Welcome to April; this month, I want us to examine the consequences of broken homes.

Do not be deceived, no one has a perfect marriage. Every couple has its challenges. Couples fight and fight badly, even the so-called Christian brothers and sisters who pretend as if nothing has happened when they get to church. However, it is the ability to revise one’s stand, communicate with respect, and be honest with one other that determines the survival of any marital relationship. If you remove pride and arrogance from your marital relationship, the marriage is on a solid foundation. Peace can thus stand the test of time.

Invest in your marriage by showing appreciation and tolerance. You are a stakeholder and your business first should be doing things to make your home peaceful and stable for you, your spouse and your children. Those whom you see that look like they have no challenges are just managing their challenges without allowing them to show to others.

A broken home is like war, no party goes uninjured. Each party goes with an injury they nurse for the rest of their lives. This is the whole truth but those involved, because of shame, do not say it out to people and no one learns from their mistakes. Instead, people believe that they are coping and happy, whereas if you ask them secretly, and if they will be truthful, they will tell you that where they are coming from is better than where they have eventually found themselves. The evil that you know is better than the evil you do not know. Human beings are not the same, and it is only when you are officially married and living together as husband and wife that you will know each other very well. It is when you are treating your spouse the same way you treated and behaved to the one you left before marrying this present one that you will realize that the former one was so good and nice enough to tolerate our excesses, misbehaviours and selfishness. Mostly, new spouses always prepare their minds that as soon as they are officially married to you they will never leave room or tolerate the abuse and maltreatment given to their predecessors. They will do all they can so that they will not find themselves at the same point.

No amount of success in life can compensate for failure at home. If your marriage fails, it will surely dent your destiny so be careful. Manage your home very well. What you will be treated to outside your home will not be what you bargained for. Think well before you take that step.

We are all managers when it comes to marriage. Manage your spouse and your spouse too should manage you. Marriage is not a bed of roses. True love proves in times of challenges and that is why I advise us to make sure you get married to the person that you are sure loves you because when challenges come, this will speak for you. There is no perfect marriage, singles please note that it requires hard work. Marriage is like a car that needs proper maintenance and service. If this is not done, it will break down unexpectedly and expose you both to danger, unhealthy circumstances, adultery and sins. Do not be careless about your marriage.

God gives you your partner as a raw material for you to mould the person that you deserve. Husbands, please mould loving caring women for yourselves. If you show hatred and a carefree attitude, your wife will soon look and behave exactly the way you treat her. You cannot sow hatred, bitterness, lack of affection and stinginess into your wife and expect a perfect, loving and caring woman. Others that get things like that from their wives have already sown such into them. Your marriage needs total commitment, unfortunately, Christian couples are not committed to their marriages the same way they are to their jobs, offices, positions, extended family and some, side chicks. This is sad. It is why we have not been able to achieve as much when it comes to marriage. Every marriage has a price to pay. Marriage is like a bank account, it is the money that you deposit that you withdraw.  If you do not deposit love, peace and care and you think you can have lasting peace and joy outside your home from maids, friends and family or the other man or woman, you are joking and toying with your future. A little is enough for the wise, act on it today so that your prayers can be answered. God bless you.

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