I want to thank God on behalf of my son, who complained of a stomachache. The following day, I took him to the hospital and within 3 days I was told that he had appendicitis, that his  appendix had already burst. I want to thank God that he entered the theatre and came out alive. Adoration to His Name!!!

– Sis M. U.


All through last year, I was believing God for a change of job. During the first Sunday in November, the man of God made a declaration that those believing God for a new job would testify shortly. By December 31st, I received a call to come to pick up my offer letter for a new job. I want to thank God for His goodness and mercies.

– Sis O. I.


Some time ago, I made a vow on this altar concerning my family particularly my son, who had graduated and was searching for a job. He is someone that knows God and through him, I also came to realize the goodness of God. While searching for a job, he called me and told me that he had been fasting and praying and told me, ‘Mummy I am getting my job’. The following day he had a dream and narrated the dream to me so we came to meet Pastor. Pastor said exactly what my son saw in the dream; I was shocked. He told me Madam I saw your son in the midst of white people; he prayed and said we should go and fast for three days. Behold, he applied online and was called for an interview and God put him in a position where I knew without God there was nothing in this life. Last year, he got married. I am grateful to God for journey mercies.

– Mrs A.


I want to thank God for His mercies over my life. Last year, I was trusting God for a transition after my service year and God granted it. I came for last month’s (December) BDS and prayed that God would answer my prayer and confirm it. During Pastor J. T. Kalejaiye’s ministration, he said God would open a new chapter in your life and He truly did. The first Tuesday in January, I was invited for an interview and was employed immediately that same month. There was a trial in my office, a great conspiracy, and I prayed and God fought for me. I was given back my job and my trust was restored. Praise the Lord!!!

– Sis O. S.


I graduated from the university last year and I had a business idea, even though the main plan was to wait for NYSC. God gave me the idea and I went into fish farming; before I started, I heard negative comments about the business. I started with Four thousand pieces. I want to thank God that at the end of 4 months of sales I made millions. I give God all the glory.

– Sis E.


I want to thank God for the salvation of my soul and my household. 11 years ago, I heard a voice clearly telling me the date and year I was going to die, although I did not see anyone and rejected it. When I got home I remembered my genealogy and history and reminded God about His Word in 2 Cor. 5:17 and prayed. God has kept me 11 years after. Praise the Lord!!!!

– Deaconess M.



I want to thank God for His goodness. I have been going to a Catering School and I learnt some things afterwards but I did not have the required resources to start off. After one of the Sunday services, Pastor prayed for us and I felt the move of God. One of my sister in-law’s name had been coming to my mind, but I felt like I wanted to choose who God would use for me. Then I thought to call her, that the worst she could say was ‘No’, and if she said ‘Yes’, it was God. So, I sent her a text message and she replied immediately, and asked me if a particular amount would be enough. I began to thank God and replied that it would be enough, and before I knew it she sent the money the following day. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

Sis F.O.



I want to thank God for safe journey. I travelled and God brought me back safely. The Friday of the Holy Ghost Congress, my wrist just started hurting as if a bag of cement was put on it. During Daddy G.O.’s ministration, he said God said if you are here and you have pain begin to speak out and I did, within the space of two days everything left with the heaviness. Secondly, my younger brother, a Medical Doctor, ran to us and told us to pray for him because he had just treated a Covid-19 patient and the patient died. It was after the patient had died that they knew about the infection but to the glory of God, they all went for the test and came back with negative results. Thirdly, our first born was to go for a party and I told him not to go but he did, and after a few days he was down with Covid-19. By the time we knew about it, he was already gasping for breath and was taken to a private hospital.  So, my brother, the Doctor, suggested that we take him to General Hospital because he knew it was Covid-19 and we did, but he was already gone. I called on Pastor and some other people, and GOD saved him. Glory to GOD!

Deaconess A.A.


Since 2019, I have been waiting for a time to share this testimony. During my Youth Service, some men attacked us in our lodge, and they used a gun and matchet to hit me on the head and I went into shock. I was given drugs at the hospital. Recently, I went to the hospital and I was given the same drugs but I decided to not take it because it made me feel uncomfortable. I was also under pressure from my boss to bring a doctor’s report. I want to thank God because today I am sound and healthy. All the glory to His Name.

Mr A.A.


I want to thank GOD for HIS Marvellous work. Last year I prayed concerning my son,daughter and one other thing.Today the three things have come to pass because last week Monday during the BDS Pastor said we Should just stand and decree and it shall come to pass. Praise the LORD
Pastor Mrs O.O

I want to thank GOD for what HE has done for us in 2020 HE spared our lives during Covid 19,we also prayed HE prospers our business which he did and HE did that marvelloursly.
Secondly,we asked that HE draw us closer to HIM and HE also did that.Thirdly we asked HIM to give us our own children because we were expecting twins.HE gave us one and HE HAS given us the wisdom and grace we need.
Lastly,I want to thank GOD for safe delivery, I told God I didn’t want to go through pain.I thank God for HIS wonders
Mr and Mrs K.A

I want to thank GOD because I have been hoping for a miracle since I got married.I made enquires but to the Glory of GOD I am not paying money for the program and GOD Also used this church to give me the opportunity.I give HIM all the glory.
Mrs F.M

