I was diagnosed with a kidney infection in June and my doctor told me that I would have to go through a major surgery to rectify it. I immediately called my daddy in the Lord and he prayed for me. I underwent the surgery, which lasted for about 8 hours and I came out successfully. I want appreciate Daddy and mummy for their support and prayers as well as other members of the church. I give God all the glory to preserving me, today I am standing on my two feet hale and hearty, thank You mighty Jesus!
Bro. A. D.

In April, when I joined this church I believed God for a piece of land. I travelled to the place I intended to purchase the land but I couldn’t wait to pay for it so I handed the money over to my brother to pay on my behalf. Eventually he couldn’t. During the June Breakthrough and deliverance service, pastor said we should ask God for a specific thing. I just simply told God that I needed a house. I had some doubts in my mind that since I did not yet have a land and I was asking for a house. However, I wrote it on paper that I needed a house. And pastor said before the next breakthrough and deliverance service God would have done it. Last week, my elder brother called me that a house was to be put up for sale at the site where I was to buy the land. I told him I did not have enough to buy a house yet, He asked me to send whatever I could raise which I did. To the glory of God, the house was sold to me at the very amount I had. I want to give God all the glory because today I am a landlord. God never fails!
Bro. E. O.

I am appreciate God for my aunt’s friend. She went to the bank to withdraw some money (about half a million naira) and to her amazement she was told that she had no money. She was devastated not knowing what to do. She informed me and I told a lawyer friend in church, who advised us to follow some processes which she did. However, the bank did not respond as fast as we expected. It was later discovered that somebody hacked into her account and had bought a lot of things online. The bank did not want to do anything but God raised someone for her. The person took up the matter and her money was retuned fully. I return all the glory to Jesus!
Sis. P. D.

On June 24th, I was going to pay my sister a surprise visit on the Island. I left home without eating anything that day even though I had ulcer. On getting to Surulere, I felt an intense pain in my stomach. I took some food and an energy drink and instead of the pain to subside, it got more severe that I could not even stand up. I managed to get to my Sister’s home and she had to carry me on her back to the hospital. The doctor said I was feeling something close to labour pains, so I was given a pain killer but the pain increased per hour. This went on for about three days and I started praying to God to please heal me. In the meantime, my sister started receiving calls and prophesies that she was about to lose someone close to her. I knew that this was beyond ulcer so I was taken to another hospital and after I was there for a week, nothing was diagnosed. It was then I remembered that I had not used the toilet for two weeks. And I couldn’t even take water and so I told the doctor I did not want any more medication as I was not improving and I couldn’t bear the pain anymore. After several scans and x-rays, the doctors discovered that there was a blockage in my intestine and it was the cause of the pains and indigestion. They said we would need ₦700,000 for the surgery and my sister was crying because we did not have such money. Surprisingly, a day later, the money came from where we least expected. I was transferred to another hospital where the surgery was performed. While the surgery was on-going, I woke up but I could not move any part of my body and I just asked God to help me. After the surgery, the prophecies kept coming that I was not going to live and the money was wasted. My sister kept crying because she was seeing a dead body in her dreams. But I told God that despite all this I was going to make it. I later had a dream about the rapture and afterwards I received my miraculous healing. I went for a check-up yesterday and the doctor was left surprised because the wound had closed up just after three weeks the surgery. I told him I serve a living God! I am alive today because God kept me. Praise the Lord!
Sis. O. M.

I was very ill last weekend, I took a few drugs and felt better. I’m grateful to God for the healing. I am also thanking God on my father’s behalf. He became ill a while ago and we thought that he wasn’t going to make it but I thank God because yesterday, he celebrated his 60th birthday. Halleluiah!
Bro. F. A.


I was away (in Northern Nigeria) for a three month course, when I got there I asked God to give me grace to serve Him more and He granted my request. We were able to plant a church and the three Zonal Pastors I worked with asked me to pioneer the place. I was surprised because the church was far from my station and I had to travel through a desert-like area to get there. However, on our first service which was Easter Sunday, we had 47 people in attendance and to the glory of God, people volunteered to be workers in the same service. Over the following weeks, they requested to have their weekly programs. The parish was successfully established with functioning departments by the time I was leaving. I give glory to God for giving me the grace and not letting me disappoint Him, and as per the course I was there for, I successfully completed it with an award.
Deacon A. A.

