Psalms 127:1, “unless the Lord build the house, they labour in vain who build it.” In other words, we need the Lord to help us build our homes and if we follow his guidelines, we will succeed with this goal.


September 9, 2018 will remain A GREAT DAY of Joy to remember for the Redeemed Christian Church of God on the inauguration of the New Province, Lagos Province 72 carved out from Lagos Province 12.

The street of Sunday Adisa where the church is situated wore a new look. The church was well decorated and branded. The choir was well branded in new attire.

The role call included Pastor & Pastor (Mrs.) Johnson Odesola,
Assistant General Overseer (Admin/Personnel & Pastor in charge of Region One), Pastor & Pastor (Mrs.)Ola Adejubee (PICR Region 18), Pastor & Pastor (Mrs.) Olusegun, Pastor CAF & Pastor (Mrs.)Obasa (PICR Region 21, Ibadan) and Pastor & Pastor (Mrs.) Tayo Abiodun – Pastor in charge, Lagos Province 72).

The Hall had Zonal Pastors in sitting along with the Area Pastors. Pastors Adu and Olaniyan were also in attendance

It was also on record that maiden Province 72 Provincial Pastor, Pastor Tayo Abiodun, delivered the Welcome Address with applause from the congregation.
He indicated in his address that it was a great joy to be part of the church’s expansion of the Kingdom of God, through the preaching of God, discipleship, birthing of parishes and establishment of zones and areas.

He prayed to God to help Province 72 to play the role of fulfillment through the vision given to RCCG.
He expressed his appreciation for what God has done in setting up Province 72.
In closing, Pastor Odesola ensured the ministers to work with harmony and listening hears. The Assistant General Overseer joined hands with his wife to pray for and bless the church.
The church had 805 people in attendance.


There is really no small journey in life. I have been away for a while and the Lord brought me back safely. I thank God for journey mercies, blessings and for His mercies endures forever. Thank You, Lord!

For the past four years, I had been going through hell. I was on a wheelchair for two years. After I was discharged from the hospital, my son was kidnapped and I was running helter skelter, but the Lord saw me through. In the midst of all these, there was a time that I forgot a pot of water on the fire and went to VI to check on my other son at his boarding school. The water kept boiling form 11 am till about 9pm but God did not let my house catch fire. I thank God that today I am still standing and God gave me the grace to clock 50 years last month (August). I promised God that if the ceremony went well, I would testify in the congregation of his people for the first time in my life. I can testify of a truth that God is present in His church. I really thank God. Praise the Lord!
Sis Y.A.

About four years ago, I was at the ministers’ conference when my pregnant wife called me that the doctor said she was bleeding. On my arrival, I went to see the doctor and he explained to me that our baby could not survive that we should evacuate the child. On getting home that day, I laid my hands on my wife and said, the word of the Lord says that the gifts of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow. I give glory to God that the baby stayed. On the day of delivery, my wife was given a drug and it made the heartbeat of the baby to drop. Thank God that the heartbeat of the baby was monitored. He would have been delivered as a still birth. I thank God that four years today, the baby is still bouncing and will clock four years this month. He has never been admitted in the hospital. I thank God for His mercies. May the name of the Lord be praised forever!
Mr S.A.

An incident happened in my life which made me to undergo surgery. I never thought it would be so easy because the Lord brought me out safely. The same day I was operated upon, a motorbike knocked my daughter down and ran away. I thank God that we did not lose two persons in one day! If you know where the surgery took place you would be surprised that I came out alive. Here I am today alive and well. I appreciate God for our mummy, I called her and she took up the matter and was praying with me, she even sent someone to visit me. Daddy also prayed with me on the phone. Today I am alive, hale and hearty and not among the dead. Blessed be the name of the Lord.
Sis M.

I just want to thank God. July breakthrough and deliverance service, daddy mentioned that someone would get a scholarship. On getting home that day, my daughter called me that she has gone for a conference and that I should pray and also tell daddy to pray that she would be given a scholarship as it would be given to the best student. On Tuesday, the Dean of Pharmacy called and told her that she had been awarded the scholarship. Two weeks later, he called us that a boy had plenty of water in his ear and will be going for surgery. I told him that God would take care of him as he is the best surgeon and to the glory of God, the surgery was successful and from the video my son sent to me, I could see that the boy was dancing right from the theatre. Our God is good.
Mrs O.

