SILENCING THE VOICES OF THE ENEMIES (Zechariah 11:9; 1 Kings 18:40; Matthew 2:19; Genesis 38:7&10; 1 Timothy 6:12; Lamentations 5:7 – 9)

These are 6 facts of life:
1. Before you became born again, whatever possession of yours that the enemy took will still remain with him after you becoming born again (no matter your faith or anointing) unless you address it in prayer.

2. There are two categories of problems: Surface Problems and Deep-Rooted Problems (which can only be solved with violent prayers).

3. It takes battle for you to possess your possessions in life.

4. It takes a greater battle to retain your possessions in life.

5. Some breakthroughs will not come until the judgement of God has cut off all oppositions.

6. The devil that fought your parents or ancestors to a standstill is waiting to fight you.
When it comes to deep-rooted problems, 99% of the time, you don’t know where they originate from.

I. Every wickedness in your life shall be slain by God in Jesus name (Genesis 38:7).
II. The Lord will silence the voice of the enemy over your life in Jesus name (Psalm 55:1 – 3).
III. Whosoever is attacking you is displeasing the Lord, and He will slay them in Jesus name (Genesis 38:10).
IV. Every sword of the wilderness over your life shall backfire in Jesus name (Lamentations 5:9).
V. Every problem you don’t know about that has attacked and held you down, the earthquake will exhume it from your life in Jesus name.

A. Father! Wherever I have lost the battle, Holy Ghost relocate me now!
B. Father! Wherever I have lost it, Holy Ghost You know all things, locate them now!
C. Every glory aborter in my life, enough is enough, I come against you in the name of Jesus, catch fire!
D. Father! Every power mocking my prayer, destiny and faith; by the power of the Holy Ghost, catch fire

The first step to retaining your miracles is becoming a born again Christian, and 2 people became born again Christians during the service while there were 72 first timers. Next month’s theme is Silencing the Voices of the Enemies Part 2, plan to be there …

JOY IN THE MORNING (Psalm 30:1 – 5)

It is the desire of the Lord to see His children joyful. Joy is always around when the presence of the Lord is with you (Psalm 16:11).

What is Joy?
It is the refusal to be subjected to sorrow. It does not mean happiness, it is much deeper. It is grace to overcome suppressive moods. It is deliverance from overbearing negative influences. It is refusal to be submissive to any form of psychological trauma. It is allowing the glory of God to shine forth in your life.
The night represents a time of darkness, sorrow, lack, weakness, confusion, and hard labour without reward. Your night of failure is over today and I welcome you to your morning of joy in Jesus name.

How Do You Provoke Joy?
1. You must trust in the Lord (Psalm 7:1). Put your trust completely in God.

2. You must to learn to declare the words of victory to yourself regularly. Focus on the good things about yourself, not the negative.

3. Anytime you are faced with challenges and afflictions in life, always remember that PRAYER works (especially midnight prayers). If you don’t pray to avert disaster, you will pray when it (disaster) comes.

4. Identify with the source of joy – JESUS. There is nothing in this world that can guarantee joy. You must know Him as your personal Lord and saviour to gain everlasting joy.
As early as 5:30am on Saturday, 26th May, God had started bringing His people into the church auditorium for the month’s Breakthrough and Deliverance Service. It was a service which God had ordained to liberate as many that were present. This was evident when Pastor Ola began his ministration. Among those in attendance (with 47 new members), these were some of the issues addressed:

• 18 people whose problems had defied solutions (their miracles started in the service).
• 2 young women who had spells placed on them.
• A 34 year old man with sight problems (the Lord transferred the blindness into the eyes of the sender).
• 77 people received a testimony (through the Holy Spirit).
• A man who lost money in a property deal.
• A woman with fluctuating menstrual cycle.
• People with dying organs.
• Persons trapped in evil nets.
• Anyone afflicted by a network of witches and wizards.
• Evil diversion of blessings, breakthroughs and good things.
At the end of the service, 4 people surrendered to Jesus. Do you desire liberation? Do you want God to do a new thing for you? Do you need breakthrough? Don’t miss next month’s service.

