Genesis 8:22

With great joy, I welcome you to December, the last month of the year. I pray that the Almighty God Who has been with us, guiding and protecting us since the beginning of this year, will see us through to 2022 in peace, good health and joy in Jesus’ Name.

The time has come to count our blessings and give glory to God knowing fully that not all those who saw the beginning of this year are still alive today. But for you and me, the Lord has kept us alive to see this day, glory be to His Name. In addition, it is also time for harvest, a time to review the year in order to remind ourselves of those outstanding things we have been believing God to do for us and examine the resolutions made at the beginning of the year whether you have lived up to expectations or not. The resolutions I mean here are those areas of your life where you are expected to live above board, such as a commitment to live in agreement with the Word of God and absolute dedication to His service. This is the time to renew, rededicate and recommit to righteousness and holiness, to make up your mind not to end the year in sin and iniquity, and to ask God to help you serve Him in truth and in spirit so that the end of the year will be much better than the beginning according to Ecclesiastes 7:8, “Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit”. It is my prayer for you that the grace to make your life more pleasing to God will be made available for you in Jesus’ Name.

It is also a time for reward for your labour since the beginning of the year; all of the seeds of prayers and fasting that you have been sowing shall begin to yield harvest in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Do not be weary nor get discouraged because the book of Ecclesiastes 3:1 & 2 confirms to us that there is time for everything, “…a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted.” The Lord will bless the work of your hands this season of harvest in Jesus’ Name.


  1. Thank God and give Him praise for the privilege to be alive and to witness the last month of the year.
  2. Thank God for divine provision for you and your family, and protection over you and all yours since January 2021.
  3. Father, please help me to draw closer to you in holiness and righteousness as this year is coming to an end in Jesus’ Name.
  4. Father, remember me and my family for good in Jesus’ Name.
  5. I receive harvest for all my labour this season of harvest in Jesus’ Name.

Shalom and Happy New Month!


(Psalm 150:1-6)

I joyfully welcome you to November, the month of GLORY. It is my prayer that as you praise GOD this month, your joy will not cease in Jesus’ Name. I strongly believe the LORD wants this month to be a month of GLORY in our lives; as many of you who have been falling short of GOD’s GLORY, be expectant this month because the GLORY of GOD will invade your life, home, career, business, finances, body, spirit and soul in Jesus’ Name.

As we begin the countdown to the end of the year 2021, I want you to count your blessings one by one and begin to thank GOD for every achievement you have made. Thank Him for all the successes, prayers answered, healings, breakthroughs and miracles you have received in the last ten months.

As part of your countdown, I like you also to think of those things you have been believing GOD for that are yet to materialize; list them and be ready to take them to GOD in prayers as your expectations will not be cut off this year. It is my earnest prayer for you that all that you have been believing GOD for this year shall become testimonies. The LORD will turn your tears to laughter, your shame to celebration, your sickness to divine health, your poverty to prosperity, your lack to abundance, your failure to success and your prayers to testimonies in the mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST. Be confident in the LORD your GOD this last quarter of the year because with GOD all things are possible. 

Brethren, even if you feel you have not achieved much this year and think there is nothing to be joyful about, as you read this piece, I implore you not to give up, do not get frustrated nor allow the enemy to whisper failure to your ears. Rather believe in GOD and it shall be well with you. Above all, I want you to make up your mind as this year winds down to cease every activity that distances you from your Maker. Make up your mind to be close to GOD like never before.



  1. Thank GOD for thus far He has helped us this year; thank Him for all the miracles, blessings and breakthroughs.
  2. Ask for mercies of the LORD where ever you are falling short of His GLORY; ask GOD to forgive you all your sins, those habits and acts that can distance you from GOD.
  3. LORD, please remember me as this year is drawing to a close, come and fulfil all your promises for me in 2021 in Jesus’ Name.
  4. LORD, remove every plan of evil and disaster against my family as this year winds down in Jesus’ Name.
  5. Take your list to GOD and pray aggressively for 3 minutes on each prayer point.


Speak Out

Many are victims of their present predicament just because they kept quiet. It is not as if there is no help around, but they refused to call for one. Perhaps, they expect people around to empathize and attend to their needs without saying a word. 

