This past Easter, per the Redeemed Christian Church of God’s culture, the church (City of Refuge Zone) went out to the community for an outreach exercise tagged ‘Let’s-Go-A-Fishing.’ This year’s theme was ALIVE and it lasted two days – Good Friday, 30th and Saturday, 31st March. Its venue was located in the heart of Akowonjo – Lambe Ikudaisi Street, off Shobo Bus Stop, Akowonjo, Lagos.

On Good Friday, the Youth and Young Adults began the outreach with a community clean-up exercise from 9am. They cleared the drainages of the surrounding environment, swept and bagged dirt within the vicinity while simultaneously distributing tracts and evangelizing. Later in the afternoon (3pm), another wave of evangelism took place as the workers (in all parishes under the City of Refuge Zone) went out in pairs to preach Christ to the local community. By 5pm, the program commenced with the (Zonal) choir leading the people in songs of worship and praises; and later a movie titled STANDING ORDER was aired. At the end of the day, the combined evangelism exercises and alter call after the movie produced 76 souls won into the Kingdom. There were 303 persons present.

On Saturday, there was a free medical check-up (blood pressure, blood sugar levels etc.) which started at 3pm, as the workers all went out on evangelism. The program like Friday started by 5pm with the choir leading the worship and praise session and afterwards, ABEJOYE: THE KING-MAKER was aired. 41 people met with the medical professionals for the health check, while 63 souls were saved at the end of the day. 317 people attended.

The next Let’s-Go-A-Fishing Outreach comes up in December.


The Festival of Glory is an annual week long program involving all parishes under RCCG Lagos Province 12 (including City of Refuge Parish). This year marked its 4th edition and its theme was “The Spirit of Power.”
5pm, Sunday April 22nd, the program kicked off with an opening service at all Area Headquarters (including City of Refuge). The message focused on The Beginning of the Spirit of Power (Genesis 1:1 – 5, Acts 2:1 – 4), which laid the foundation for the weeklong program.
From 6pm, Monday April 23rd began the evening services starting with Entrance into the Presence of the Omnipotent (Psalm 100:4, Esther 5:1) which looked at the qualities required for entrance into the presence of the Lord. On Tuesday, the message was – Word of Power (Hebrews 4:12) which looked at the characteristics and efficacy of the Word of God. Wednesday, April 25th was about The Transforming Power (Romans 12:2) focusing on the need for impactful believers to become refined (from within) by God. The evening services concluded on Thursday, April 26th with the message – Power to Heal (Jeremiah 32:27, Psalm 62:1, Exodus 15:26).
On Friday at RCCG Divine Covenant Cathedral, Iyana Ipaja there was a communion service and vigil.
The sermon for the vigil was The Spirit of Power (Luke 4:14) by Pastor Ezekiel Afolayan, RCCG-Pastor-in-Charge-of-Region 4 (Ilorin). For the finale, there was a thanksgiving session at the end of the service on Sunday, April 29th here at City of Refuge.


Look for activities you can enjoy throughout the year like fitness classes, tennis, golf and swimming. Find an activity per time that makes your life full, enriching and alive.
The rewards of a healthier you are worth time and effort. Use your muscles to keep your whole body strong. If you are unable to go outside to exercise, use the stairs in your house. Run up and down them or exercise to a video. Every bit of exercise helps, even bending down when getting something out of a low cabinet or doing leg lifts while on the phone can help to keep you in shape.
I have some friends who choose to do their house chores themselves. Don’t just sit down at home allowing your housemaid or people living with you to do all the work, get involved and stay healthy.
Eat properly every day for energy. Food is the fuel our bodies need, and making the right food choice will keep us going. For some people losing weight or keeping weight off is almost impossible. I don’t mean to minimize this hardship, so I suggest going to a weight-loss professional who would work with you.

Here Are Some Basic Helpful Tips For Weight Loss
1. Dieting isn’t necessary, instead concentrate on eating the right foods. Stay away from fatty foods and eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and grains.

2. Try to eat three or four small meals a day instead of one or two larger meals.

3. Never skip meals or else your body will try to compensate for it and hold on to food for much longer than necessary.

4. Do not eat at fast food restaurants unless you can order something healthy. It’s best not to go there at all.

5. If you love chocolate or sweets, choose one kind and have a small piece; but the best is to do away with sweet things altogether because they make you go bigger.

6. Be aware of high energy foods. These are often quick and convenient, and can keep you going through a hectic day. Remember, as you are going through your day, to drink lots of water as we all need at least eight glasses of water daily. Water helps the conditions of your skin, aids digestion and helps you to control your food intake. Carry water bottles in your car or purse at all times and drink.

7. Learn to control the stress in your life. Make time your friend and not your master. Learn to say ‘No’ to the unimportant and ‘Yes’ to the important.

8. Learn and practice deep relaxation. Just taking a deep breath can take away some stress. Listen to music when caught in traffic or use that time to pray instead of worrying. Another thing you can do is to always carry a book with you so that you can read while waiting on a queue. Finally, always meditate on happy things.


