(Isaiah 49:22-26)

You cannot exercise power over whom you do not know.

Who or What is the Mighty? 

The mighty represents Goliath as he was to David. He is the source of sorrow, failure and affliction. He is synonymous with oppression. Every force whether natural or spiritual or psychological that has stopped you from becoming whom God wants you to become in life is the Mighty. When good things are happening around you, the mighty causes you to be a spectator. The mighty turns you against the vision of the Almighty in your life. He makes you an object of mockery instead of an object of blessings. The mighty is the shrine that swallows favour, help and breakthrough.

Instruments of Oppression of the Mighty.

  1. Witchcraft power – Witchcraft is the power of manipulation.
  2. Dream caterers – Serving people food in the dream.
  3. Sorcery – Those who operate in the demonic supernatural realm; they can put on the nature of other people or animals to attack.
  4. Satanic Ministers – It’s more demonic. These are people whom you think are men of God but are agents of Satan. 
  5. Spirit husband and spirit wife – 90% of delays in childbirth are related to these instruments.
  6. Familiar spirits – Deceptive manipulators.

How to Overcome.

Identify the point of contact with the mighty in your life and deal with them. These points of contacts mostly come about through sin and iniquity. Repent and surrender to God.

Prayer Points

  1. I decree and declare, every strong man and woman on assignment to destroy the purpose of God for my life, through any means be bound!
  2. Father, every power that is mocking God in my life, catch fire!!!
  3. Every power prolonging delay in my life, your time is up, catch fire!
  4. Any power that steals from me what will announce me to my generation, return it by fire!
  5. Arrow of sorrow in my body, hear the word of the Lord, come out by fire!
  6. Enchantment power assigned to cause my downfall and trouble my life, what are you waiting for, catch fire now!!!
  7. Every waster of destiny visiting me at night in my dreams, your time is up, be roasted by fire!
  8. Father, let the greatness inside of me begin to manifest!
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