In 2011, during my youth service, I fell ill and went to the hospital only for the doctor to tell me that I had a very high blood pressure. He asked if it was hereditary and I answered yes, because my dad had a stroke. After that, I resumed work in Lagos and for about 3 years it kept reoccurring. The last consultant I met told me that the pressure was so high that my heart has become enlarged. He said I should avoid any strenuous activity as I could just slump and die. During the previous Breakthrough and Deliverance Service, Daddy said that if we are sick in any part of our body, we should come out and lay our hands on our head. He prayed for us and told us to go immediately to the hospital to confirm that we have been healed. I went to the hospital for a routine check up the previous week; I had a chest x-ray and an ECG. Three days later when I went for the result, the doctor told me that my heart was normal, my blood pressure was normal and nothing is wrong with me! I was so surprised that I asked the doctor to check again but he kept saying that from the results he had nothing was wrong with me. I just want to give glory to God. I want to testify that God is in City of Refuge and no matter what the ailment is He can heal you because He is the Master Physician. Praise the Lord!
Sis C.U.

I want to testify to the glory of God, a lot of things were happening to me at a point. I was ill and God healed me, I felt there was something in my brain that was holding me down and not letting me function as I should. My finance was also attacked, I just discovered that money wasn’t coming forth and any time I had some, I did not even know how I spent it. I asked the brethren to join me in prayers which they did but I did not really see a change. I then went to an open field and looked up to God and said, I was told that God hears and answers prayers, I began to worship God in songs and as I did, I discovered that that thing that locked my brain gradually left me and I became normal again. I went in faith to the ATM machine to withdraw money and to the glory of God, some money was dispensed. Praise God.
Bro E.I.

A few months ago, I moved to Lagos in search of a job. Since then, I had gone for quite a number of employment tests. Friends and family have tried to help me get a job to no avail and within a short time I exhausted all the money I saved before I came down to Lagos. During my last interview which was the most depressing of all. The interviewer was so angry with me; he kept saying I did not do enough research about the company before coming, after which he told me to leave. During the July Breakthrough and Deliverance Service, Daddy told us to sow a seed of faith that had figure 8 in it. As at that that time I had only had a few thousands left in my account which was for my interviews. I prayed on it and sowed the seed. I told God, I was done with job tests and interviews and that he should give me a job as I sowed the seed. I am standing here to testify, that God gave me a job. Not just any job, but the same one that the interviewer asked me to leave his office. God did it in such a way that although I wasn’t called for the next stage of interview, I was only called for the medicals and to pick up my offer letter. May the name of the Lord be exalted in Jesus name.
Sis B.I.

I want to thank God for His mighty ministration upon my life a week before the convention till now. I want to thank God for restoring the gift He had given to me. I have always boasted that I have the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit but I lost some and God restored them unto me. Not only that, He magnified the level of these gifts. May His name be glorified in Jesus name.
Sis M.O.I.

I lost my dad on August 22nd. I travelled the next day and waited till the burial rites were over. I thank God for preserving the family I left behind and we did not encounter any evil during the burial. Praise the Lord!
Mrs S.

I want to thank God for this great ministry, I remember I called mummy when I was due to deliver my baby. She prayed with me and my baby and I came out of the theatre successfully. I also appreciate God for adding two babies into my family this year. It was not easy but God helped my husband and I, and saw us through. May His name be glorified in Jesus name.
Sis M.P.

In 2015, I got an admission to further my studies in oil and gas engineering. I enrolled but along the line I had issues with the payment of my school fees. In 2016, by the grace of God was able to offset all my fees and by this year December, I will be graduating. Praise the Lord!
Bro. M.N.N.

I want to thank God for my mum’s life. A few months ago, before the last Praise ye the Lord, the devil came for her life. She called me on the phone and told me her having stomach upset. I told her to take flagyl or tetracycline. She called again in the night saying she could not breathe and I was wondering what could be wrong. She called again at midnight still complaining, and my sister and I became really scared, hoping it would not become worse. The next morning she was admitted and the doctor said she needed to be urgently operated upon. The doctor diagnosed her of a ruptured pelvis by fibroid and ovarian mast. I could not just believe it. I told God at the Praise Ye the Lord that I wanted Him to glorify Himself in my mum’s life as I danced and praised him. She did go into the theatre and came back alive. It is not by our doing, the doctors even gave us the privilege to pay after the surgery. I give God all the glory because He answered my prayers!
Sis O.

