A NEW DAY – Genesis 1:14-19

I welcome you all into a new month, the fourth month of the year and the month of LIGHT. I thank God for His mercies over our lives since the beginning of this year. Just like yesterday, we are four months into the year and the Lord has been gracious to us. He has kept us alive in good health and strength; may His name be praised in Jesus Name.

The passage (Genesis 1:14-19) is a reflection of God’s plan for our lives this month of April. The bible says “And God Said………”  As you enter into the month of light, you will hear the voice of the Lord. The Lord will speak to you, and He will show you the right path to follow (Isaiah 30:21). When God speaks to you, your life will take a new turn and you will begin to understand more and follow the purpose of God for your life. I pray for all the readers of this message that you will not go astray again in life. Some people have taken the wrong path but think they are on course, my prayer for you is that the voice of the Lord will speak to you and bring you right back on track in Jesus Name.

Similarly, God decreed in the same verse (Genesis 14:1) that let there be lights in the firmament of heaven to divide the day from the night. This is very significant to us as we enter the new month. The bible says the lights God created divided the day from the night. In the spiritual realm the day is symbolic of brightness, blessings and greatness, and the night is symbolic of darkness. The light of God will shine upon you and separate you from every form of filthiness, darkness and evil in Jesus Name. As the light of God locates you this month, sickness will get out of your life, sorrow will leave you alone, affliction will become a stranger to you and your entire household, and poverty shall become a thing of the past. The light of God will announce you to the world for good in Jesus Name.


  1. Thank God and give Him praise for bringing you into the month of April. Thank Him for the gift of life.
  2. Father, speak to me this month. Let me hear your voice. Speak to every situation contrary to Your plan and purpose for my life.
  3. Father, let Your light shine in my life this month in Jesus Name.
  4. Father, let all the creations of your Hands and all the forces of nature work in my favour this month in Jesus Name.
  5. Father, as I go out each day of this month, let me receive favour everywhere I go in Jesus Name.



Evangelism Weekend


RCCG City of Refuge had the mandate of Pastor J. F. Odesola, Assistant General Overseer/Admin & Personnel Worldwide, to join the counseling department, central mission’s board, The Christ Redeemer’s friend and the evangelism department of the mission to proclaim the glory of God at the weekend of 14th – 17th March, 2019

The Minister in charge of Counseling and Evangelism: Deaconess Esther Adeyeri started the Program with the topic – Counseling for God’s Glory on Thursday March 14, 2019. She took her texts from 1 John 5:14, I Corinthians 3:8, Philippians 2:9–11, 1 Peter 2:9 Thessalonians 1:5–7, Romans 8:18, Isaiah 9:6 Matthew 18:12, Luke 17:1–19; Luke 19:2-9, John 4:7-23, Isaiah 26:4, Proverb 11:14, Proverbs 20:18 & Psalms 106:43. She indicated that you require counseling to succeed in business, academics, government and career. She specified that these were reasons why you need to know Jesus as the greater counselor.

The program was attended by 39 people.

On Saturday March 16th, a street drama and evangelism, which attracted lots of people, were implemented on one basis. Strategic prayers were rendered in the environment.

Ten souls were won that Saturday.

This year’s evangelism weekend was tagged: SURE GLORY: THROUGH EVANGELISM

Why people do not engage in Evangelism

  • You cannot give what you do not have
  • Pride and societal status
  • Selfishness and ignorance
  • Fear of the unknown

Benefits of Evangelism

  • You depopulate kingdom of hell
  • You add value to yourself
  • You open up channels of blessings
  • God will always attend to your prayers.


The program ended on Sunday with thanksgiving and dancing, with 1467 people in attendance.


Last month, the Breakthrough and Deliverance Service (BDS) themed THE TIDE SHALL TURN was power-packed and one of the longest since its inception (it lasted 5 hours!). We started with some strategic prayers targeted at demonic powers secretly tormenting God’s people such as:

  1. Father! Every demonic presence in my home, life, business, neighborhood, disturbing my progress, in the Mighty name of Jesus, CATCH FIRE!!!
  2. Father! Wherever demonic powers are hiding in my life, destroy them in Jesus name.
  • I decree, whatever the enemy has used to tie down my life, glory, promotion and success, LOOSE ME and LET ME GO!

