I want to thank God for safe journey. I travelled and God brought me back safely. The Friday of the Holy Ghost Congress, my wrist just started hurting as if a bag of cement was put on it. During Daddy G.O.’s ministration, he said God said if you are here and you have pain begin to speak out and I did, within the space of two days everything left with the heaviness. Secondly, my younger brother, a Medical Doctor, ran to us and told us to pray for him because he had just treated a Covid-19 patient and the patient died. It was after the patient had died that they knew about the infection but to the glory of God, they all went for the test and came back with negative results. Thirdly, our first born was to go for a party and I told him not to go but he did, and after a few days he was down with Covid-19. By the time we knew about it, he was already gasping for breath and was taken to a private hospital.  So, my brother, the Doctor, suggested that we take him to General Hospital because he knew it was Covid-19 and we did, but he was already gone. I called on Pastor and some other people, and GOD saved him. Glory to GOD!

Deaconess A.A.


Since 2019, I have been waiting for a time to share this testimony. During my Youth Service, some men attacked us in our lodge, and they used a gun and matchet to hit me on the head and I went into shock. I was given drugs at the hospital. Recently, I went to the hospital and I was given the same drugs but I decided to not take it because it made me feel uncomfortable. I was also under pressure from my boss to bring a doctor’s report. I want to thank God because today I am sound and healthy. All the glory to His Name.

Mr A.A.

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