I made a vow over 17 years ago, exactly in December, God gave me a gift. The gift came with a lot of stress and for the first 7 months I was on the bed, and the same bed I was crying but people didn’t understand. Over the years, as I ran around concerning this gift, I prayed that when it was time for the gift to mature that God would see it through so that my labour and sweat for seventeen years won’t be a waste. The Lord gave me Psalm 30:5. As we entered this year, there was a challenge concerning the gift and I told God if these 17 years weren’t going to waste that He should settle me and make me have peace; and I would come on this altar and give glory to God. And to also use it to encourage all women with a gift from God and at a stage has a challenge to pray that the Lord would see you through. I have come to return all the glory to God. May His Name be praised.

Pastor Mrs O.O.


Before now I always prayed against any form of conspiracy over my life, that God should dismember it. God knows my heart and answered because I was praying for myself and not my family members. About two Sunday’s ago, I came into the church around 7am, we were at the ministers’ meeting when I received a call so I excused myself from the prayer meeting. The person called from my son’s school and said some guys went to the girls hostel overnight and he was among them. Before then he already wrote and passed his WAEC, but I insisted he sit for NECO exam since he entered for it. I was disturbed and tried to call the principal. At a point was just led to talk to him (my son) and when I told the patron at the school to give him the phone, he just started crying and said “Dad I was not there”. Fortunately, they caught one of the boys who testified that he wasn’t among them even though the principal and patron were still arguing otherwise. By noon, during the second service, I was called that he wasn’t among them. I bless the Name of the Lord. Secondly, I want to thank God because this month is my wedding anniversary, on the 17th is my daughter’s birthday, and I will be a year older on the 31st. Glory to God.

Deacon T.A.


I want to thank God for His mercies upon my life and family. November 2020 would have been a terrible month but here I am today. On November 10th, I was attacked but my life was not gone. A week later, my son was attacked but he is alive today. About 7 days ago, my husband was also attacked but we are all alive today. November 30th, I was in Abuja alone in a hotel and it was like I won’t see December. It got to a time I picked my phone and wanted to talk to pastor but I couldn’t find it. I called someone and he sent it, then I called Pastor but he wasn’t picking up and he sent me a text and prayed with me. Here I am today with all my family members, we would see December and many more years in Jesus Name.

Deaconess A.



I give God all the glory for this special gift. When I wanted to deliver, it felt like I had never been pregnant. During second lockdown, Pastor said we should pray and I was having different problems in the hospital. They would give me a result and there would be a problem. On that Thursday, God did it wonderfully. I give Him all the glory.

Mrs A.A.

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