Praise Ye The Lord

Date: 16th December, 2018
Time: 7AM to 7PM




Ephesians 5:26 says, “That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word.” This implies that every word of your mouth must be seasoned with salt, giving grace to the hearer. “Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man” (Colossians 4:6). Love should be behind every observation you make. When you correct, rebuke or instruct let it be love motivated. At no time should any unhealthy word proceed from your mouth to him.

And for the men, know that 1 Peter 3:7 says that, “likewise, ye husbands dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honors unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel and as being heirs together of the grace of life, that your prayers be not hindered.” Husbands are under an obligation to honor their wives as heirs together of the grace of life. This makes beating, humiliating or maltreating the woman a taboo. God expects you to deal with your own wife according to knowledge. The knowledge of truth will put you on top, such that even if your wife has a terrible character, by the application of the truth you can change her. It is the man’s responsibility to be involved in his wife’s affairs. I spoke with a man a while ago and he told me the business his wife did. When I asked him his part in it, he replied “I don’t care.” He was unknowingly digging a pit for himself by his nonchalant attitude.

Communication is one of the key ingredients of marriage in order to enjoy all round family dominion. However, husband and wife must always be in agreement as it is the key that unlocks the door to family dominion. According to Matthew 18:19, “Again I say unto you that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my father which is in heaven.” Good communication between a couple is the point where you agree as touching on earth and it is done for you by your Father in heaven. The root of Dominion is found in marriage. Therefore, people who know how to operate the covenant of marriage enjoy dominion. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 says, “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work. If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up.” Even when you have someone to help you and you do not relate well at home, how then will your partner know that you need help to stand up?


The Church and the Men came together in celebration on the third weekend of November in what could be termed as a wonderful coincidence. The church had begun her annual family weekend (themed – SUSTAINING A CHRISTIAN FAMILY IN A TIME LIKE THIS) a little earlier on Thursday, November 15th when the children and teenagers conducted the Faith Clinic Service. Meanwhile, the City of Refuge Men commenced their annual convention (themed – THE MIGHTY MAN OF VALOR) on Saturday, November 17th with an unprecedented cultural dinner.

The dinner was an opportunity for couples in the church to unwind as they were well delighted with gentle music and fun games. In this relaxed atmosphere, Pastor Segun Adeyanju, a consultant with a mission to build and shape the lives of individuals and organizations, was presented alongside his wife as the guest speakers of the event.

The following Sunday was a great day. The church was well decorated as she hosted the grand finale of two major events in a combined thanksgiving service. The men took up the responsibility of the choir for the day, while the children gave outstanding offhand bible recitations. The teenagers presented an awesome dance choreography and the youth drama gave a brilliant ministration. While the Elders gave a special rendition and cash gift to the church.

The Guest minister for the day was Pastor Timothy Olaniyan, the current Provincial Pastor of RCCG Dominion Cathedral, Lagos Province 12. Interestingly, this was not Pastor Olaniyan’s first visit to City of Refuge (he had previously visited two years ago). Our father-in-the-Lord, Pastor Ola Olukoyede introduced to the congregation and received Pastor Olaniyan on the altar.

Pastor Olaniyan opened by lauding Pastor Ola and the church for the progress made. Afterwards, he led a powerful worship session before preaching his message titled MEN OF VALOR. He took the bible text from Judges 6:12 and went on to describe who a man of valor was. He concluded his sermon by giving biblical examples of men and women of valor such as Deborah, Esther, David, Samuel and Jesus.
Afterwards, the thanksgiving service went into overdrive with the congregation fully immersed in the joyful atmosphere. It was a memorable and absolutely wonderful service.


I want to thank the Lord for the mighty miracle He performed in my family. Last Saturday, my son called from school that he was tired of lying in the hospital bed and he wanted to go back to the class having been in the hospital since Thursday. I told him to be patient and allow the doctors discharge him. We tried to reach him on Sunday to no avail, we had to call someone around his school to please go and meet him, when he answered the phone, he said he had been fainting. I could not sleep that night, I kept praying to God asking him to provide a spare human part that was missing in my son’s body. The following Tuesday, my husband and I decided to visit him in school. On getting there, we met him at the hospital, he could neither talk nor open his eyes. We proceeded to the medical director were we were told that our son had been diagnosed with different kinds of diseases and that the illness was so severe that it could have drained all his blood but surprisingly when they carried out tests on him, everything was okay. I give all the thanks to God because the medical director confirmed that some people did not survive this same kind of illness that my son had. I appreciate God because he proved Himself. Praise the Lord!
Mrs M. J.