Whatever belongs to you that the devil has kept in his warehouse, which he doesn’t want to release, you have to take it back by force. It takes battle to possess your possessions and greater battles to these possessions. It is not enough to silence the voices of the enemy, but it is important to exercise your divine authority to command your blessings.
These are 2 Keys to Exercising Your Authority:

1. The Hand of God (or the Presence of the Lord) (Exodus 33:14 – 15): The Hand of the Lord upon your life is confirmed and manifested by the Presence of the Holy Spirit. You cannot exercise your believer’s authority without the Hand of the Lord upon your life. Only the Hand of God can deliver you and it operates with the Presence of the Holy Spirit. However, before the Hand of God can rest upon you, every mark of satan on you must be blotted out. And the mark of satan can only be blotted out with the Blood of Jesus.
The only time the Lord will be able to exercise His authority in your life is when you are in the valley; and the valley experience leads to testimonies (Luke 4:1 – 2).

2. The Key of Valley Experience (Ezekiel 37:1): What your valley experience will do for you is to activate your authority, and what you do in the valley will determine when and how you get out of there.
The Breakthrough and Deliverance Service is a service where chains are broken and Saturday, 21st April was specially ordained for such a purpose. Pastor Ola Olukoyede began his ministration by addressing these peculiar cases according to the Lord’s instructions:
A person who had been tied down by the enemy and fed with grass (spiritually) for 6 years which is likened to the bread of sorrows (Psalm 127:2). 3 people whose hairs had been spiritually scraped off meaning that their glory has been weeded off. And a person who was 21 years backwards.
Targeted prayer points were raised to address these cases and the power of the Holy Spirit manifested mightily in the auditorium and extensions. There were 3 new converts on the day and 34 first timers. Invite someone to this month’s edition. For more details, connect with our social media accounts on the back page.

Prayer Points and Decrees
i. Every demonic chain that the enemy has used to tie me down, I command them to catch fire in Jesus name.
ii. Everyone standing on my way to progress, the Lord will destroy them in Jesus name.
iii. Father, every voice speaking me against me, disqualifying me from greatness, I decree – Be silenced in the name of Jesus!
iv. Father, every satanic serpent that has swallowed my blessings, in the name of Jesus, wherever you are – vomit them!
v. Every demonic mark upon me that takes away good things, Blood of Jesus deliver me now!


I want to thank God for being so wonderful in my life. It’s been three years since my husband left us, God saw us through all the challenges the enemies raised during this period. God has been with us, I thank God for our mummy in the Lord who kept encouraging me. I also thank God for all the elders, they stood by us and supported us through the periods of my husband’s illness until his demise. They kept visiting us even at the hospital and at home. God was indeed on our side, He answered my prayers and never left me for a moment. I bless the name of the Lord! – Anonymous

Since I got married, God has continued to specially bless my family every March (the month I was wedded). In March, I got a miracle Job even when my results were not yet ready. In March, God blessed my husband with a car. And last year, I told my husband that God was going to do something wonderful again … and He did. He blessed me with three things, first was a miracle alert I never begged for. Secondly, He helped me to start a project that had long been delayed, while the third one is yet to fully manifest fully. I give God all the glory because that which He has started in our lives, He will complete and give us the result in April. Praise the Lord! – Sis. D. M.

For the past month, I have been unable to attend church services. I was returning from work on a Wednesday when I began to have a sick feeling. When I got home, my wife said there was something on my head that looked like a boil. Later she checked my body and concluded it was malaria, and that was how the sickness started. I could not wear any clothes for three weeks because I was seriously itching all over. I would make up in the midnight and suddenly start dancing without any music. It was so bad that each time we put on our generator, I would just start dancing. My wife would scold me and say that I should try to control myself and stop behaving like a child, but I couldn’t. I give God all the glory that today I am healed, I can wear clothes and attend services. Praise God! – Mr O. A.

This time last year I was recovering from a terrible ailment. I had been vomiting blood and was rejected from four hospitals. I did tests but nothing was found. I thank God for his divine healing. I also thank God for my son. I was always taking him to the hospital every now and then. My husband told me to challenge God with a 21 day vigil and I did. To God be the glory, since December my son has not gone on any admission in the hospital. I give Him all glory, honour and adoration! – Sis O. O.

I thank God for my first year wedding anniversary, for blessing my family with a child and adding a year to my wife this month. I just want to thank God. Halleluiah! – Bro K. D.


I welcome you specially to the month of April, the month of dominion. It is my prayer for you that the light of God will overpower every form of darkness in your life in Jesus Name. This month of April shall be a month of lifting up, divine encounters and full testimonies for you and all yours in Jesus Name.
In the Bible passage, the Lord created the fourth day with some special peculiarities and these peculiarities, I believe, are meant for a purpose. After the Lord created the fourth day, in verse 14, He declare that the lights should divide the day from the night. I believe God is saying to you that this month there shall be a clear separation between you and your problems. In other words, every plant my God has not planted in your life shall be rooted up this month in Jesus Name.
In verse 15, God commanded the lights to give light upon the earth and it was so. Therefore, I decree concerning you that the light of God will shine along your paths this season in Jesus Name. You will not stumble in you journey of life and the Lord will make every crooked path along your way straight this month in Jesus Name.
In verse 16, God created multiple sources of lights; in the Name of Jesus, multi-fold blessings are following you this month of April.


1. Thank God and give a Him praises for thus far He has taken you in 2018; thank Him for life and the miracles of sleeping and waking up.

2. Lord, I commit my ways into your Hands this month, let it be well with me in Jesus Name.

3. Father, please cause your lights to shine on my path and that of my family members this month in Jesus Name.

4. Lord, help me to keep myself holy and righteous throughout this month in Jesus Name.

5. I decree, in the mighty name of Jesus, that the Favour of the Lord will follow me around this month in Jesus Name.