(Isaiah 43: 18-19)

There are so many things that God does that cannot be seen such as the creation before the earth was made; but there are others that are revealed to men. When God is going to make a way for you, you have a role to play and it can be categorized into these three stages:

  1. Liberate Your Mind: Life is divided into three parts – the past, present and future; and your advancement in life is dependent on the state of your mind. To move forward in life, you must let go of your past and embrace your future which is found in God’s Word. When a mind dwells on past experiences (good or bad), such a life cannot move forward. To be liberated from the past does not mean that you will forget its experiences, but they will no longer have the power to influence you again. The salvation of your soul is the first step to releasing your mind from the past (10 people gave their lives to Christ during the service while 23 were first time attendees).
  2. Behold Your Glorious Future: After your salvation and the liberation of your mind, you will begin to behold the new things of God through the eye of your spirit (Psalm 36:9). This is because your spirit-man is the one who works with the Word of God and sends signals from it to your mind in order to establish your faith.
  3. Speak Forth: After beholding your future inspired by the Word of God, you must command it into existence. This is where prayer comes in (Romans 4:17 & 21).

Prayer Points:

  1. Plead the Blood of Jesus upon yourself, and ask for God’s mercy in any area where you need it.
  2. I decree and declare that no power assigned against me will be able to limit me in the Name of Jesus.
  3. I become unstoppable in my journey to greatness, fulfilment, breakthrough and success in the Name of Jesus.
  4. Every power prolonging my problems, you are in trouble today, catch fire in the mighty Name of Jesus.
  5. Father, every demonic chain that has tied me down to where I do not belong, break! Lose me now and let me go in the Name of Jesus.
  6. Holy Ghost fire catapult me to my next level in the mighty Name of Jesus.
  7. Begin to decree and declare where you want to see yourself and command it to existence; let it come to reality.
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