A. Father! Every plan of the enemy to divert good things from my life be destroyed in the name of Jesus.
B. Father! Every sacrifice offered on my behalf, working against me and making my testimonies unstable; whatever altar it is offered upon, I command both the altar and sacrifice to catch fire in Jesus name.
C. Father! In whatever way I have been entrapped in an evil net, I release myself by fire in Jesus name.



Whatever belongs to you that the devil has kept in his warehouse, which he doesn’t want to release, you have to take it back by force. It takes battle to possess your possessions and greater battles to these possessions. It is not enough to silence the voices of the enemy, but it is important to exercise your divine authority to command your blessings.
These are 2 Keys to Exercising Your Authority:

1. The Hand of God (or the Presence of the Lord) (Exodus 33:14 – 15): The Hand of the Lord upon your life is confirmed and manifested by the Presence of the Holy Spirit. You cannot exercise your believer’s authority without the Hand of the Lord upon your life. Only the Hand of God can deliver you and it operates with the Presence of the Holy Spirit. However, before the Hand of God can rest upon you, every mark of satan on you must be blotted out. And the mark of satan can only be blotted out with the Blood of Jesus.
The only time the Lord will be able to exercise His authority in your life is when you are in the valley; and the valley experience leads to testimonies (Luke 4:1 – 2).

2. The Key of Valley Experience (Ezekiel 37:1): What your valley experience will do for you is to activate your authority, and what you do in the valley will determine when and how you get out of there.
The Breakthrough and Deliverance Service is a service where chains are broken and Saturday, 21st April was specially ordained for such a purpose. Pastor Ola Olukoyede began his ministration by addressing these peculiar cases according to the Lord’s instructions:
A person who had been tied down by the enemy and fed with grass (spiritually) for 6 years which is likened to the bread of sorrows (Psalm 127:2). 3 people whose hairs had been spiritually scraped off meaning that their glory has been weeded off. And a person who was 21 years backwards.
Targeted prayer points were raised to address these cases and the power of the Holy Spirit manifested mightily in the auditorium and extensions. There were 3 new converts on the day and 34 first timers. Invite someone to this month’s edition. For more details, connect with our social media accounts on the back page.

Prayer Points and Decrees
i. Every demonic chain that the enemy has used to tie me down, I command them to catch fire in Jesus name.
ii. Everyone standing on my way to progress, the Lord will destroy them in Jesus name.
iii. Father, every voice speaking me against me, disqualifying me from greatness, I decree – Be silenced in the name of Jesus!
iv. Father, every satanic serpent that has swallowed my blessings, in the name of Jesus, wherever you are – vomit them!
v. Every demonic mark upon me that takes away good things, Blood of Jesus deliver me now!



An enemy is –
A. Any power assigned to sabotage the assignment of heaven for your life.
B. Any power that is unhappy about your progress.
C. Any power that resents your power to increase and be celebrated.
D. Any power that is assigned to kill your potentials (like sickness).
E. Any power that strengthens what God wants to remove from your life.

I. Audible Voice – There are two kinds of this voice:
a. Audible voice that everybody around will hear.
b. Audible voice that only the hearer can hear.
II. Inaudible Voice – This is a voice that propels your destiny without your knowledge. It scares people away from you without you knowing. Examples are:
a. The voice of the coven (a synagogue of witches and wizards).
b. The voice of polygamous affliction.
c. The voice of ‘you-will-never …’

Every voice has its power, meaning and expression. The voice you obey determines your destiny. Listening to the right voice is a master key to success and breakthrough, while listening to the wrong voice is a recipe for disaster. Most of the persons who commit suicide hear strange voices.
To silence the voices of the enemies you need:
1. The key of wisdom (Exodus 35:31).
2. The Key of Violent Prayers.
3. The Key of Holiness and Sanctification (1 Timothy 6:12).