I appreciate God on behalf of my nieces. They have been at home for the past three years seeking for admission into university. While praying with the prayer points that daddy gave us during the breakthrough and deliverance service, I mentioned their names and asked God to please answer their prayers of admission even though they are Muslims. The next day, my sister called and told me that they had both secured admission into universities. I have come to bless the Lord because I know that He alone has done this. Praise the Lord!
Mrs A. O.

I want to appreciate God for all He has done in my life and how much He helped me the previous week. Pastor imparted the grace for help into our lives that same week. I got a contract to deliver some shirts to Jos and the client told me to send them by bus on Thursday evening so she could get them latest by Friday morning. However, I sent the shirts on Wednesday to avoid taking chances. I got the drivers contact. Surprisingly as at Friday morning the lady said she had not received the shirts. I called both of the driver’s numbers but they were not reachable. I became worried and I cried to God that He should help me and that if He did I would testify. I went back to the park but I couldn’t find the person I sent the shirts through. I met a motor park tout ‘Agbero’ and he took up my matter. He started shouting in the park looking for the driver. I gave him all my documents and I stood while he went looking for the driver. The Agbero gave me some details which I gave to my client in Jos and within three minutes, my client called back to tell me that she had received the shirts. About five minutes later she called back to say she has gotten two other contracts because the shirts were just perfectly done. I just want to give God all the glory for His mercies.
Sis B.

I am testifying to encourage us to key into any instruction that our daddy gives us. During the period daddy preached on Deliverance From Contrary Wind. He told us to pray from 12am to 2am before the BDS and that night it was so difficult. However, I told my children that we were going to pray at a Foursquare camp around us and not at home. We got to the camp and we struggled to pray through. As soon as we finished praying the points, God told me to go out of the room and walk around the camp while repeating all the prayer points. I was feeling so sleepy but I obeyed. The moment I got back God gave me a song and I sang it, He gave me another which says Ibanuje ti keru (Sorrow has packed its load), Osi ti lo (Poverty is gone) Oke isoro wa ti di ipetele (Our mountain of trouble has become plain), Olorun Alagbara ti kii baati (The Almighty God that never fails), ohun lo pa ibanuje aye wa re (He is the one that has cleared off sorrow from our lives). Since that time it has been one miracle or the other happening in my family. Praise the Lord!
Mrs F. O.

I thank God for the salvation of my soul. On September 28th, about 200 people were laid off at my office and I was included. However, On Sunday daddy said someone was going to receive a letter containing good news. The following Wednesday I was given a letter that recalled me back to work. I want to give God all the glory in Jesus name!
Bro S.

I just want to bless the name of the Lord for what He has done for me. Last week was a very hectic one for me at school. We have been praying in our house fellowship that I should successfully graduate and I did not know God was already working at it. Being the general secretary of my student Union, I have the official letter headed paper in my custody. Unknown to me some students had been using the letter headed paper, forging my signature at various times and withdrawing money from the union account. The school was waiting for me to hand over so I would be probed. However last week, one of the fraudsters was not given the money. He called me and just started spilling out their secrets to me forgetting that he is part of them. I took it up the matter and was eventually exonerated. Also November BDS service, pastor prayed for people who have terrible night mares. I came out for prayers because even when I sleep in the afternoon, I dream of my dead relatives, but since pastor prayed for us, I have not experienced such dreams again. Praise the Lord!
Sis S. A.

I sincerely appreciate God for the salvation of my soul and most of all I am thanking God for the successful completion of my industrial training. I had almost lost hope of completing my IT because I did not get a placement until the last month we were to resume at school. God in His infinite mercies raised help for me and even when I was rounding up the training, I had issues with my supervisor but God in His infinite mercies again raised someone to speak to him on my behalf and I had good grades. And a staff even commented that I was like one of the student staff, and for a staff to make such comment about me despite the issues I had, it shows that of a truth that God granted me favour! Praise the Lord!
Sis O. M.

I bless God first for the salvation of my soul. There was a particular Job I had been trusting God for months ago. I had a friend of mine who was assisting me to get the Job and ought to have resumed the job since October but it was as if my friend was not doing much to help. Last week Sunday, when pastor was preaching about Help From Above, I keyed into the word and on November 2nd I was called to resume at the job. Praise the Lord!
Mr S. A.