I have been searching for job opportunity for eight years but in the last two months, the Lord performed wonders in my life. I was driving home when I received a call to attend an interview that same day. I managed to attend the interview and I was offered the job to resume on Monday. Also, I had twins in 2015 and on the day I was to dedicate my children, I had an accident and it was my brother that came along with my family members for the dedication. This year, the Lord has blessed me with another set of twin girls. To God be all the glory!
Mr I.P.

I thank God for all He has done in my family and life. Although I missed last month’s thanksgiving service, I took part in the anointing service. On getting home, two hours later my husband asked me to excuse him for some minutes, when he returned, he gave me a brand new car. Three days later I received a sudden alert in my account also from my husband and last week also I got a contract from the HM of WEMA Bank. It has indeed been a wonderful month for me and I just want to thank God!
Sis G.A.

I thank God for journey mercies. I have a phobia for travelling; each time I am about to embark on a journey, I keep seeing accidents. I had to go on this journey to Onitsha and I prayed to God, and also told my mum and she prayed with me. I thank God that we had a fruitful and safe journey. Yesterday evening, my brother called to ask me to thank God on his behalf. He said he was coming from work and was on a bike plying the express when suddenly the bike’s chains removed and entered into the tyres, so the bike suddenly stopped. Meanwhile, there was a vehicle was fast approaching them and it hit them twice and they fell off the bike. To God be the glory, they neither sustained any cut nor bruise. I remember during the July Breakthrough and Deliverance Service when daddy said he was going to anoint everybody, I had a feeling to also take my brother’s picture along which was on my phone so daddy could lay hands on it. I did and daddy laid hands on it and prayed. I thank God that I am not mourning again. I give all glory to God!
Sis O.

I appreciate God on behalf of one of my family’s pastors, who had been married for 10 years without a child. Last year as they dedicated my son, I prayed to God that they would also have their baby this year and to the glory of God they had a baby girl this week. I also want to bless the Lord for wife’s cousin. Daddy asked him to cut his hair during the last Breakthrough and Deliverance Service, which he did. His sister was involved in a serious accident that same week but the Lord delivered her from it. Lastly, I appreciate God for my brother who works at NTA. He had a boss who had been giving him issues for a very long time. Last month, the boss was miraculously transferred and he has to take over his position. I want to appreciate the name of the Lord!
Bro A.A.

In the second week of July, I boarded a ferry to Apapa. I love sitting at the rear of the ferry so I could take fresh air, but on this day, I had an urge to go further into the ferry and I did so. As soon as the driver started the ferry engine, there was an explosion at the back of the ferry from its engine. It erupted in flames which burnt my hair and the man who sat at the rear I had left was badly injured. I just thank God that I was not the one that was rushed to the hospital. Thank God for saving me.
Sis O.C.

FEAR NOT (Isaiah 35: 4-10)

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There are 6 reasons why a child of God must not be afraid.

1. God can do anything to rescue His children (Joshua 10: 12-14).
2. The enemies of God’s children shall not go unpunished (Isaiah 35:4).
3. God can feed the enemies with their own flesh and blood (Isaiah 49:26).
4. God can scatter the language of the enemies and cause confusion in their midst. Psalm 35:4, 26; 70:2).
5. God can be provoked into action on your behalf by your prayers, fasting and praises (2 Chronicles 20:4 -6, 21 & 22).
6. The battle is not yours (2 Chronicles 20:15).

Do you know that it is more dangerous for God to fight your enemies than for you to fight them? In the name of Jesus, God will fight your enemies today. But, God will not fight for a sinner (Isaiah 35:8). This makes salvation your greatest weapon because it gives you boldness. And boldness is the opposite of fear.

During this powerful service, these were some of the prophetic words released – repaired destinies, cancelled clinical reports, cages of limitation broken and the blotting out of the effects of evil incisions on bodies. And 45 new people were in attendance.

Prayer Points:
1. Father release unto me today the Angels of power and battle in the name of Jesus.
2. Serpent of God, swallow every serpent of the enemy in my life in Jesus name.
3. Thou power of God deliver me today in the name of Jesus.
4. Oh God of Elijah demonstrate your power now in my life.
5. O Lord arise! Let my enemies begin to destroy themselves in Jesus name.

The Breakthrough and Deliverance Service is specially designed for the liberation of God’s people, don’t miss this month’s edition … it is going to be wonderful.
Fear not, for the battle is not yours but God’s.


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