(Isaiah 49:21-26)
Captivity means holding one against his or her will. It also means bondage. Bondage is an unpleasant condition or situation, which brings about sorrow, stagnation and makes life difficult.
When God arises, He will hold your captivity captive and arrest the arrester for your sake.

Types of Captivity

  1. Selective Captivity (Genesis 35:22, 49:1-2): Reuben was a good example of this.
  2. Partial Captivity- This set of people serve and love God, but are oppressed. A good example is Samson in Judges 16:6. It is not only about coming to church, but about the power you carry.
  3. Individual Captivity- This is a result of a direct attack on you, where the victim is used for experiments by the enemy. They are carriers of bondage.
  4. Collective Captivity (2 Chronicles 36:1-23) – Here we have: corporate captivity, family captivity and group bondage.
    1. Family Captivity –  This could be no fault of yours, but your ancestors, family lineage and foundation. For example, if your ancestors have spilt blood or undergone demonic initiation, their actions have made you a collaborator. You must look at your family trend, some occurrences are particular about your family.
    1. Corporate  Captivity- There are some industries where negative occurrences are commonplace like failed marriages.
    1. Spirit of Error –  This is captivity whereby the person in bondage does not accept corrections till there is a repercussion.

How To Identify Captivities:
They can be identified through nightmares, alcoholism, sex addiction and perversions (like homosexuality), premature death, lack of help, uncontrollable anger, and daydreaming (having dangerous desires and emotional imbalance).

How To Get Out
1. Recognise the source of the problem. You must be very sensitive as a believer, ask questions, talk to men of God, and do not hide your problems.
2. Confess your sins and those of your ancestors; plead for mercy. (13 people gave their lives to Christ)
3. Pray aggressively with a sign of authority.

Prayer Points:

  1. Father, I plead the Blood of Jesus upon myself and my family.
  2. Ask for mercy over every work of iniquity over your life, loved ones and ancestors.
  3. Every foundational bondage holding me down, Father expose them in the Mighty Name of Jesus.
  4. Father! Every stranger hiding in my marriage, destiny and home, Holy Ghost fire expose them!
  5. Father! Every stranger hiding in my finances, business, and career, Holy Ghost fire expose them!
  6. Father! Every siege against my life from the womb, Holy Ghost fire expose them!
  7. Every evil load from my father’s, mother’s, in-law’s house, enough is enough, every owner of evil load, carry your load.
  8. Every evil shoe that I inherited from my father’s and mother’s house that is following me around, I remove you by fire in Jesus’ Name.
  9. Every altar receiving sacrifice in my father’s and mother’s house on my behalf receive fire now in Jesus’ Name.
  10. Father! Every strong man and woman, that says I will not prosper, let the ground open and, in the next 21 days, swallow them.
  11. Everyone gathering my blessings and virtues with demonic basket and everyone swallowing my prosperity be consumed by the fire of the Holy Ghost.
  12. Father! Wherever my matter is discussed, Holy Ghost fire intervene for me!
  13. Father, from the four corners of the earth, wherever my helpers are, let them locate me today in Jesus’ Name.

55 people attended the service for the first time. Don’t miss next month’s edition.


I want to thank God for the salvation of my soul, one with God is a majority. Last November, I travelled for my mother’s burial. I came to this altar and told God not to put me to shame and He stood by me. While planning, my younger ones and my eldest sister’s children did not support me. To God be the glory, the day came and It was wonderful. God perfected all. I did not borrow a dime. I am here to return all the glory to God. Praise the Lord!

– Mrs F. C.


For 3 years I have been believing God for admission. I told God during the January BDS that I wanted this admission. The best birthday gift no man can give God gave me, I got my admission Into the university a day before my birthday. I want to say Praise the Lord.

– Sis U. B.


This testimony is on behalf of my daughter. She was in 300 level when her brother gained admission into the university. All of a sudden both of them entered 400 level together, so she was worried. I came to the altar and prayed. 2 weeks ago, she did her convocation. I also want to thank God for the birthday present I asked Him for because He has already given it to me before my birthday next week. All glory to His Name.

– Sis D.


I want to thank God for total health restoration. Last July, I was down with different diagnoses, at a point I was told it was asthma, pneumonia and gastritis, and they continued  and I said, ‘God this is not for me’. I called the prayer group and they prayed for me and I came to the altar to submit myself to Christ. I want to thank God because I am healthy now. Thank You, Jesus!!!

– Sis J. E.


I want to thank God for my life, ever since I gave my life to Christ genuinely good things started happening to me. I also want to thank God because I got married last month. Praise the Lord!

– Bro M. S.


I want to thank God on behalf of my son, who complained of a stomachache. The following day, I took him to the hospital and within 3 days I was told that he had appendicitis, that his  appendix had already burst. I want to thank God that he entered the theatre and came out alive. Adoration to His Name!!!

– Sis M. U.


All through last year, I was believing God for a change of job. During the first Sunday in November, the man of God made a declaration that those believing God for a new job would testify shortly. By December 31st, I received a call to come to pick up my offer letter for a new job. I want to thank God for His goodness and mercies.

– Sis O. I.


Some time ago, I made a vow on this altar concerning my family particularly my son, who had graduated and was searching for a job. He is someone that knows God and through him, I also came to realize the goodness of God. While searching for a job, he called me and told me that he had been fasting and praying and told me, ‘Mummy I am getting my job’. The following day he had a dream and narrated the dream to me so we came to meet Pastor. Pastor said exactly what my son saw in the dream; I was shocked. He told me Madam I saw your son in the midst of white people; he prayed and said we should go and fast for three days. Behold, he applied online and was called for an interview and God put him in a position where I knew without God there was nothing in this life. Last year, he got married. I am grateful to God for journey mercies.

– Mrs A.


I want to thank God for His mercies over my life. Last year, I was trusting God for a transition after my service year and God granted it. I came for last month’s (December) BDS and prayed that God would answer my prayer and confirm it. During Pastor J. T. Kalejaiye’s ministration, he said God would open a new chapter in your life and He truly did. The first Tuesday in January, I was invited for an interview and was employed immediately that same month. There was a trial in my office, a great conspiracy, and I prayed and God fought for me. I was given back my job and my trust was restored. Praise the Lord!!!

– Sis O. S.