I am thanking God on the behalf of my younger brother who has been married for 19 years in the United Kingdom. I called his wife last year and told her that this year we would rejoice with her. God did it late last month, she was delivered of a bouncing baby boy after 19 years of marriage. Also, I travelled to Ghana on a business trip and on my way back I decided to go through Idiiroko road. At Atan, some of the custom officers asked that the entire load in the truck be offloaded. I was panicking in my heart and I was just praying that God would intervene and not allow my goods be detained. The supervisor suddenly came to me and another passenger as we stood by the vehicle. He asked us to remove our goods and as soon as we did the remaining goods were seized. God is indeed faithful!
Sis. F. O.

I thank God for the salvation of my soul and for counting my family worthy to still be among the living. I thank Him for what he did in April, 2018. I remember that Daddy G. O. said the clothes we wore to the Holy Ghost Service in March were anointed and that we should use it. Two weeks after the programme, I felt that I was always feeling weak and sick, and I laid on my bed thinking of how to get malaria drugs to treat myself over the weekend. As I lay there, I felt inspired to put the anointed clothes on. As soon as I did, I fell under the anointing of God and was totally healed. I concluded that of a truth, there is God!
Sis. M.

My sister gave birth to a baby boy last month and she also got her right to stay in London. I am grateful to God because that is what we have been hoping and struggling for and God has shown the United Kingdom that He is God. Praise the Lord.
Sis. A. O.

A few years after I was married my husband lost his job at Aluminium City as a project supervisor because he had some issues with the South African Managing Director. After he left, he established an engineering firm with his friend and they were doing well until they had a problem and they parted ways. During this period life became very difficult for me. The responsibilities at home now rested on me. I knew how I suffered and prayed. The two areas I did not let suffer were the children’s education and feeding. When the going was good my husband bought five cars and a land in Ikorodu which he built up to lintel level. All this while, I kept praying and for over 8 years, my prayer request was ‘God bless my husband.’ One day in the service, pastor mentioned that a woman was in the service and she was the one feeding the family and is not happy about it. I knew it was me because I immediately fell under the anointing. The following day, I brought my husband to the church for counselling. One day an RCCG pastor’s wife told my husband that he would be blessed around October and that he should tell his wife to pay a thousand naira in church every month. I started doing so. Late last year, a highly connected lawyer who my husband had once worked for called him saying that he had been searching for his number. He said he should come bid for a contract in an oil company. We started the process and we had to quickly register the company name again because he had no valid registered company and that was how my husband won the contract. Last week, we moved into the apartment my husband bought in Lagos! I know there are people looking for this kind of blessing, as you stay steadfast in faith, the Lord will answer you. Praise the Lord!


I want to thank God for being so wonderful in my life. It’s been three years since my husband left us, God saw us through all the challenges the enemies raised during this period. God has been with us, I thank God for our mummy in the Lord who kept encouraging me. I also thank God for all the elders, they stood by us and supported us through the periods of my husband’s illness until his demise. They kept visiting us even at the hospital and at home. God was indeed on our side, He answered my prayers and never left me for a moment. I bless the name of the Lord! – Anonymous

Since I got married, God has continued to specially bless my family every March (the month I was wedded). In March, I got a miracle Job even when my results were not yet ready. In March, God blessed my husband with a car. And last year, I told my husband that God was going to do something wonderful again … and He did. He blessed me with three things, first was a miracle alert I never begged for. Secondly, He helped me to start a project that had long been delayed, while the third one is yet to fully manifest fully. I give God all the glory because that which He has started in our lives, He will complete and give us the result in April. Praise the Lord! – Sis. D. M.