Silence is defined as the absence of sound; and you cannot communicate effectively without making a sound. Even the mute calls your attention by making sounds. This means that you cannot successfully communicate in silence; and if there is any message being passed, it can be misinterpreted and misunderstood. Therefore, it is important for you to make a sound that can be understood. Born again wives are not left out of this dilemma because they sometimes suffer in silence, live unfulfilled lives and are frustrated. Unfortunately, in the process of time, many resort to and become addicted to drugs, food, pornography, alcohol and the likes because they feel it will help them out of their predicament. Then one day, after months or years of hiding from the truth, something terrible happens – divorce, a police case, adultery, the collapse of a ministry etc. This ought not to be so. There is no man on earth that can read your mind or successfully discern emotions. This is why you have to open up so you don’t die in silence.

Only God is Omniscient (All-knowing). And even with this attribute, He still demands that we open out mouth and ask. “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” (Matthew 7:7). Why will you die in silence when there is help around you? Today, you can learn some tips that will help you come out of your shell and seek for help when it is needed.

However, we shall begin with why many refuse to call for help?

  1. Pride: You need to understand that the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 1:9(c) “… and there is no new thing under the sun.” Whatever might be your calling or assignment, somebody somewhere has done something like it before. There is also someone somewhere doing something similar to it right now. They have confronted and slain the giants you are dealing with. It is wisdom to connect and learn from such people. Calling for help when you need it is not a sign of weakness, rather, it is wisdom. So, do not give room to pride by refusing to seek godly counsel. 

Pride, in most cases, is the reason why many do not seek for help when it is most needed. It is a destroyer that has ruined many great destinies; don’t let it destroy yours. The Bible categorically says: “Pride goeth before destruction and an haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18). Do not let the devil deceive you into making you think that you are so anointed that you can handle all challenges by yourself. Nothing can be farther from the truth! Open up and ventilate your life for greater productivity and effectiveness. The Bible says one shall chase a thousand and two shall put ten thousand to flight (Deuteronomy 32:30). What you are passing through might be more than what you alone can ‘chase’. It is not a shameful thing to open up to those who can help. 

  1. Making Excuses: Making excuses for things that are going wrong is another reason why many suffer in silence. Jesus told a parable of how a certain man made a great supper and invited many to come. Despite the fact that all things were ready, they all made excuses and did not attend. The Bible says: “And they all, with one consent began to make excuses” (Luke 14:18). The master of the house was angry with them and brought in others to take their places; due to excuses. Your place in destiny shall not be taken by another!

Abigail is an example of a wise woman as recorded in the Bible (1 Samuel 25: 14-28). She could have used her husband’s foolishness as an excuse for selfishness which would have resulted in a bloodbath in her home. Instead, she opened up;

Let not my Lord, I pray thee; regard this man of Belial, even Nabal: for as his name is, so is he; Nabal is his name, and folly is with him: but I thine handmaid saw not the young men of my Lord, whom thou didst send.  Now therefore, my Lord, as the Lord liveth, and as thy soul liveth, seeing the Lord hath withheld thee from coming to shed blood, and from avenging thyself with thine own hand, now let thine enemies, and thy seek evil to my Lord, be as Nabal” (1 Samuel 25: 25-26).

Stop making excuses for things that are going wrong, having every reason and explanation for why things are not the way they should be. Instead, be a woman of wisdom, take action, make a move and seek help.


Psalm 91:1-16.

I welcome you especially to the month of October in the year 2021. We thank God for all the great things we have seen Him done in our lives. As we head towards the end of the year, it is my prayer that the Lord will see us through the ember months in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ. We are in an era of insecurity and fear all over the land; those who go out there are not safe, and if you stay at home there is no safety either. We sleep with one eye open, and our law enforcement and security operatives are having challenges quelling the fire of insecurity, while the military has tried their best in arresting the situation but the more they try the worse things become. When the security operatives are getting tired, who then is safe?

Brethren as you read this piece, please know that it is those that the Lord watches over that are safe according to Psalm 127:1.

How do you make the Almighty God your Refuge?

  1. By trusting in the Lord: Proverbs 3:5 encourages us to trust in the Lord and not to lean on our own understanding or strength. This means that we should not cast our hope of safety and security on man or the instruments of war and protection, but rely more on spiritual protection through God. However, this does not excuse our laziness or lackadaisical attitude towards doing all that is humanly possible to protect ourselves by being wise, smart and vigilant.
  2. Ensure you allow God to be your Refuge by not making yourself a lawful captive (John 14:30): Who is a lawful captive? A lawful captive is someone who makes himself vulnerable to the attack of the enemies. Jesus declared that the prince of this world (talking about Satan and his agents) sought occasion against Him but found nothing in Him. If you want to be a candidate of divine protection, you need to surrender your life to Jesus today and it shall be well with you, and your safety will be guaranteed.