Six years ago I entered secondary school and GOD HAS been faithful in my academics.Last month I graduated and I was also processing my admission.GOD did it miraculously,the day after my graduation I recieved a call that I have been admitted to the university.
Secondly,during BDS Pastor said if we have a business we should stand up,I tapped into it because during Covid I was learning about the Career I wanted to study in the university.On Sunday evening after BDS I recieved a call and the order placed was Marvellous.I give GOD all the glory.
Sis E.O

I want to thank God for a successful 2020.I was given a car for winning staff of the year last year in 2019.In year 2020 I also won staff of the year to GOD be their glory.
Mrs A.A

The LORD did marvelous things in my life,I died and GOD ressurected me,I didn’t believe it,I experinced a lot of pain in my body for almost a year.I thank our Zonal Pastor while operation was going on he was there for throughout the whole day.I thank Pastor and the Church and I thank GOD for ressurecting me.
Elder B.T

I want to thank GOD for the salvation of my soul and HIS faithfulness.I just moved to this area.GOD led me to this church while I was passing and my first time here Pastor asked us to ask GOD for something.Got a call on the 31st and I received an alert.Secondly, I want to thank GOD for adding a year to me and my grandson.Thank you JESUS
Mrs A.A

I want to thank GOD for what HE did in the year 2020 so many testimonies.During the PRAISE YE THE LORD I was to give someone money after the programme but she was to collect the money later but she insisted she wanted the money as I was sitting during the PRAISE YE THE LORD I was thinking how to pay the money pastor just touched me and said your supposed to Be dancing so I removed my shoes and started dancing by the time I got home I got an alert of 200k I was expecting.I also want to thank GOD for the success of my daughter’s wedding and all to the glory of God.I also want to thank the Church and Pastorate for their support.PRAISE. YE THE LORD.
Deaconess O.M

I want to thank GOD because 2020 was a very successful year. I celebrated my 70th birthday and my baby did his wedding in this Church. I did an operation on my eye and it was successful.I give GOD all the glory
Elder A.A

I want to thank GOD for HIS faithfulness and what HE did in 2021.I came for vigil preceding BDS.During the bds when daddy was preaching I just woke up and said Amen and he said you can still Achieve your goal,since then Business has just been coming,that I don’t even have time to rest.I want to thank GOD for what he has done.
Bro A.D

I want to thank GOD for healing my
Son and adding another year to him and he also healed my mum because she has been sick and I give GOD all the glory for adding another year to my husband.Glory to GOD.
Mrs M.A

When Daddy prophesied and said we should pray our helper should locate us.After the pandemic a friend of mine called me on IG and said someone want to give me the money for my shop because she spoke to the person,I got an alert the next day and I don’t know the woman.A friend of mine also called and sent me money to stock up my shop,am now a shop owner.I give GOD all the glory
Mrs M.R



I made a vow over 17 years ago, exactly in December, God gave me a gift. The gift came with a lot of stress and for the first 7 months I was on the bed, and the same bed I was crying but people didn’t understand. Over the years, as I ran around concerning this gift, I prayed that when it was time for the gift to mature that God would see it through so that my labour and sweat for seventeen years won’t be a waste. The Lord gave me Psalm 30:5. As we entered this year, there was a challenge concerning the gift and I told God if these 17 years weren’t going to waste that He should settle me and make me have peace; and I would come on this altar and give glory to God. And to also use it to encourage all women with a gift from God and at a stage has a challenge to pray that the Lord would see you through. I have come to return all the glory to God. May His Name be praised.

Pastor Mrs O.O.


Before now I always prayed against any form of conspiracy over my life, that God should dismember it. God knows my heart and answered because I was praying for myself and not my family members. About two Sunday’s ago, I came into the church around 7am, we were at the ministers’ meeting when I received a call so I excused myself from the prayer meeting. The person called from my son’s school and said some guys went to the girls hostel overnight and he was among them. Before then he already wrote and passed his WAEC, but I insisted he sit for NECO exam since he entered for it. I was disturbed and tried to call the principal. At a point was just led to talk to him (my son) and when I told the patron at the school to give him the phone, he just started crying and said “Dad I was not there”. Fortunately, they caught one of the boys who testified that he wasn’t among them even though the principal and patron were still arguing otherwise. By noon, during the second service, I was called that he wasn’t among them. I bless the Name of the Lord. Secondly, I want to thank God because this month is my wedding anniversary, on the 17th is my daughter’s birthday, and I will be a year older on the 31st. Glory to God.

Deacon T.A.


I want to thank God for His mercies upon my life and family. November 2020 would have been a terrible month but here I am today. On November 10th, I was attacked but my life was not gone. A week later, my son was attacked but he is alive today. About 7 days ago, my husband was also attacked but we are all alive today. November 30th, I was in Abuja alone in a hotel and it was like I won’t see December. It got to a time I picked my phone and wanted to talk to pastor but I couldn’t find it. I called someone and he sent it, then I called Pastor but he wasn’t picking up and he sent me a text and prayed with me. Here I am today with all my family members, we would see December and many more years in Jesus Name.

Deaconess A.



I give God all the glory for this special gift. When I wanted to deliver, it felt like I had never been pregnant. During second lockdown, Pastor said we should pray and I was having different problems in the hospital. They would give me a result and there would be a problem. On that Thursday, God did it wonderfully. I give Him all the glory.

Mrs A.A.