I want to thank the Lord for His goodness and mercies over my family. This time last year I was heavily pregnant but I thank God that my baby came out at thirty four weeks without any complications. Despite all the trials and temptations I faced then, we are today alive, hale and hearty. I thank the Name of the Lord!
Mrs B. A.

I want to appreciate the Name of the Lord because He is always faithful. Last Month, it dawned on me that I needed a testimony for this month (November). I did not know what it was going to be but I told God that he should just give me a testimony this November being my anniversary month. My husband actually submitted my CV to a firm we did not even know. At my work place, I discovered that I had been on a spot for the last five years. They were not increasing our salary and since May they reviewed our salary downward and they kept telling us to resign if we were not satisfied with the pay. Last week I was called up for an interview I wasn’t even expecting, they wanted me to resume almost immediately but I told them to give me some time. I couldn’t attend November BDS because I had to be on duty. I was just praying along in the spirit, almost immediately I was called to come and pick up my appointment letter by the HR of where I went for the interview. I called my husband to tell him and he said pastor was just saying it in the service that somebody was expecting a letter and it would come before Tuesday. Lo and Behold I got called up for a new job on Saturday. Double Pay, Better Opportunities! Praise the Lord!
Sis A. D.

My testimonies are to the glory of the Lord. All of a sudden, at my office, it was as if hell was let loose, everything came against me. I immediately called on Daddy and Mummy alongside Deacon Tony, asking them to join me in prayers and as they prayed everything just fizzled out to the glory of God. Secondly, I was on my way to the United States from London and the plane had gone One hour, 10 minutes and everything was going on smoothly when suddenly the pilot announced that the plane’s engine was faulty and he must make a U-turn back to London. At that moment everything went very silent. Along the way back, the plane engines kept on jacking, but the glory of God, we landed safely. Praise the Lord.
Deaconess F. O.

I bless the name of the Lord, the Father to the fatherless and the Husband of the widow. I joined this church last month and Mummy asked us to pray for our enemies and also invited the first timers forward and she asked the congregation to pray for us. As at 12 am on Sunday night. I was just checking my phone and I saw a credit alert from my husband’s family. I was surprised because, ever since I lost my husband, his family hated me and my children so much but to the glory of God they suddenly started calling me on Monday asking about our welfare. I could not hold back my tears. Praise the name of the Lord!

I want to thank God for his goodness over me and my entire family. I told God that I did not want any of my children to attend Polytechnics nor State Universities. I wanted them all to attend Federal Universities and the Lord granted my request. Many people say it is very difficult to gain admission into Federal Schools but God made it possible for my four children to gain admission into Federal Universities. I did not testify when the first passed out of service, I did not testify when the second graduated and I started feeling guilty and asked God to have mercy on me. The last of my children just gained admission to UNIBEN this is the more reason I have come to testify. Praise the Name of the Lord!
Mr S.

GLORIOUS LATTER END (Ecclesiastes 7:8)

I welcome you into a new season and a Glorious end of the year 2018. So far this year has been Glorious and it is my prayer for you, according to our bible text, that the end of the year 2018 shall be better for you in all ramifications than its beginning in Jesus Name. Job 8:7 says “THOUGH THY BEGINNING WAS SMALL, YET THY LATTER END SHOULD GREATLY INCREASE.’ Brethren, it may not matter in all cases how you start a journey but what is most important is how the journey ends. You might have encountered a lot of challenges in the course of your journey in year 2018 but I want to assure you that God has not forgotten you. The remaining few weeks shall be full of signs and wonders for you in Jesus Name. It was said of Job that the Lord restored everything he lost double-fold. Have you lost anything that is precious to you since the beginning of this year? Be ready for a double-fold restoration in Jesus Name.

What Do You Do To Guarantee A Glorious End Of 2018?
1 Develop a relationship with the Almighty God your creator. Job 1:1 – The bible remarked that the Man Job loved God, he was perfect and upright and one that feared God; this is who Job was. You can only be guaranteed a Glorious end of the year if you have a relationship with God Almighty, who has all power and can change seasons.

2 Trust God and let your faith and belief in Him be unshakable. Job 13:15 – The man Job refused to focus on his challenges but trusted and relied on HIM who is able to deliver. It is my prayer for you that the Lord will put smiles on your face this special season.

1 Thank God and give Him praise for bringing you into the end of the year and for making you see the month of December alive in-spite of all the efforts of satan to destroy you.

