I want to thank God for keeping me and my family during the COVID-19 pandemic and the #EndSARS protests. A police station was burnt on my street and my house was broken into but my children came to take me to my last born’s home. I bless the Name of the Lord for safety and that I was able to attend the Breakthrough and Deliverance Service. Praise the LORD!

Mrs T.D.


I usually put off my phone at night but on this particular day, I didn’t. Around 2 am last Friday, I received a call from my younger brother, who said that his wife was dying. I got up and started praying and God took control. My sister-in-law is one in a million and we cannot afford to lose her in our family. I praise the Name of the Lord for reviving her.



During the lockdown in April, my husband was very strong and he had to go for surgery. After the surgery, he was unconscious for more than six hours and the doctors started beating him and poured hot water on him but he did not shake nor wake up. During the time I was crying and I put my phone on speaker, so when Daddy said give the phone to the Doctor, my husband just said ‘Amen’. He heard the voice of Pastor and shouted ‘Amen’. Praise the living Jesus!

Sis. D.A


I entered into this year 2020 with a heavy burden for a project and I said I would do it on my birthday. I lost the job in May and I became fearful and I kept asking God how I would accomplish it. 6 months passed. My testimony is this – November 1st is here and the project would hold and I am not going to beg for one dime. I came to say Thank You Jesus for making a way where there is no way. The way He did it is still a shock to me. I did not recognize it until recently when God spoke to me and said: “Calm down this is what you asked Me for; the project would hold and I am the One Who would make it happen.” Glory to God.



For 11 years my family has been praying for something and when it seems the thing is about to happen, there would be delay and heartbreaks. When I came for BDS in March, I had a dream after the programme that I am to change the prayer point that God has already answered but something is delaying it, so I told my family that we needed to change the prayer point. Before the end of March, there was a call from Abuja that there was progress on it. Secondly, my boss has not been paying regularly so I told God that this is not what you have for me. Last month, God provided a new job in a week. I also want to thank God for supplying our needs during the lockdown, we did not lack, He just kept supplying. God has been faithful and I know everything He has started He would complete in Jesus Name.


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