Welcome to September

You are welcome to September, the beginning of the ’ember’ months and the start of the harvest season. This month I have a few pieces of advice for our sisters that can help you out of depression, fatigue and stress. Your life is in your hand, you need to take responsibility to fulfil God’s purpose for your life. 

1. You should not finish all housework in one day. Those who have done it are stressed and some have been buried. 

2. Take time to rest, it is not a sin to sit, put your feet on the table and eat something you like. 

3. Sleep, if necessary, for the headache to disappear. Those who have refused to take a vacation, leave of absence, time off or break time to avoid their families missing them have prematurely gone on the journey without return.

4. Stop taking sedatives to sleep. You are destroying your brain and organs. Soon you will start forgetting things. Relax your brain and worry less. Go for a walk, laugh, and smile more, because everything will work out eventually. 

5. Meditate, have a quiet time and relax. Breathe in the fresh air and breathe out all the negatives. 

6. Stay in front of the mirror and smile to yourself, this turns on a positive aura around you so you can shine with your light. 

7. Buy yourself a snack or drink. Just do something for yourself, even if your partner does not do it for you. Do it for yourself so you can download things in your head.

8. Get the appliances needed to ease your job and avoid stress as it is women’s largest silent killer. 

9. Ask for help when you do not feel good. Do something about it. Go to a health centre or hospital or call a nearby doctor. Do not self-medicate.

10. Control your blood pressure and sugar level occasionally, whether you are sick or not. Doing this has saved a lot of women in the past. 

Trust these good pieces of advice I have offered you and give yourself the value, love and care that you deserve. You are a great woman and do not forget you are also a beautiful creation.


(1 Samuel 16:1-13, Genesis 1:28)

I bless the Name of the Lord for the privilege He has given us to witness September, the month of fruitfulness, may His Name be glorified in our lives this month in Jesus’ Name. It is my earnest prayer for you all readers of this bulletin that this month it shall be well with you, the Hands of the Almighty shall be strong upon you for protection, no evil eye will see you and no evil hands will touch you, and the presence of the Lord will abide with you in all your going out and coming in; this shall be so in Jesus’ Name.

The Bible text above is a reflection of the potency of the power and unction of God when operating in someone’s life. With the anointing of God upon your life, nothing shall be impossible. This was David’s story and I pray that the same grace will operate in your life this month of possibilities and fruitfulness in Jesus’ Name.

It is important for you to understand that there is always an appointed time for every individual and I believe God that this is your appointed time in Jesus’ Name. Like it happened to David, when your time comes, the Lord will dislodge everyone that has been occupying your position either legally or illegally. And that was why King Saul made the mistake of disobeying God and doing what he was not supposed to do because it was time for David to become prominent and fulfil destiny. So God sent Samuel to anoint David and bring him into prominence. God will dislodge everyone sitting on your glory and everyone occupying your position in glory today in Jesus’ Name. I decree that your God-sent prophet and helper, someone who carries God’s glory and unction who will help you to fulfil destiny, will locate you today in Jesus’ Name.

Another thing that is very notable in the passage is that David’s father hid him by sending him out of the immediate vicinity but God brought him out by the anointing; God will locate you and bring you out this month of possibilities and fruitfulness by the anointing in Jesus’ Name.

King David’s reign was about the most successful in Israel, God helped him to conquer his enemies all around and he dominated so many territories and kingdoms thus making his reign and life fruitful. So shall God make your life and destiny fruitful this month in Jesus’ Name.

Brethren, please make your relationship with God a priority this month and do not allow any form of sin to come between you and Him, and it shall be well with you in Jesus’ Name.



  1. Thank God and give Him praise for the privilege to see another month, thank Him for the gift of life and the miracle of sleeping and waking up.
  2. Father, please give me the grace not to offend You anymore and to live holy throughout this month of September in Jesus’ Name.
  3. Father, let my divine helper locate and favour me this month, and let me receive divine lifting in Jesus’ Name.
  4. I decree and declare in this month of possibilities and fruitfulness, let glorious things happen in my life, and visit my family for great testimonies of breakthrough and fulfilment in Jesus’ Name.
  5. Lord, let the latter part of this year be greater and more blessed than the beginning for me and my household in Jesus’ Name.