Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall” (1 Corinthians 10:12).

This month, I want to task us to take heed about what we do when our children are around us. We are their best teachers and they emulate us unconsciously. Whatever we do as couples affect our children either positively or negatively.

Sometime ago, I held discussions with some children of workers and born-again Christians in and realized that we, Christians are like mirrors to our children. Some of them said their parents only complained about their dressings and how they did not study the Word nor attend programs; but when compared to their parents, they felt they were better. Then I asked, why? They listed things they had observed which made Christianity unappealing to them:

  1. They said Christians, particularly their parents, do not forgive each other. They keep malice and when they are in church, people believe that they are saints, and the little they know about God is that He said we should forgive (Matthew 6:12).
  2. They also observed that their parents did not love each other, yet claimed to be serving God, Who is love (1 John 4:8).
  3. Marital separation means nothing to them, which has made them to decide against living with their spouse when they are grown.
  4. They think Christianity to be a scam where people only do what pleases them and set aside other less pleasing instructions and principles. As a result, they attend to physical things such as how they look and how religious they seem, and are not concerned about developing a good relationship with God. Obeying God’s commandments to the letter are also deemed unnecessary.

Therefore, I have decided to advise us parents to please take heed in what we do and our decisions, so that it will not destroy our children’s lives and their relationships with God. 

Do you know that many children from broken homes (divorced or separated) mostly end up becoming single parents? Some whose parents have in one way or another been abused also take decisions never to tolerate what their parents went through and end up with an unsettled home. This trend has continued for generations and it is time to put an end to it for the sake of future generations. 

Please, for God’s sake, your children see and listen to most of your conversations, so be careful when you talk to your spouse. Let your quarrels end in your bedroom. It must not leak out because of its effect on your children. They are your legacy and future, do not let them refer to some of the negative things you said or did later in the future. How do you want to minister to your children when you have not crucified your flesh? What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? (Mark 8:36) 

The Bible says if you are bringing an offering to the Lord and you remember that someone is angry with you, leave your gift and first reconcile with him/her before presenting your offering. However, these days we are even bold to attend services without forgiving one another. Where is the spirit of old that made you feel very uncomfortable when you did not fully obey the Word of God? 

For our children’s sake, let us recheck ourselves; whatever we are doing that can make our children to see our religion as hypocritical, please stop it. I pray that we will not loose any of our children to the devil nor will we become reprobates at the end in the Jesus Name.

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