Tide, literally, means the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effect of gravitational forces exerted by the moon, sun and other natural forces. However, spiritually speaking, tide represents trouble that are beyond human control.


  1. Challenges that set a limit to how far one can go in life (John 5:1–7).
  2. Challenges that cut short testimonies (Judges 6: 1–7).
  3. Challenges that makes one go into error at the sight of miracles (also known as the spirit of error and disobedience) (1 Samuel 15: 1-25).


  1. The extreme wickedness of people (Proverbs 4:16-17).
  2. Sin (Proverbs 14:34).


  1. Believe in God and believe in Him alone.
  2. Don’t ever underestimate what the enemy can do or who the enemy can be.

Afterwards, 9 people accepted Jesus Christ and 7 spirits (failure, delay, poverty, death, witchcraft, failure and barrenness) were cast out of the lives of God’s people. 36 people came to the BDS for the first time.


  1. Every spirit of failure assigned to my life be bound in the name of Jesus.
  2. Father! Whatever causes delay in my life, your time is up, pack up your load and go.
  3. Father! Anyone occupying my sit of progress, be relocated in Jesus name.



I want to thank God for what he has being doing in my life, especially during this just concluded RCCG fast. Last year, pastor was preaching on the ‘Lessons from the Journey Zarephath’ and I kept on retracing my steps to see what I was not doing right. At some point, I realised that I was bigger than my job and I kept on praying about it. I almost resigned from the job but God kept telling me to be patient. A lot of unfortunate things happened in the course of the fast; my boss called me towards the end of the month and explained that she needed me to resign because she did not have enough money to pay me. I did not know whether to cry, weep or mourn. However, when I got home I was at peace and I kept thanking God for the opportunity to break forth. In February, mummy asked us to pray that we will testify in March; I prayed with everything in me because I knew we were rounding up the fast soon. During the week, I kept on thanking God for a door that was about to open and then one day while praying, I sat down and was practicing my testimony and praying that I would stand before the people of God to say that the door finally opened. God has done it! The door automatically opened on February 28th without any struggling. I want to give God all the glory. Hallelujah!

Sis B.



During the February thanksgiving service, Pastor told us that no matter how we feel at that moment, God wants us to dance. As many of us that were in that service, we would remember that he kept asking us to dance. I danced so much like I already had a victory. To the glory of God, I received the answer to a prayer that I had been praying for years that very week. And to crown it all, I received the breakthrough that I had been trusting God for on February 28th. I want to say; may His Name be praised forever in Jesus name.

Sis E.



Last month, I testified that I had joined the kingdom partners. I travelled for a burial ceremony the following week and I did not open my shop for three days. On getting to the shop, while I was still talking to my neighbour and opening the padlock, I saw that the roof had been opened. I just laughed as I informed my neighbour. Eventually, when I opened the shop, I discovered that nothing was taking out my shop by the armed robbers; I don’t know what made them to leave even after gaining access into the shop. I laughed because I know I pay my tithe and often assist people, so it’s impossible for my shop to be burgled. I praise the Name of the Lord in Jesus name.

Sis S.



I want to bless God for the grace to go through the journey of nine months of pregnancy successfully and He gave me my heart’s desire, a baby girl! I also want to appreciate God because He remembered me in 2018. In addition, I finally got a job in Lagos State. Glory be to God!

Sis O. A.



I stepped into this church in December 2017, and I told God that I liked the church and asked Him to affirm to me if this was the church that I should fellowship with. I set three major goals for the year 2018, one of them was an 8-figure financial goal for the year and in January 2018, not even up to 30 days after my prayers, God fulfilled that financial goal. I thank God or the opportunity to share this testimony after so many postponements. Praise the Lord!

Sis M. B.



I thank God for my elder sister in particular. She got married in 2013 and since then we have been praying for the fruit of the womb. In 2016, she suffered a miscarriage and we thought all hope was lost. However, in June 2018, she conceived and to the glory of God, she was safely delivered of a bouncing baby boy this February. I want to bless and appreciate the Name of the Lord because today my sister is a mother. Let somebody shout Hallelujah!

Bro E.