2 I decree that the protection of the Almighty God will be upon me and my entire household this end of the year in Jesus Name. In my going out and coming in, the blood of Jesus Christ will protect and avail for me and my family.

3 I decree that all outstanding blessings and miracles of the past years and this year 2018 will locate me and be my portion now in Jesus Name.

4 The Lord who knows the end from the beginning will see me and my entire household through year 2018 in Jesus Name.

5 I will enter the New Year in peace and prosperity in Jesus Name.



Date: 25th November, 2018
Time: 3pm
Theme: The Lord Strong And Mighty

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Johnson Allison
Digging Deep


I welcome you very specially into another month again which is the month of November, a month of fulfillment. It is my earnest prayer for you that you will fulfill your heart’s desires according to God’s plan for you and your entire household this month in Jesus Name.

As this year 2018 is coming to an end, your joy will overflow in Jesus name. Every outstanding promise of God for your life in 2018 shall come to pass before the end of this year. There shall be neither loss nor weeping in your home, and you will not expire with year 2018 in Jesus name.

The passage is a clear indication of what God intends to do in relation to our lives this eleventh month of 2018. In the passage, it was time for the rebuilding of Jerusalem. In verse 1, God remembered His House in Jerusalem, He prompted Darius to make a decree and search was made in the house of the rolls where the treasures were laid up in Babylon. As you read this piece, I pray that the Almighty God will REMEMBER you this very minute and put in motion your Blessings in Jesus name.

Secondly, in verse 5, the passage talked about RESTORATION. The golden and silver vessels of the house of God which Nebuchadnezzar took forth out of the temple at Jerusalem and brought unto Babylon should be restored according to the commandment of the king. I decree concerning you that all the years the caterpillar and cankerworm had eaten shall be restored back to you. You shall regain all your lost territories in Jesus name.

Finally, in verse 15, the bible says “and this house was finished on the third day of the month Adar.” I have a strong conviction in my heart that every good work that the Lord has started in your life; He will complete this month in Jesus name.

Prayer Points
1. Thank God for giving you the Grace to see another glorious month. Thank Him and praise His name for the gift of life.
2. Ask for the mercies of the Lord to see you through this month and by extension the rest of the year.
3. Father, remember me and my entire household for good this month in Jesus name.
4. Father, let Your power restore all my lost glory from the day I was born in Jesus name.
5. Oh Lord! Complete every good work You have started in my life in Jesus name.



I am testifying to the goodness of the Lord because I don’t want to be an ingrate. The past few months have been very tiring for me due to the many travels involved in my work, but I thank God for journey mercies, protection and guidance. We were invited to Abuja for an interview from my office slated for 9am and three of us travelled very early that morning to meet up. The interview was indeed tough and the panel deviated from the technical aspect to current affairs which I am not so good at. There were 23 of us from Lagos and I saw people coming out with gloomy faces from the interview. When it got to our turn, I was just praying that God would help us. Alas, we were only asked a few simple questions and thereafter given our accreditation. Glory be to God Almighty!

I want to give the Almighty God all the praise and adoration; indeed He is a wonderful and faithful God. He saw me through the 9 month journey of pregnancy and gave me a supernatural childbirth. I also want to thank Him for the privilege to mark another marriage anniversary. This month is indeed a month of double grace for my family. To God be all the praise, honour and adoration. Amen
Sis C. O.

I want to thank God for averting death over my life. It all started precisely on March 7th, 2018. I had a surgery in LASUTH and after the surgery I had sepsis, after which I had kidney infection. I was transfused with 15 pints of blood. I had 5 rounds of dialysis and at the end I was confined to a wheel chair for one month but here I am this morning alive. I want to thank my father in the Lord, Pastor Ola Olukoyede, the covenant of life in this church worked for me. I want to say thank you to mummy Olukoyede as well (my one in a million mummy), to every minister and worker and member that stood in the gap for me. I return all the gory unto the Lord!
Sis A. O.