  1. Thank God and give Him praise for the gift of life; give Him thanks for your family and the works of your hands.
  2. Father, as 2021 is gradually coming to an end, keep me and my family in perfect peace in Jesus’ Name.
  3. Lord, please let Your Name avail for me and be my refuge in times of troubles in Jesus’ Name.
  4. I cover myself and my immediate family with the Blood of Jesus for maximum protection in Jesus’ Name.
  5. Father, please let Your protective Eyes follow me everywhere I go in Jesus’ Name.



The Bible recommends that you follow those who have obtained what you are striving for. These people are examples whom you respect and have received the testimonies you desire. The Bible says: “Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come” (1 Corinthians 10:11). One major way of being “followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises” (Hebrews 6:12) is through their biographies. These could be a book, or an audio or video recording. 

A biography is the life story of a person written by someone else. As a wife, it is important for you to study the biographies of wives who have excelled and have thus inherited the promises. Biographies provide examples to learn from because the secrets of men are in their stories. You must understand the secret of learning from examples if you want to get to God’s destination for your life. History has a way of always repeating itself, either negatively or positively. There are biblical and contemporary biographies for you to learn from. The Bible is full of stories of those who lost out of their destinies and those who made full proof of it. 

A few of them include – Gehazi, Elisha’s servant and heir apparent to the great unction and anointing upon Elisha’s life and ministry, who unfortunately lost it all to covetousness (2 Kings 5:20-27). Instead of becoming an anointed minister, he ended up as a notable leper. Judas was one of Jesus’ twelve disciples, and like the others, he walked and dined with the Lord, but ended up betraying him due to covetousness (Matthew 26:14-16). He did not only end up becoming a loser on earth, but he will also spend eternity in hell because he did not repent before taking his life. He ended in shame. Delilah, a lady who could have married God’s servant and probably become one of the most referenced wives in the Bible, gave in to covetousness and sexual sin (Judges 16:1-21).  She became an instrument in the hands of the devil and was not spared. She died alongside those that sent her. David, the man after God’s heart, who “with his whole heart he danced for the Lord” (2 Samuel 6:14).  He was a generous giver, who solely provided all that was needed for the building of the temple. His constant enquiry from God caused him to win all his battles. And when he was caught up in sin, he cried out for help and was forgiven (2 Samuel 12:13). He maintained his position in the heart of God, and God established his throne forever (2 Samuel 7:16).

When you study the lives of those who have gone ahead of you, you will be able to learn from them and avoid their pitfalls. In our contemporary world today, there are examples of men and women worth emulating. Find out about successful ministries and the wives behind them, look out for their secrets, follow them and you will become the next success story. You can’t become a story until you acquaint yourself with the stories of others who have obtained a good report. “Those who don’t have references, never become a reference.” This is true! One tree never makes a forest. Every man that is now a reference has had to identify with several references of men at some point. The Bible says, “Hearken to me, ye that follow after righteousness, ye that seek the LORD: look unto the rock whence ye are hewn, and to the hole of the pit whence ye are digged. Look unto Abraham your father, and unto Sarah that bare you: for I called him alone, and blessed him, and increased him” (Isaiah 51:1-2). As you look unto God, the Rock from whence ye are hewn, you are also to look unto your father Abraham. You are not to look only unto God but also unto the fathers who have gone ahead of you in the race. As you look at their lives, you are able to interpret the scriptures correctly and see further. Wisdom demands that you stand on the shoulders of those who have gone ahead of you, and their stories are invaluable assets in achieving yours. Your place will only be secured by the degree of illumination you carry. Time is precious and irrecoverable. Instructions are the pathways of wisdom. As you study the lives of those who have already inherited the promises, it becomes easy to wisely avoid the mistakes they made and pick instructions from what they did right. 

However, be aware that you must be discreet enough not to take everything you read or hear hook, line and sinker, but rather apply wisdom in knowing what to learn and what to unlearn by avoiding their mistakes. I take delight in reading biographies of ministers and ministers’ wives, especially those who have been in full-time pulpit preaching ministry. For instance, I have read biographies and other books written by great men and women of God such as Pastor (Mrs.) Folu Adeboye and late Pastor (Mrs.) Bimbo Odukoya. Remember, for you to see brighter, you need the shoulders of those who have gone before you. One major way of doing this is by reading their biographies. You can take advantage of this truth.


(Psalm 5:1-12)

To prevail means to overcome, to overpower, to conquer, to defeat, to have victory, and to win. Prevailing prayers usher in seasons of rest, glory and testimonies. One of the three areas that prevailing prayers must address in your life is THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR LIFE (Psalm 11:3). 