For the past two and half years, I had been under several pressures at my office, majorly because I had a new boss, who due to cultural differences, had many misunderstandings with me. He showed me so much hell but to the glory of God, God used the same man to approve my promotion which I did not deserve. I have now been lifted two steps in my career. I also want to thank God for the successful burial of my uncle whom we lost at the beginning of the year , I asked God why he made me weep at the beginning of the year and God said to me’ I will give you joy’ and it was the promotion I earlier talked about. I thank God the we buried him in peace and everything is now back to normal. Praise the Lord with me!

Sis J. J.



I have come to give God all the glory for the fulfilment of His promises from this exalted altar. There are so many words that come from this altar and I try not to forget them. At the beginning of the year, we prayed seriously on the on the covenant of life. I wasn’t able to come to church on the last Saturday in January because I got into the wrong bus, popularly called ‘one chance’. It was a very terrible experience but I thank God because it could have been worse. We were beaten terribly but a week after, I was able to get back on my feet and here I am today. I lost a lot during the kidnapping but I brought my friends together afterwards and we prayed seriously for restoration. We told God that we did not know how He was going to do it, but He just had to. I am here to say that to the glory of God at least 37% of the loss has been recovered so far and I am grateful to God in advance for double perfection. On the same week of the incident, there were about four different bad news that came which we continued to pray about and God has already turned one around into a testimony, and I know He who has started it this way will bring it to completion.

Sis C. N.


These are Questions Asked by Several Women and My Responses to Them. I Hope You Will Learn from Their Experiences.



I am a born-again sister married to a born-again brother in RCCG. We are both workers in the church but I realize that my husband does not have an atom of love for me at all. His attitude and the sort of words that comes out of his mouth have made me realize that I have made the biggest mistake of my life in marrying him. He is not caring, not loving and very selfish. He does not willingly buy things for me. What can I do? We are just patching this marriage.


Glory be to God that you are still together, my sister. There are some people whose case is not even as worse, yet they are no more together. This shows that God loves you both. Like you said, you are both workers in the church, so even if you believe that your marriage is a mistake, God is a God of change. There is nothing too difficult for him to do. Some men think that they are allowed to say anything when they are angry in order to prove their point. But when you surrender your life to Christ, your body and character remain intact, and gradually God has a way of changing you. In my counseling sessions, I tell women to develop shock absorbers due to the things that come from their spouses. You don’t have to reply all the nagging, abuses, negative words and curses because replying him would bring more bad words. And you keeping quiet does not mean that you are a fool, you are only obeying the word of God. With regards to not buying things for you, PLEASE find something to do (which will earn you some money}; and if you are working, buy for yourself those things you need to make yourself happy. I am not supporting the bad behavior but whatever you do not have the power to change leave it for God to handle.  But pray. My sister, I feel your pain, I know what you are talking about. It is not an easy process but you do not have a choice. As a child of God, the moment you are married it is settled for life. Make sure this does not take you away from God. Don’t lose your focus as a child of God. Read the word of God, surround yourself with people who will encourage you and not those who will discourage you. It is a matter of time, you are sowing your prayers, you will soon receive the harvests.



My husband has turned me into a sex puppet; yet he is not caring nor loving. He fights me over every little thing. I want to be submissive but he still fights me. He does not have any respect for me or my family (including my parents). Nobody can talk to him, he will change the story and get angry, and the case will become worse. I soak my bed with tears every day. Unfortunately, we are born again Christians married for fourteen years with a child. He is always happy when I am hurt, sad or down. He believes that I should not shine more than him. He does not want helpers around me and everything must be about him, and I must not complain or talk. I should always accept that I am the devil. I have prayed seriously about this for years. Is God not answering me? Did I marry the wrong person?


I realize your husband is not broken at all, there is more of flesh than God in him. Unfortunately, most men don’t desire for their wives to be more successful than them yet there are a few who celebrate their wives’ successes. Marriage is a parcel whatever you find in it is your lot. And God hates divorce, so there is no going back the moment you are married. You asked if God is not answering you because you have been praying for years, I would like to tell you that our God is a prayer-answering God. The devil is the one at work and he is fighting your home. Don’t see your husband as the devil. I want you to understand this, the bible says one will chase a thousand, two will put ten thousand to flight. When you are united with your husband, the devil is always unhappy. There are greater glories coming your family’s way and this is what the devil is after. Carefully choose a prayer partner who is not lousy nor a gossip. Choose a date and pray together about this. You also need extra prayers from a genuine child of God, who has a higher anointing.