I am testifying in fulfilment of the vow I made to God concerning my health. Two years ago, I felt a sharp pain in my left breast and because of the awareness of breast cancer; I went to the hospital for a check up. After thorough examinations by the doctor, I was asked to go for a breast scan, the result came out negative but I was still feeling the pains. I went to another hospital and the same result was given to me – negative. Few days after, the pain stopped. In March, 2018, the pain resurfaced and this time around it extended a bit below my breast. The doctor felt it was an infection and I was prescribed some antibiotics after which the pain stopped. The pain resurfaced and it came in a different dimension, I was having burning sensation all around my right breast and the pain extended to my abdomen and back, after a while it stopped. In August, the pain came back and it was hurting me badly, it still extended to my back, neck and sometimes, my heart. I purposed in my heart that I was going to anoint my breast on the thanksgiving Sunday. On that day, pastor instructed that we anointed ourselves, I stylishly anointed my breast after anointing my head, I made a vow that if I should go to the hospital again and nothing was found to be wrong with me, I would come to testify. The following Monday, while I was returning from the office, the pains began and it seized my heart, I started palpitating and in few seconds it went to my brain. On seeing the doctor the next morning, I was told to go for about five tests which cost about 24,000 naira each. While my breast was being scanned, I made another vow again that if I came out clean I would give God a certain amount of money. All the tests came out negative and since the day after the test I discovered that I am ok. Hence, I have come to return all the glory to the Almighty God! Praise the Lord!

I want to thank God of Daddy Adeboye and Olukoyede, I came all the way from the middle belt to attend the August Breakthrough and Deliverance Service and when I was coming, I asked God to grant me the opportunity to see Daddy Olukoyede. At the end of the service, pastor announced that those who wanted to see him for peculiar cases should just stand up and I stood up and the problem that brought me to Lagos was solved! The problem actually started when I offered to help a young girl who had nine children and was suffering. I brought her home, bought her clothes and fed her. I suddenly noticed that she started tormenting my family, she would cut my clothes and money into pieces. I asked her one day why she was doing all that and she said she did not know too. My son visited us one day and saw her cutting 500 naira notes into pieces and immediately my son developed an headache while I also started stooling alongside everyone in the house. I started fasting and praying and I called her again to ask her what our offence was and she replied ‘they say make I dey suffer una’ meaning ‘I have been asked to torment you.’ I returned her to where I picked her after calling some pastors to pray for her. However, I kept on stooling form July to August ending it was so bad I couldn’t stand on my feet until I came last August and from the church, the stooling stopped. Praise the Lord!
Sis J. S.

Sometimes last month, I had a terrible dream; I dreamt that a group of people poured sand on me. I prayed against it alongside one of my pastors but I was unsatisfied. After the prayers I spent about a week praying at the redemption camp as well and the word I got from God was – not even the grave has the guts to hold me captive. On my return, I attended a friend’s church. As soon as the pastor saw me, He called me by my full name and said that a group of people had conspired to take my corpse to the village. I was shocked, because I never met this pastor before. I continued praying in my heart but I was afraid and God kept reminding me that not even the grave could hold me captive. I held on to this word and during the August BDS, while the prayer warriors were having their usual meeting, the man of God mentioned my case again, but I was not bold enough to come out. However I met him after the vigil and he prayed with me. Immediately, the thoughts of death left me. I want to thank God that I am privileged to see today and by the grace of God as the Lord lives, not even the grave will hold me captive in Jesus name.
Sis P. J.

I am here to give thanks to God for what He has done in my life. It started the Friday after our WOW programme. I have been trusting God for a particular job for about three years now and I remember God told me to be calm about two years ago and that when the time comes I would get it. Some of my friends kept encouraging me telling me not to despise the days of little beginning so I kept trusting God. This year, about three of us in our office got an invite for an assessment from the same firm but I resolved not to go since it won’t be proper for three of us to leave the firm we were working for at the same time. Two days later, I got another invite from the same firm, I did not even apply for this one, it came via LinkedIn so I knew God was about to do something. I sent in my CV, sat for the test and was later invited for the interview. I kept awaiting a response and about three weeks later, I got a call to come pick my offer letter and I was so amazed and this could only be God, I have come to give God back all the praise. Praise the Lord.
Bro. T.

I want to encourage young ones in the church to always key into the prayers led our daddy Olukoyede. I had a friend who knows me fairly well but I had never been to his house neither had he been to mine. About three weeks ago, he called me and said, ‘I have been seeing you riding in an old Mercedes Benzes car’, I said ‘yes because I am old myself and the car has never given me problems and it takes me where I am going.’ He said okay and gave me a date not to leave the house because he was coming to visit me. I stayed and when he arrived, I did not believe what my eyes saw – a brand new car! I remember before this time that pastor asked us to pray for something money could not buy. My friend told me to keep mute but I told him I cannot be quiet over what God has done for me. Praise the Lord!
Elder J. A. O.