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Wisdom, and you need Him in order to deal with the power of satan. In spiritual warfare, the Spirit of Wisdom tells you when to speak and when to keep quiet. The Spirit of Wisdom also helps you to choose the weapon of battle to adopt per warfare (2 Chronicles 20:15-22).

The Spirit of Wisdom will help you to identify your enemies, and He will also help you to identify which gifts to receive and reject. Joshua conquered all his enemies because he was filled with the Spirit of Wisdom (Deuteronomy 34:9). May God grant you wisdom in Jesus name.
However, if you are not born again, you cannot stop hearing the voices of the enemies. A life of holiness is a weapon; and education does not stop the voices of the enemies from controlling your life.

May you not hear any mysterious voice that will turn you into a nuisance and servant of satan in Jesus name.
During the service, 142 peoples’ lives received a touch of transformation and grace to change their world; while God performed surgery on a woman, who was slated for surgery, and 9 people became born again. This extended service, which lasted nearly 4 hours, also featured impartation for women who sought the fruit of the womb.
With 49 first-timers, attending the April edition would be wise.

1. Father! Everywhere I have lost my glory, Lord help me locate it now!
2. (Shout ‘Jesus’ and ‘Holy Ghost’ 7 times each) Whatever I have lost, Holy Ghost locate it now!
3. Father! Every satanic voice mentioning my name for evil, in the Mighty name of Jesus, catch fire!!!
In the name of Jesus, God will use your life as a demonstration of His goodness in Jesus name.


Bondages have the potential to obstructing prayers and they must be specifically addressed. There are also yokes that must be broken for you to move forward in life.

1. The Spirit of Fear (Roman 8:15): This is a demon of bondage.
Prayer Point: Father! I decree and declare that every spirit of fear in my life be bound in Jesus name.

2. The Spirit of Frustration: Its demonic purpose is to steal, kill & destroy. It discourages a person at the edge of breakthrough, leading him to give up easily. It brings error and causes a man to offend those whom he is not meant to offend. It puts a man under curses. An example is the spirit of suicide.
Prayer Point: Father! Every spirit of frustration I have inherited, I decree enough is enough; lose your hold over my life!

3. The Spirit of Confusion: This leads to a lack of purpose and confusion about everything in life. Persons afflicted by this spirit have no clear vision of what God has for them. Whatever influences you against the word of God for your life is a demon.
Prayer Point: Father! Every demon of confusion operating in my life, your time is up, let the ground open up and swallow you in Jesus name.

4. The Spirit of Backwardness: A demon that causes your past to be better than your present.
Prayer Point: Father, I reject backwardness and retrogression in my life!

5. The Spirit of Emptiness (Nahum 2:2): Its target is to empty a man of blessings and progress.
Prayer Point: Father! Every spirit of emptiness assigned to my life, pack your load and go in Jesus name.

6. The Spirit of Hatred and Resentment: It causes people to hate you for no cause. For some, it places an evil mark on them which chases their helpers away.
Prayer Point: Father! Every mark of hatred the enemy has placed on me, remove it by the blood of Jesus.

In this season of prayers and fasting, set a target or goal for your fast. Challenge God to touch all that you want Him to touch during this fast (information on back page).

I. You must trust in the Lord completely (Psalm 7:1). Stay away from sin and leave your expectations open because God is the only one who can lift you up.

II. Every minute of the day, declare the words of God (victory and success) to yourself. Pray in the Holy Ghost at all times.

III. Learn to fight the battle of the night (vigil). Make sure you pray between 12am (midnight) and 2am at least twice a week. Also read your bible at night.

IV. Pray for wisdom in this journey, because wisdom makes you sensitive to the devices of the enemy. Don’t fight with anyone.

V. Examine yourself whether you are a lawful captive (those who deserve to be afflicted). Watch what you watch, ear and where you go this season.

VI. Take a bold step to deliver yourself by declaring for Jesus.
This season of prayers and fasting must change you for better.

The January edition of the Breakthrough and Deliverance Service was a two day evet, Saturday evening (21st) and Sunday morning (22nd). Ensure you don’t miss the February edition.