For the past month, I have been unable to attend church services. I was returning from work on a Wednesday when I began to have a sick feeling. When I got home, my wife said there was something on my head that looked like a boil. Later she checked my body and concluded it was malaria, and that was how the sickness started. I could not wear any clothes for three weeks because I was seriously itching all over. I would make up in the midnight and suddenly start dancing without any music. It was so bad that each time we put on our generator, I would just start dancing. My wife would scold me and say that I should try to control myself and stop behaving like a child, but I couldn’t. I give God all the glory that today I am healed, I can wear clothes and attend services. Praise God! – Mr O. A.

This time last year I was recovering from a terrible ailment. I had been vomiting blood and was rejected from four hospitals. I did tests but nothing was found. I thank God for his divine healing. I also thank God for my son. I was always taking him to the hospital every now and then. My husband told me to challenge God with a 21 day vigil and I did. To God be the glory, since December my son has not gone on any admission in the hospital. I give Him all glory, honour and adoration! – Sis O. O.

I thank God for my first year wedding anniversary, for blessing my family with a child and adding a year to my wife this month. I just want to thank God. Halleluiah! – Bro K. D.


2016 was a glorious and bitter year for my family. First, we lost my brother, then my father lost a vehicle, but little did I know that the Lord was taking us to a better place. These incidents beclouded us so much that we felt that the whole world was coming down on us. Towards the end of the year, my brother was hospitalised. At this point, I was so bitter (in my heart) that I did not even see what God was doing. At our house, there was a particular Muslim man who was always on our toes. We kept on having quarrels day and night. It was so much that we frequently visited the police station for settlement. However, I kept on praying the God who chased the Egyptians into the red sea to help us overcome. One morning, as I came out to sweep, this man brought a kettle and poured water all over me. He then started chanting some Arabic words. I wanted to respond but the Holy Spirit said I should keep quiet. That week God brought that man to nought; He (God) buried him without us even knowing. In the same year, God brought us out of that house, and took us to the promise land. I bless the Lord God almighty!
Sis. P. F.

After the Christmas break, on my way back to resume at my place of primary assignment (for NYSC), I was involved in an accident from which I sustained injuries, but the pains did not last a week. Secondly, I am thanking God for healing me of a strange boil. It was so painful that I could feel the pain in my brain. My sister and I woke up to pray on a certain night and she suggested that I tie the handkerchief Daddy Go prayed on during the last Holy Ghost Congress. I did, and when woke up the next morning, the pain had gone but the boil was still there. I told myself that if the pain could go with just one, I would use the other handkerchiefs. I took all three and tied them together; then I prayed and went to bed. The next day, the boil opened by itself and the pus came out. I learnt to pray three prayer points when I joined this church: God gave us the covenant of life, the fragrance of favour is all around me and that money will meet money in my hands. These prayer points have worked for me. God is indeed faithful even to the faithless!
Sis. C. N.

God has favoured my family in the Nigerian Armed Forces. My husband had been eligible for a particular position in the force since 2016 but he was always denied, we discovered that this post was given to Muslims and northerners. In 2017, He called to inform me that we should start praying as he was applying again. I called a few brethren and we began to pray. On a fateful morning in December, he called to say that the list was out and his name was not included. I was heartbroken, even some of his junior officers were selected for the position. He only said that if it was the will of God for him, he would be given the post. I was about going out and the Holy Spirit told me to go back inside to pray and I did. I prayed that this position is the food for God’s child and it should not be given to dogs, I told God that if my husband name would not be included then the list must be cancelled. Lo and behold, around 6:30pm, he called to say that the initial list was cancelled and on the new list, his name came first, and the position was approved of immediately. Secondly, I got a new maid, as usual I anointed her and prayed for her with the handkerchiefs we brought from the Holy Ghost Congress. After a few weeks, we discovered, she (maid) was having some strange feelings; anytime I pray in my room, she would be making all sorts of noises. On the third Sunday in February, Pastor said, “some people will leave your life don’t beg them to stay.” We came back from church that evening and discovered she was nowhere to be found, so we reported her missing to the authorities. The next day, a neighbour alerted us to a farm, where we found her not in the best of conditions (she looked like a mad person). When she was questioned, she said that she was not comfortable living with me because I use to pray and fast. I thank God because she was unable to perpetrate any evil in my house before she left. Praise God!
Mrs. M.

