I applied for a job 2 years ago at Nestle. The person who was supposed to deliver my credentials didn’t drop them off until January this year, and I was called to submit my credentials. To the glory of God, I got the job. Hallelujah!

Bro A. T.


I want to thank God for the salvation of my soul because that is the greatest thing the Lord has done in my life. In 2019, I came to this church from Ibadan. Although that particular weekend I was sent to Lagos to come and see my daughter who was seriously ill in Lagos at the time and being an RCCG member from Ibadan, I came to this church while checking around for one. On the Sunday I first attended this church, it was our pastor’s 50th birthday and he was not around but his wife preached and after the sermon, she asked us to talk to God for whatever we wanted him to do for us. That very day I told God that if he healed my daughter I would come back to this church to testify and to the glory of God, He healed my daughter. Praise the Lord!

Sis A. O.


I want to thank God for His grace and the salvation of my soul. This March is my month of thanksgiving. An incident happened years ago which is why I come out in March every year for thanksgiving. On March 7th 1997, I walked into a shootout on my way back from work. That day I just closed my eyes and stood still waiting for a bullet to hit me but after 30minutes nothing happened not until one of the robbers held my shirt and immediately a bullet passed by me and hit the robber on the forehead and we both fell. I am grateful to God for sparing my life. Hallelujah!

Sis C. N.


I want to bless the Name of the Lord because He did not allow me to miss a wonderful opportunity. There was supposed to be a programme to be attended outside Nigeria. My passport had expired unknown to me until I was informed of the event scheduled for this month of March. I hastily went for renewal and they informed me it was going to be ready on the 15th of March meanwhile the programme was supposed to be from the 21st-26th. At a point, the date was changed because of APC stuff and the date was moved backwards but I was still supposed to get my passport on the 15th. At night I was called to bring my passport to the office in preparation for the conference and around 11:30 pm I texted back to inform him that my passport was not ready. But before I slept that night I prayed and told God that I must not miss this opportunity and I must come to testify concerning this. The next morning while driving to the office, I felt the urge to call somebody and immediately I did so, and he gave me the contact of the person in charge of the passport office at Alausa. I called the man and he asked me to send my capture form. Lo and behold, my passport was ready, in fact, it was on his table and he asked me to come pick it up. Meanwhile, last Saturday while the breakthrough and deliverance service was ongoing, I could not make it because I had a lot of running around to do. Pastor mentioned that for those who wanted to travel he saw turbulence on the way and I was not around but my wife stood in for me.  I proceeded with my travel and indeed there was turbulence and I prayed to God. I was even thinking that I would not be here today because of the turbulence but God saved me.

Deacon T. B.


I want to thank God for victory over death and for financial breakthrough. This is my 4th month in this church. I came to Lagos and I have discovered a lot of things here but as a child of God, God stood by me and my husband. Early last month, I had a dream concerning my husband it was like a very big horse was drowned in an ocean and I was asking him to remove the horse on time. My husband called me the following week that he lost one of his staff. They informed him that the staff had been very ill but he was not aware. Secondly, I had plans of doing business here but getting a shop was difficult. I had to deal with supplies. I paid for my goods not knowing that those ladies were trying to swindle me. I discovered that they added money beyond normal, even more than their regular customers, I confronted them and they claimed that it was because I am a new customer. I prayed over it and amongst them they quarrelled, speaking their language but I could not understand and the Spirit of God told me that something was wrong. Then I went back to meet the manager who later asked me to see the accountant. Lo and behold, my problem was solved and they gave me the actual price that I was supposed to be purchasing the goods. I want to give glory to God for standing by me.



I want to thank God for adding another year to my womb opener; today’s her birthday and so I give God all the glory. It feels like yesterday. I also want to thank God for granting my prayer requests, it has been my heartbeat and I’ve been praying over and over and miraculously, God brought it to pass. Lastly, I want to thank God for favour because somebody paid for my ticket at the airport. I glorify God for He is faithful and for journey mercies.

Sis D. O.


I want to thank God for the salvation of my soul, one with God is a majority. Last November, I travelled for my mother’s burial. I came to this altar and told God not to put me to shame and He stood by me. While planning, my younger ones and my eldest sister’s children did not support me. To God be the glory, the day came and It was wonderful. God perfected all. I did not borrow a dime. I am here to return all the glory to God. Praise the Lord!

– Mrs F. C.


For 3 years I have been believing God for admission. I told God during the January BDS that I wanted this admission. The best birthday gift no man can give God gave me, I got my admission Into the university a day before my birthday. I want to say Praise the Lord.

– Sis U. B.


This testimony is on behalf of my daughter. She was in 300 level when her brother gained admission into the university. All of a sudden both of them entered 400 level together, so she was worried. I came to the altar and prayed. 2 weeks ago, she did her convocation. I also want to thank God for the birthday present I asked Him for because He has already given it to me before my birthday next week. All glory to His Name.

– Sis D.


I want to thank God for total health restoration. Last July, I was down with different diagnoses, at a point I was told it was asthma, pneumonia and gastritis, and they continued  and I said, ‘God this is not for me’. I called the prayer group and they prayed for me and I came to the altar to submit myself to Christ. I want to thank God because I am healthy now. Thank You, Jesus!!!

– Sis J. E.


I want to thank God for my life, ever since I gave my life to Christ genuinely good things started happening to me. I also want to thank God because I got married last month. Praise the Lord!

– Bro M. S.


I want to thank God on behalf of my son, who complained of a stomachache. The following day, I took him to the hospital and within 3 days I was told that he had appendicitis, that his  appendix had already burst. I want to thank God that he entered the theatre and came out alive. Adoration to His Name!!!

– Sis M. U.


All through last year, I was believing God for a change of job. During the first Sunday in November, the man of God made a declaration that those believing God for a new job would testify shortly. By December 31st, I received a call to come to pick up my offer letter for a new job. I want to thank God for His goodness and mercies.

– Sis O. I.


Some time ago, I made a vow on this altar concerning my family particularly my son, who had graduated and was searching for a job. He is someone that knows God and through him, I also came to realize the goodness of God. While searching for a job, he called me and told me that he had been fasting and praying and told me, ‘Mummy I am getting my job’. The following day he had a dream and narrated the dream to me so we came to meet Pastor. Pastor said exactly what my son saw in the dream; I was shocked. He told me Madam I saw your son in the midst of white people; he prayed and said we should go and fast for three days. Behold, he applied online and was called for an interview and God put him in a position where I knew without God there was nothing in this life. Last year, he got married. I am grateful to God for journey mercies.

– Mrs A.