Emotional abuse should not be passed on to the next generation. Couples, please
leave your children out of this. Parents are their children’s first teachers. Whatever
(vices) they learn from their parents, it will take the grace of God before they can let
them go. Unfortunately, at times, these vices have already become a part of them.
Whatever is going on between you as a couple that is unpleasant should not be
exposed to your children. Let it remain between the both of you for the good of your
children. Even if you lose respect for one another, please keep it away from the
children because the repercussions are worse. Some children are bold to say that
they do not pray to marry someone like their mother or father because they know
that there is no genuine love between them. They are only patching things up. Do
not disrespect your spouse in the presence of your children because as time goes on,
they will also learn to disrespect their own spouses.

Whatever you do, remember your children are watching you and they are ready to
use it as a reference in the future. When you are not ready to forgive your spouse
and always refer to the past, remember your children are not fools, they can read
between the lines. They may not say it in your presence but they are either saying it
to someone else or reserving it for future use in their marriages.

A negative impact is always left on any child who grows up in a home where the
father beats the mother or vice versa. A negative impact is also left on a daughter

who knows that her mother is engaged in extramarital affairs. Most of such
daughters end up committing adultery too. If you treat your spouse like trash, your
children may end up treating their spouses the same way.

As Daddy G.O. said, the way you talk to your wife is probably the same way your son
will talk to his wife in future. The way you don’t express your feelings and affections
is the way your son will believe that men are not supposed to be affectionate with
their wives. Remember, a mother’s self-esteem always dictates her daughter’s self-
confidence. For the best of our children, let us put an end to emotional abuse.