(Psalm 30:1-5, John 15:11)

Joy is the gladness of heart and the end result of the flow of God’s river of favour and abundance flowing into your life.
It is a state of gladness of your heart.

Factor’s that can contribute to the joy in your life and make your joy full.

1) When God help you to surpass and go beyond the level that the world has limited you to be or beyond the level of human expectation for you (Psalm 118:22-24).

2) When God turns your captivities and makes your enemies to prostate before you (2 Samuel 16:13, 2 Samuel 16:19).

(2 Samuel 19) when God restore the kingdom of David.
(2 Samuel 19:16-20) Anyone who is trying to fighting with you is fighting with the Lord and battle can never be won.

3) When God turn’s your delay into testimony. Breaking the power of delay (1 Samuel 1:1-2, 1 Samuel 1:19-20).

4) When God saves you from the life of sin and death.
The joy of salvation (Romans 8:1-2).

Prayer Points
* Every heart that has been troubled, may the Lord give you gladness in the Mighty name of Jesus.

*Everyone who has segment you will celebrate you in Jesus Mighty name.


I want to thank GOD for HIS Marvellous work. Last year I prayed concerning my son,daughter and one other thing.Today the three things have come to pass because last week Monday during the BDS Pastor said we Should just stand and decree and it shall come to pass. Praise the LORD
Pastor Mrs O.O

I want to thank GOD for what HE has done for us in 2020 HE spared our lives during Covid 19,we also prayed HE prospers our business which he did and HE did that marvelloursly.
Secondly,we asked that HE draw us closer to HIM and HE also did that.Thirdly we asked HIM to give us our own children because we were expecting twins.HE gave us one and HE HAS given us the wisdom and grace we need.
Lastly,I want to thank GOD for safe delivery, I told God I didn’t want to go through pain.I thank God for HIS wonders
Mr and Mrs K.A

I want to thank GOD because I have been hoping for a miracle since I got married.I made enquires but to the Glory of GOD I am not paying money for the program and GOD Also used this church to give me the opportunity.I give HIM all the glory.
Mrs F.M

Six years ago I entered secondary school and GOD HAS been faithful in my academics.Last month I graduated and I was also processing my admission.GOD did it miraculously,the day after my graduation I recieved a call that I have been admitted to the university.
Secondly,during BDS Pastor said if we have a business we should stand up,I tapped into it because during Covid I was learning about the Career I wanted to study in the university.On Sunday evening after BDS I recieved a call and the order placed was Marvellous.I give GOD all the glory.
Sis E.O

I want to thank God for a successful 2020.I was given a car for winning staff of the year last year in 2019.In year 2020 I also won staff of the year to GOD be their glory.
Mrs A.A

The LORD did marvelous things in my life,I died and GOD ressurected me,I didn’t believe it,I experinced a lot of pain in my body for almost a year.I thank our Zonal Pastor while operation was going on he was there for throughout the whole day.I thank Pastor and the Church and I thank GOD for ressurecting me.
Elder B.T

I want to thank GOD for the salvation of my soul and HIS faithfulness.I just moved to this area.GOD led me to this church while I was passing and my first time here Pastor asked us to ask GOD for something.Got a call on the 31st and I received an alert.Secondly, I want to thank GOD for adding a year to me and my grandson.Thank you JESUS
Mrs A.A

I want to thank GOD for what HE did in the year 2020 so many testimonies.During the PRAISE YE THE LORD I was to give someone money after the programme but she was to collect the money later but she insisted she wanted the money as I was sitting during the PRAISE YE THE LORD I was thinking how to pay the money pastor just touched me and said your supposed to Be dancing so I removed my shoes and started dancing by the time I got home I got an alert of 200k I was expecting.I also want to thank GOD for the success of my daughter’s wedding and all to the glory of God.I also want to thank the Church and Pastorate for their support.PRAISE. YE THE LORD.
Deaconess O.M

I want to thank GOD because 2020 was a very successful year. I celebrated my 70th birthday and my baby did his wedding in this Church. I did an operation on my eye and it was successful.I give GOD all the glory
Elder A.A

I want to thank GOD for HIS faithfulness and what HE did in 2021.I came for vigil preceding BDS.During the bds when daddy was preaching I just woke up and said Amen and he said you can still Achieve your goal,since then Business has just been coming,that I don’t even have time to rest.I want to thank GOD for what he has done.
Bro A.D

I want to thank GOD for healing my
Son and adding another year to him and he also healed my mum because she has been sick and I give GOD all the glory for adding another year to my husband.Glory to GOD.
Mrs M.A

When Daddy prophesied and said we should pray our helper should locate us.After the pandemic a friend of mine called me on IG and said someone want to give me the money for my shop because she spoke to the person,I got an alert the next day and I don’t know the woman.A friend of mine also called and sent me money to stock up my shop,am now a shop owner.I give GOD all the glory
Mrs M.R


Welcome to the second month in 2021. This year may have started out with its challenges but in all, glory be to God Almighty. I want to use this time to encourage as many women that are discouraged by what they may be going through in their marriages through this question and answer.

Question: Mummy, what else can I do? I try to impress and satisfy my husband, yet its complaints every time, every day no matter my sacrifice for him and our children. Our marriage is more than 18 years old. Many times, I feel like committing suicide. To people outside, they believe I am enjoying, but nobody can control or correct him. Is God asleep about my case? I have prayed, yet I have not seen changes.

