Month Of Advancement (Exodus 14:14-15)

I welcome you, especially to March, the month of TRINITY – God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. It is, therefore, my prayer for you that the Trinity will provide for your needs, protect you in all your ways, and lead you aright in all your decisions this month in Jesus’ Name.

The third month is also significant in many ways in addition to being the month of Trinity. For instance, it was in the third month that the Word of the Lord came to Prophet Ezekiel in Ezekiel 31:1. May you hear God clearly speaking to you and leading you in all your ways this month. Also, in the third month, according to 2 Chronicles 31:7, “they began to lay the foundation of the heaps and finished them.” This month the Lord will enable you to break new grounds, and your results and harvest shall be exceedingly great in Jesus’ Name. In Esther 8:9, the King, people that mattered in the Kingdom and even the enemies of the Jews were compelled to favour them. I decree that kings and relevant people will favour you this month in Jesus’ Name.

Finally, as seen in our text Exodus 19:1-6, it was in the third month that the children of Israel left Egypt and advanced on their way to the promised land. To advance means to come out of something and progress into a greater thing. I decree that you are coming out of bondage this month in Jesus’ Name. To advance also means to take a bold step in exploring what God has in stock for you. This month, I see you prospering beyond your imagination in Jesus’ Name. Additionally, advancement means to prosper. I declare your supernatural advancement in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.


    1. Thank God and give Him praise for the privilege to see another month.

    2. Father, I plead the blood of Jesus upon me and all my loved ones this month in the Name of Jesus Christ.

    3. I decree that today shall be the last day in Egypt (the land of slavery) in my life in the Name of Jesus Christ.

    4. As I step out of bondage, I take bold steps into God’s purpose for my life in Jesus’ Name.

    5. Oh God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, advance my course to prosperity this month in Jesus’ Name.

SHALOM and have a great month.

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