The foundation is the basis for breakthrough and deliverance to take place, and the righteous can have a faulty foundation (Psalm 11:3). Examples of men with faulty foundations:

  1. Jabez, whose foundation was sorrowful (1 Chronicles 4:9-10).
  2. Jephthah, who was born to a harlot (Judges 11:1-2).
  3. Reuben, who was cursed for committing adultery (Genesis 49:3-4) and his descendants were also affected (Numbers 26:7, 32:1-5, Deuteronomy 27:1-13).
  4. Eli, who was cursed alongside his generation by God (1 Samuel 2:30-36).
  5. Gehazi, who was cursed alongside his generation by Elisha (2 Kings 5:27).

However, there is hope for anyone with a faulty foundation as seen in Reuben’s case where his descendants were delivered by the prophet, Moses (Deuteronomy 33:1-6). It is the joy of the Lord for you to succeed in life and to make it to heaven (13 people gave their lives to Christ, while 35 people were attending for the first time).


  1. Lord, please disconnect my destiny from the spirit of death, failure, disaster and tragedy in the Name of Jesus (Jeremiah 15:15,21).
  2. (One of the strategies of the evil foundation is to put an evil mark on the affected, therefore say,) Father! By the Blood of Jesus, blot out, remove every evil mark upon me, my spouse and children in the Name of Jesus.
  3. O evil mark! I address you by the Spirit of God and the Blood of Jesus, leave me by fire!
  4. Father! Every evil fire that the enemy has ignited in my life, let it quench now in Jesus Name.


Genesis 1:25-31

I welcome you very specially to June, the month of Man (male and female) and Dominion according to the order of creation. I pray that this month of June shall be a great month for you, and the Lord will grant you and yours dominion over the battle of life this month in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

The Bible says in the text that God made man in His image and after His likeness, and He gave them dominion over every other creature of His Hands. Dominion means power, success, greatness, victory, promotion and everlasting joy. All these shall be your portion this month in Jesus Name.

In other words, we are replicas of who God is, both in nature, grace and ability. God must have had something in mind when He decided to create us just exactly like Himself, and you will agree with me that whatever God does or says is exactly what He means. Therefore, we can easily conclude that we are to put on the nature and mind of God according to Philippians 2:15. It is my prayer for you this month that in whatever area of your life where you have fallen short of the glory of God, there shall be full restoration for you in Jesus Mighty Name.

The Lord expects us to activate the ability He created in us to be like Him this month of June, and what are they?

  1. Victory in All Areas of Life (Psalm 98:1): 1 John 5:4, “For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.” God has never lost a battle and as a matter of fact, He is the Lord of Hosts, and when He decides to fight for you, at the end of the matter you will pity your enemies because God fights until nothing is left. I, therefore, pray for you that your enemies shall never see your end and you shall be victorious as the Lord fights your battle this month in Jesus Name.
  2. Holiness and Purity: Leviticus 11:45, “For I am the Lord that bringeth you up out of the land of Egypt, to be your God: ye shall therefore be holy, for I am holy.” This is an essential characteristic of God that all of us must be conformed to and see as a way of life. It is only then that we would be entitled to the glorious promises of God for our lives.
  3. Divine Blessings and Prosperity (Psalm 24:1): It is common knowledge that God owns everything you will ever need to make life pleasurable for you. He says “silver is mine and gold is mine” (Haggai 2:8) which means as a child of God, you are entitled to whatever God owns in His majesty. You will never be hungry or lack any good thing throughout this month in Jesus Name.

I, therefore, implore you to continuously pray for grace this month for you to be whom God has created you to be in life. It is my prayer for you that you shall be victorious in all your ways this month in Jesus Name.

Prayer Points:

  1. Thank God and praise His Holy Name for giving you the privilege to see another month in peace of mind and good health.
  2. Father, please give me grace this month to be whom You have created me to be in life.
  3. Father, because You are my God and Father, and You possess everything I need to make life pleasurable for me; please remove poverty from my life beginning from today in Jesus Name.
  4. Father, please do not allow my faith in You to waiver in Jesus Name.
  5. Father, throughout this year, make me succeed in all good things I lay my hands upon in Jesus Name.



A close look at Proverbs 31:16-24 tells you that she considers a field and buys it; from her earnings she plants a vineyard. She makes linen garments and sells them, and supplies belts to the tradesmen.