Answer: Firstly, I thank God for your life because He is working out something for you. You may not be aware but I know this. Please do not relent your prayers. I feel your pain. Sincerely, I know it is not easy loving a man who does not appreciate you or your efforts, as Luke 6:45 tells us that, “out of the abundance of the heart, his mouth speaks”, but God in heaven will surely reward you. It is a matter of time. Your mental health matters. Recently, a woman confided in me that 2 years ago, she had attempted suicide, but her husband did not discuss it with his family due to shame. This is still the same issue she complained about. So, please get it right. Start doing whatever makes you happy. Look for ways to ease off the tension, and surround yourself with people who believe in you and make you happy. If you can afford to go for a spa treatment, do so. Make your hair or get a good haircut. Laugh it off and make sure you restrain yourself from adultery because I have found that most women at this stage are vulnerable to marital infidelity. This is because there is always someone out there who will appreciate you in a much better way and manner than your husband. So, be careful.

You said that you have been praying and have also tried to comply with his excesses yet the situation has remained the same. Luke 1:37 says, “with God nothing shall be impossible.” One day, God will touch his heart but don’t kill yourself or lose your mind before then. Thinking about it, you will know that this is a spiritual matter and it is beyond you. Check his family and yours to know if other wives or members of your families are also facing a similar situation. Whatever you discover will help you to know what to pray about. Also, side chicks and strange women cannot be ruled out. A lot of times, when a man is involved in illicit affairs, he will no more be satisfied with his wife. He will complain about everything including food, but when he is outside, he is willing to spend much more on feeding. However, he is not ready to spend to get good food from his wife. At this point, you need extra grace because it is sickening to find out that your efforts are unappreciated despite the sacrifices.

Do not allow anyone’s behaviour to make you either leave God or His presence. Hold on to Christ, the Author and Finisher of your faith, because very soon, if you do not relent, you will laugh last in Jesus Name. Be encouraged.

To brothers out there who are also reading this article, if your wife is unhappy with you because you have been maltreating her in any manner, it is unfortunate because you are only afflicting yourself. And this can bring about delay or completely hinder your prayers from being answered. God is watching you, and you will receive your reward accordingly. If you appreciate other people and their wives, but not your wife, then you may not know the value of what you have until you lose it. Whatever you do not value cannot be a blessing to you. You only know about today, remember, the same woman whom you tag ‘useless’ today will be the one who will stay with you later in life if there are challenges. Be wise!

For the young adults too, I encourage you to be responsible before getting married. Your responsibilities include paying the bills to maintain the house, engaging with your children among a host of others. Do not fall for the lie that your responsibility is only restricted to paying the house rent and children’s school fees. If you are not ready to do these and others, please stay away from marriage.


Acts 12:1-10

I welcome you all to the month of February, the month of double portion of God’s blessings and a month when God will definitely answer your prayers. This month, the Lord will usher you into a new level of Glory, Grace and Abundance. The joy of the Lord will be your portion and it shall be well with you and all yours in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

I believe you are aware that this month is going to be wholly given to prayer and fasting, in order words, it is going to be a month of authority and power. The month that you shall decree and declare a thing and it shall come to pass – Job 22:28, “Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.”

You need do a lot of prayer to be victorious this year, may the Lord grant you the Spirit of prayer, and as you lift up your voices in prayer and trust in the Lord the Almighty, God Who hears the voice of Judah will hear your voice and grant your request in Jesus Name.

Prayer ushers in seasons of glory and testimony.

In our Bible passage, we discovered how prayer was made without ceasing by the Church for Apostle Peter and that moved God to release His Angel to deliver and release him from the dungeon. Therefore, as you lift up your voice in prayer this month, you will experience God’s deliverance from every dungeon where the devil has kept you in Jesus Name.

There are three areas of life where your prayer must address this month:

1) The Foundation of your Life: Psalm 11:3, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” How far one will go in life is determined by one’s foundation and background. In 1 Chronicles 4:9-10, Jabez discovered his mother conceived him in sorrow and this afflicted his background. So, he prayed, and God heard him and corrected every error in his background. Let your prayer address issues about your background. Foundation is the base on which something stands, depends or rests. You can not recover from the problem whose source you are ignorant of or do not know about. I decree that whatever is in your foundation affecting you or your family negatively will perish today in Jesus Name.

2) Your Current Situation (Psalm 23:1-6): Direct your prayer to any situation in your life that is not of or from God. Try to carry out some self-examination, take a look at your family, career, job, finances and health, any of these that is not giving glory to God must be dealt with by prayer. I pray for you that the Almighty God will manifest Himself in your situation today in Jesus Name.

3) Your Future, that is Your Tomorrow: Isaiah 3:10, “Say ye to the righteous, that it shall be well with him: for they shall eat the fruit of their doings.” What will become of you in the future can be determined by today’s prayer. You can arrest every evil in your future today. I join my faith with your faith today and declare that it shall well with your future and your tomorrow shall be alright in Jesus Name.


1) Thank God and give Him praise for all He has done for you since the beginning of this year. Thank Him for the gift of life, divine provision and protection.

2) Every foundational problem affecting my progress in life be destroyed by fire in Jesus Name.

3) The power of the Most High God that destroyed Goliath, the power that promoted Joseph, change my current situation for better and give me testimony over every unpleasant situation I’m passing through in Jesus Name.

4) Oh Lord, I commit my future into Your unfailing Hands, let it be well with me in Jesus Name.

5) Father I receive double portion of every good thing I desire this month of February in Jesus Name.

Welcome to February