A mantle is said to be a garment representing authority or status, capable of affording protection. The mantle is seen as a man with a title or portfolio. Therefore, the man in Man-tle is an adult male decorated with authority and power in a position deemed fit to accept, shoulder and discharge responsibilities in the right and appropriate sequence.

Responsibility, here, can be seen in two ways:

  1. Response
  2. Visibility/Vision

The Man MUST be able to respond to visibilities; that is, he should pay attention to the necessities of the family life in these areas – Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Financial, Academical, Material, and Social.

The family life should possess the quality of love, care, protection, provision, tolerance, teaching and mentoring.

Let’s look at Man-tle as it relates to family life:

  1. Basic Healthcare: All family members should have at least a certain level of medical care from time to time.
  2. Parenting/Family Development: Sound education, good social behaviour, and beneficial religious doctrine.

A family should be happy always. When building a home that houses happiness, it is important to do certain things. These seemingly minor activities have the capacity to reward your family richly especially in the area of unity.

Closeness, within the family, is very important and one avenue of achieving it is by cultivating the habit of eating together. It is obvious that all members of the family cannot be present at all meals, but you can make a habit of eating dinner together daily. Another way to achieve this close bond is to vacation together. The experience and joy that comes from a family vacation are uniquely beautiful, as it helps the family to form a closer bond.

In conclusion, to really build a happy family life, you need to create a positive environment for every family member as well as improve strong family ties, self-esteem, and creativity in physical and mental fitness.

By Sandy Monday