I want to thank God for promoting me at my place of work and I received all my benefits, after acting for two years. Last September, a group of drivers conspired against me at my workplace because I disciplined one of them. They made allegations against me that nearly cost me my job, but God took control and vindicated me after all investigations. I bless the name of the Lord for his faithfulness!
Bro A. S.

Since the beginning of the 50 days fast, I had been telling God that I needed a new job; and He answered my prayer and gave me a new Job. Praise the Lord!
Bro. F. O.

Before I got married, a strange voice was always telling me that I would never give birth in life and it always came very strong, then I realised that I was already sinking into it and believing it. I got to know that this is not the promise of God for my life and started countering it anytime it came. I got married last March and to the glory of God, nine months after God gave us a baby girl. I thank God for silencing the voice of the devil over my life. I also appreciate God for safe delivery and divine protection throughout the pregnancy. Hallelujah!
Mrs. A.

I thank God for His mercy. Two weeks ago, on my way from work, I wanted to cross the road. I had crossed the first lane waiting for the second. I ensured there were no more cars coming. As I stepped on the road, I didn’t know where this Motorbike (Okada) came from, the next things I know that I fell down and I heard voices saying, “the okada did not even stop,” I wanted to get up but my heart was very heavy. All I could do was raise my hand to beckon for help. I thank God that there were no oncoming vehicles while I was seated on the road. People came and helped me across the road. I bless the Lord because He has been so good to me. I want to appreciate God for our Pastor because he asked us to pray that we will be at the right place at the right time. Thank God I prayed. I also appreciate God for giving my family a very big breakthrough. Praise the Lord!

I want to thank God for providing my husband with another job after he resigned since 2016. In addition, during the cross-over service my family had just ₦1,000 left and we brought it to church for offering. This week, my husband sold a property worth ₦32million, of which we will receive 5% from both the buyer and seller. –Anonymous
I praise the Lord for dissolving 3 seeds of fibroid in my body, for divine provision and deliverance from spirit husband. – Anonymous
On February 2017, I contracted an autoimmune blood disease called Hives. Unfortunately, it persisted from the acute stage to chronic Hives and the fatal stage (Angioedema), after several months. In December, I was healed of this affliction and shame. Praised be the Lord. During this same week, God answered my prayers for a life partner. – Anonymous
My elder brother fell sick and was taken to the psychiatric hospital at Yaba, Lagos. While he was there, he was given an injection to make him sleep, but after my mum returned from getting his things from home, he was missing. We searched the hospital and the neighbouring streets, but he wasn’t found. I ran to pastor as soon as I heard, and he asked me to bring an anointing oil and my brother’s full name. He prayed over the oil and his name, and that evening my brother walked into the house by himself. Praise God! – Anonymous.
I first attended BDS in March, 2017 after I lost my job on March 6th, 2017. I came and Pastor mentioned my case and to the glory of God, I got two jobs between May and December, 2017. Praise the Lord! – A. O.
During a BDS a while ago, pastor prophesized that 2 people, who were expecting phone calls, would receive them. I received a call a few days in the office for salary negotiation from an interview I had earlier with a new company. I have since moved to the new company with more than double my former salary. Pastor also said that he saw a family relocating abroad in a BDS a while back, shortly afterwards I received a scholarship to study physics (M.Sc. & PhD) in Chicago, Illinois with tuition waiver and a monthly stipend. I was given the privilege to come with my wife. Glory to God.
Praise God. I had an education fair to go to with my mum. Unknown to me, my mum was praying in the car. I had been praying for admission into a university abroad. As soon as I got to the table for a university in Ireland, the lady said I will give you an admission in 5 days; and I received my admission letter in less than 4 days. – Sis. A. O.
In 2015, my family needed a financial breakthrough so I prayed that God would change my husband’s job to a better paying one. I was also jobless then. But, I realized that my husband loved the job, so I prayed that God should elevate him at his place of work. All glory to God, in just 2 years, my husband has been promoted twice and He (God) has blessed me with a source of living.
God has restored my family’s finances and I now own my own business. God has broken every yoke of delay in my family. I give all the glory to God.
I thank God for helping me in my exam yesterday. – Bro. I.
I thank God for blessing me with a baby boy. – Anonymous
I thank God for the safe delivery of my sister-in-law’s bouncing baby boy. I return all the glory to God Almighty. – Sis. B.
God gave me a future partner after so many years of waiting and trusting Him. – Anonymous



