Genesis 8:22

With great joy, I welcome you to December, the last month of the year. I pray that the Almighty God Who has been with us, guiding and protecting us since the beginning of this year, will see us through to 2022 in peace, good health and joy in Jesus’ Name.

The time has come to count our blessings and give glory to God knowing fully that not all those who saw the beginning of this year are still alive today. But for you and me, the Lord has kept us alive to see this day, glory be to His Name. In addition, it is also time for harvest, a time to review the year in order to remind ourselves of those outstanding things we have been believing God to do for us and examine the resolutions made at the beginning of the year whether you have lived up to expectations or not. The resolutions I mean here are those areas of your life where you are expected to live above board, such as a commitment to live in agreement with the Word of God and absolute dedication to His service. This is the time to renew, rededicate and recommit to righteousness and holiness, to make up your mind not to end the year in sin and iniquity, and to ask God to help you serve Him in truth and in spirit so that the end of the year will be much better than the beginning according to Ecclesiastes 7:8, “Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit”. It is my prayer for you that the grace to make your life more pleasing to God will be made available for you in Jesus’ Name.

It is also a time for reward for your labour since the beginning of the year; all of the seeds of prayers and fasting that you have been sowing shall begin to yield harvest in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Do not be weary nor get discouraged because the book of Ecclesiastes 3:1 & 2 confirms to us that there is time for everything, “…a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted.” The Lord will bless the work of your hands this season of harvest in Jesus’ Name.


  1. Thank God and give Him praise for the privilege to be alive and to witness the last month of the year.
  2. Thank God for divine provision for you and your family, and protection over you and all yours since January 2021.
  3. Father, please help me to draw closer to you in holiness and righteousness as this year is coming to an end in Jesus’ Name.
  4. Father, remember me and my family for good in Jesus’ Name.
  5. I receive harvest for all my labour this season of harvest in Jesus’ Name.

Shalom and Happy New Month!

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