Once upon a time, there was a young couple who were blessed with the birth of their first child. Because they loved this child so much, they wished that the wife could stay home and raise the child; but the bills still needed to be paid. So the wife went out and found the perfect job. She could arrive at work by 10am and leave at 2pm, and she was paid as though she was working full time. She could keep nursing and be home every day in time for his nap. While the baby napped, she was able to cook a delicious meal, wash and iron the clothes, clean the house and still have time to get herself beautiful before her husband came home. After playing with their child together, they would tuck him into bed and then have a wonderful conversation over the excellent candle-lit dinner she had prepared in their clean and well organized home.

So how did you like this story? Well “story” is the accurate word because it is a fairy tale. Real life does not look like this as I think we would all agree. Wouldn’t it be great if everything just checked along as effortless as in the story? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if women today could keep their homes running perfectly, their children growing into hard-working young adults who never argued with their parents, their husbands happy, and were able to bring in an income with hardly extra effort at all? I wish it could be like this, especially for single mothers but the fact is, we can’t do it all or have it all. I have to admit addressing the topic of women working is a challenge. Women are pulled in so many directions in today’s world. The expectations placed on women today far exceeds those from any other time in history.

I knew a woman, my mother’s friend, who when she was raising her first three children didn’t even have a car. Most families had just one car and it was for the husband to use to work. She also did not have the health club commitment or weekly women’s meeting that we have in our lives today. She took care of her family and loved every minute of it. Probably because she didn’t have other things pulling her apart in different directions.

Today, women are bombarded with opportunities and pressures to have careers, to be ‘somebody’. But whenever the world tells me to do something that is when I need to open God’s word and see what it has to say about the roles of women in the workplace and in the home. Titus 2:5 (NIV) says, “to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God.” This scripture encourages women to be sensible, pure workers at home, kind, and being subject to their own husbands that the word of God may not be dishonoured. I believe this concept of loving and being dutiful to our families is the way to honour God’s principle that flows through Proverbs 31.



I want to thank God for His goodness. I have been going to a Catering School and I learnt some things afterwards but I did not have the required resources to start off. After one of the Sunday services, Pastor prayed for us and I felt the move of God. One of my sister in-law’s name had been coming to my mind, but I felt like I wanted to choose who God would use for me. Then I thought to call her, that the worst she could say was ‘No’, and if she said ‘Yes’, it was God. So, I sent her a text message and she replied immediately, and asked me if a particular amount would be enough. I began to thank God and replied that it would be enough, and before I knew it she sent the money the following day. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

Sis F.O.


It takes battle to take back your possession in life, ministry, marriage, career and family. It takes even greater battle to retain these possessions. One thing is to have your possession, another is to retain it. It is pertinent to know that some breakthroughs will not come until God’s judgment cuts off all oppositions. Also, it is worthy to note that the devil that fought your predecessors to a standstill is very much alive and ready to fight you.

Without battles, there would be no victory; and life on its own is full of battles.

Battle is a contention, strife or struggle over a particular thing of value. There must be parties to a battle, which principally are God and you on one side, and Satan and his agents on the other.

Victory on the other hand means conquest, to overcome, to prevail or to take charge. God has reserved victory solely for the righteous (John 3:6).


  1. Powers that set a limit to how far you can go in life (John 5:1-7).
  2. Powers that cut short testimonies (Judges 6 vs 1-7). 
  3. Powers that make you go into error at the sight of your miracle (1 Samuel 12:1-35).
  4. Powers causing blessings to die in your hands.
  5. Powers that turn your helpers against you.


  1. Trust in the Lord and in Him alone (Psalm 7:1).
  2. Examine yourself if you are a lawful captive; are there any properties belonging to the devil in your possession, such as characters, properties and covenants?
  3. Take a step to deliver yourself by declaring for Jesus through genuine repentance (2 Corinthians 7:10) (There were 34 new converts and 35 first timers).
  4. Prepare to declare the word of victory to yourself regularly.


  1. I decree and declare that every anti-progress spirit in my life that has placed a limit to how far I can go in life, be bound now! In the Name of Jesus.
  2. All powers revealing my secrets and progress to the enemies, begin to fail in the mighty Name of Jesus!
  3. Father, I decree all powers creating a limit in my life, business, marriage, career and education; I command you to loose me and let me go in the Name of Jesus.
  4. Every devil that has set a limitation to my life, progress, destiny and marriage; I command you to catch fire now in Jesus Name!
  5. Every chain the devil has used to tie me down, break by fire in Jesus Name!
  6. Every spirit of Saul that has made me do the wrong thing at the right time; every spirit of error that is manipulating my life; I command you to loose me and let me go!
  7. I decree and declare that no blessing would die in my hands again; whatever I touch with my hands will succeed, everything I touch will move forward and progress in Jesus Name.