Last year, I fell sick to the extent that I did not know if I would make it till May. I thank God for putting the enemy to shame, even when the doctors could not find anything medically wrong with me, despite the series of tests that were carried out. In the middle of the night I would just wake up not able to tell what is wrong with me. Sometimes, I would come to church but there would be no life in me. I give glory to God for our Daddy, I would usually call him by 1: 00am everyday during this period to pray for me, he never declined and he even conducted series of deliverance for me. I thank God, who has not made me to be in the grave today. I thank God because, I called upon the name of Jesus and it worked for me. I thank God for the grace of God upon our father in the lord, May you continue to grow in strength and not fail, neither will you dwell in the valley of powerlessness in Jesus name, Praise the Lord!
Sis. F. O.

I thank God for the life he gave me to enjoy in 2017. I want to thank our pastor because he took good care of all widows including myself in the church. I also want to appreciate the Elders’ chairman for his support for the widows, as well as the Men’s fellowship for assisting the widows. Something terrible would have happened to me but in it all I saw Jesus. My first son had a terrible accident, the car that hit him had a faulty head lamp, by the time his friends took him to LUTH, blood was gushing out of his nose and head. However, at the hospital the scans and tests showed that he had no broken bones and he was treated. We later took him elsewhere for further treatment and I thank God that today, he doesn’t even look like he ever had that accident. I give glory to God.
Sis. T. A. D.

I thank God for what he has done in my life for his faithfulness for the past 15 years since we joined this church, I also want to appreciate Our father in the Lord for the opportunity he gave to me and my wife to serve in the church. It is by the special grace of God that we are still standing. Those who knew me in school would be able to tell that God has done wonderfully in my life. In the space of 15 years God has transformed my life to the point that I can boldly say that I am on my way to somewhere glorious!
Dcn. O.

In the later part of the year 2017, our daddy in the lord was teaching us on finishing strong. On 29th December, I went to buy something, I paid with a five hundred naira note but the woman did not have change so I asked for 200 worth of eggs. On my way home I sat by a friends shop. A woman approached the shop with her two children and while she was coming, the Holyspirit ministered to me that I should give her the eggs. As soon as I did, the woman knelt down and shouted, thank you Jesus! She further went to explain the she thank God for providing the eggs, because she was still thinking of what to eat. The woman had not moved up to 15 meters somebody when called me and gifted me with a sum of 15000 naira. I thank God because I obeyed, according to a point our daddy made that whoever one follows will determine one’s destination. May we continue to follow Christ in Jesus name.
Mr. E.

I just want to thank God for doing something so great and wonderful in my life. He ended 10 years stagnation. I started working in a company in Lagos in 2006. Shortly after that I was promoted and that was the end since 2007. When I was entering into the year 2017, I told God that I was going to do things differently for him, I made more efforts especially attending midweek programmes in church and the Lord told me that He would crown the year with goodness. In the second week of September, I was seated by my desk when a colleague came by and said she got a call that they needed certain people for senior positions in their organisation that she was told to bring along two other people and she thought of me. It was just like a joke, but within five weeks I got a wonderful job that I did not expect and did not struggle to get. God just decided to bless me. Praise the Lord
Sis. I. F.

In 2016, some people were laid off In my office from the beginning of the year till May. During the May 2017 Breakthrough and deliverance service, Pastor prayed for those searching for a Job, I stood up and received it with faith. A week later, my sister in-law asked me to take my CV somewhere, I did and I was interview and employed that same day. I was to resume on the 1st of June but resumed on the 12th. Six months after, an appraisal was done, I was confirmed and promoted, after the promotion, and we marked our end of the year party on the 17th of December. During the Awards and Appreciation of staff program and to my greatest surprise, I was awarded the best staff of the year in the senior category with a car gift. Praise the Lord!
Sis. N.

Anytime the pastor prophesies that we will not mourn over any of our family members I always key into it. I thank God that I did not mourn over my daughter; although she lost a seven month old pregnancy, I thank God that she is alive and well today. Praise mighty Jesus
Sis. A.

I want to give glory to God for what he has done in my life just last week. I want to appreciate our pastor for his words of encouragements. God gave me a New Year gift last week, a gift that has never been received neither in my father nor my mother’s family. Praise the Lord!
Mr. O. A.

I want to specially thank God for what He has done concerning my business, it started last year February and God has been awesome; the business has grown so big. I promised God that I would testify if He could grant the five things I asked of him. I told God I wanted an office space and He gave it to me, I asked for my own car and He gave me, I told God I wanted my own apartment and He gave it to me, I told God I wanted that special someone and He gave it to me. I also asked him to settle me financially and He did. Praise the living God!
Bro. G. S.

I want to encourage the youths, especially ladies not to look down on themselves. My daughter told me that she wanted to further her studies in the United States. I told her that I did not have enough to finance her. However she insisted and to the glory of God provided the funds for her to study abroad. Today she is doing her PhD and she has also made me a grandfather. I am grateful to God for the many other things he did late last year. I attended a programme in Abuja, on my arrival I saw many big companies including Choscharis among others. God gave me something that was unique that I didn’t realise on time. After the programme I was given a royal reception and that took me to another part of the country where I was also given a military excort. I was lodged in the command guest house where God provided everything for me. I also went to Tokyo and signed an agreement but I was looking down on that agreement. However, this morning as pastor was exhorting us, he mentioned that we should not drift but be steadfast. I then realised that it was my consistency that lifted me up and I must give God all the glory. I want to encourage us to be consistent in whatever we do and God would lift you up as He has lifted me up. Praise the Lord
Bro. M. C.

I want to appreciate God concerning my health. Late last year, the devil really tried but the Lord we serve is a Mighty God. As we celebrated the crossover service on the 31st December 2017, I could say I was the happiest person. This is because I could recollect that I spent the crossover of 2006 to 2007 on the sick bed. Also in July 2017, I almost celebrated my birthday at LUTH on the sick bed. I came to pastor with all the doctor’s report and he prayed for me. Ever since then I have been experiencing the mighty hand of God upon my health. Secondly, I thank God I did not cry over my first daughter. On their way to a programme, Experience, as they wanted to cross the road, she was almost hit by a motor bike that was taking one way. I thank God that I am not mourning today, neither is my daughter on the sick bed. Also, during the October breakthrough and deliverance service, Pastor was praying and sprinkling the oil over us, I noticed a blister on my hand which was very unusual and painful, the Holy Spirit ministered to me that it was not ordinary and ordered me to touch the alter with my hand, I did and the blister dried off the next day. Praise the Lord!
Sis. T. O.

Last year January, I went to school for my final clearance because I couldn’t do that immediately as there were some issues in school. So I went as soon as I was mobilized for NYSC. On getting to the academics section, it was discovered that none of my results was in the main campus, not even one of my results nor matric number was found. I was not told what the issue was, but I was not attended to. While I waited I unknowingly sat at the HOD’s office. The HOD came out and asked why I sat at his door; he saw tears in my eyes and decided to assist me. At the end of the day, he took me to the clearance office and signed my clearance without any delay. He only called of the lecturer who attested to the fact that I was a student and promised to send my results the next day. That was how I was able to go to camp. My primary assignment was in a very small community where snakes or scorpions were killed daily. It was as if we lived in their midst. I appreciate God that we were not attacked all through our stay there. I also want to thank God for a safe journey back home.
Sis. I.