These are questions asked by several women and my responses to them. I hope you will learn from their experiences. 

QUESTION: I am a born-again sister married to a born-again brother in RCCG. We are both workers in the church but I realize that my husband does not have an atom of love for me. His attitude and the sort of words that come out of his mouth have made me realize that I made the biggest mistake of my life in marrying him. He is neither caring nor loving and is very selfish. He does not willingly buy things for me. What can I do? We are just patching this marriage.

ANSWER: Glory be to God that you are still together, my sister. There are some people whose cases are not even as bad, yet they are no more together. This shows that God loves you both. As you said, you are both workers in the church, so even if you believe that your marriage is a mistake, God is a God of change. There is nothing too difficult for Him to do. Some men think that they are allowed to say anything when they are angry to prove their point. But when you surrender your life to Christ, your body and character remain intact, and gradually God has a way of changing you. In my counselling sessions, I tell women to develop shock absorbers due to the things that come from their spouses. You do not have to reply to all the nagging, abuses, negative words and curses because they would only bring more bad words. And you keeping quiet does not mean that you are a fool, you are only obeying the Word of God. With regards to not buying things for you, PLEASE find something to do (which will earn you some money); and if you are working, buy for yourself those things you need to make yourself happy. I am not supporting the bad behaviour but whatever you do not have the power to change leave it for God to handle. And pray. My sister, I feel your pain, I know what you are talking about. It is not an easy process but you do not have a choice. As a child of God, the moment you are married it is settled for life. Make sure this does not take you away from God. Don’t lose your focus as a child of God. Read the Bible, surround yourself with people who will encourage and not discourage you. It is a matter of time, you are sowing your prayers, you will soon reap the harvests.

And for men who will read this reply, let us watch our words. Some men are going through some challenges in life because of the way they treat their wives. The Bible says you are to treat your wife right so that your prayers will be answered by God (1 Peter 3:7). God knows why He said so, I am sure God foresaw that some men will be wicked to their wives and selfish. If you have been praying to God for favour or help, genuinely start treating your wife well, unconditionally and watch if God too will not have mercy on you. 

To our single sisters, please do not be carried away by your emotions, kindly marry someone that you are sure has feelings for you and not the person that you love and does not love you back. Even if you do not really love the man, by the time he showers you with affections, that love will develop in you. But love does not develop in men’s hearts, no matter how you try to impress them. Please do not do what you will regret later, it is not easy to live with someone who sees you as a sex toy to satisfy his selfish needs, baby mama and senior nanny for the rest of your life. The first thing someone in love with you will always do is to make sure you are not under any stress; your mental, physical and emotional health will be their top priority. Whereas those that are not genuinely in love with you will add to your stress, and when you complain they get angry. They don’t care if you die because it gives them the opportunity to marry the woman they love. Be wise, choose right, a word is enough for the wise. 

Stay blessed.



I want to thank God for keeping me and my family during the COVID-19 pandemic and the #EndSARS protests. A police station was burnt on my street and my house was broken into but my children came to take me to my last born’s home. I bless the Name of the Lord for safety and that I was able to attend the Breakthrough and Deliverance Service. Praise the LORD!

Mrs T.D.


I usually put off my phone at night but on this particular day, I didn’t. Around 2 am last Friday, I received a call from my younger brother, who said that his wife was dying. I got up and started praying and God took control. My sister-in-law is one in a million and we cannot afford to lose her in our family. I praise the Name of the Lord for reviving her.



During the lockdown in April, my husband was very strong and he had to go for surgery. After the surgery, he was unconscious for more than six hours and the doctors started beating him and poured hot water on him but he did not shake nor wake up. During the time I was crying and I put my phone on speaker, so when Daddy said give the phone to the Doctor, my husband just said ‘Amen’. He heard the voice of Pastor and shouted ‘Amen’. Praise the living Jesus!

Sis. D.A


I entered into this year 2020 with a heavy burden for a project and I said I would do it on my birthday. I lost the job in May and I became fearful and I kept asking God how I would accomplish it. 6 months passed. My testimony is this – November 1st is here and the project would hold and I am not going to beg for one dime. I came to say Thank You Jesus for making a way where there is no way. The way He did it is still a shock to me. I did not recognize it until recently when God spoke to me and said: “Calm down this is what you asked Me for; the project would hold and I am the One Who would make it happen.” Glory to God.



For 11 years my family has been praying for something and when it seems the thing is about to happen, there would be delay and heartbreaks. When I came for BDS in March, I had a dream after the programme that I am to change the prayer point that God has already answered but something is delaying it, so I told my family that we needed to change the prayer point. Before the end of March, there was a call from Abuja that there was progress on it. Secondly, my boss has not been paying regularly so I told God that this is not what you have for me. Last month, God provided a new job in a week. I also want to thank God for supplying our needs during the lockdown, we did not lack, He just kept supplying. God has been faithful and I know everything He has started He would complete in Jesus Name.



Strategies for Dealing with the Mighty

  1. You must trust in the Lord and do not lean on your own strength (Psalm 37:5). There are battles of life that you cannot win by yourself no matter your intellectual prowess.
  2. Learn to allow God to complete your victory (2 Kings 6:21-22). The battle is not yours, it’s the Lord’s.
  3. What you confess with your mouth (Proverbs 8:21). Your tongue is a weapon of authority, with it you can decide what will happen in your life. Learn to only say good things to and about yourself.
  4. Do not make yourself a lawful captive (John 14:30). Sin and unrighteousness attract afflictions. When you are delivered from any point of contact with the devil, it will be easier for God to deliver you. At this point, 30 people repented of their sins and accepted the Lord Jesus as their Saviour, while 33 people attended the service for the first time.

Prayer Points

  1. Father, I decree and declare, that every anti-progress spirit in my life, be bound, get out in the Name of Jesus.
  2. Father, I decree and declare, every affliction of slavery and poverty in my life, lose your hold in Jesus Name.
  3. Father, every power revealing my secret to the enemy, begin to fail now in Jesus Name.
  4. Every power blocking the anointing of God in my life, begin to fail now in Jesus Name.
  5. Father, every unprofitable attachment in my life, your time is up, go in the Name of Jesus.


(Isaiah 49:22-26)

You cannot exercise power over whom you do not know.

Who or What is the Mighty? 

The mighty represents Goliath as he was to David. He is the source of sorrow, failure and affliction. He is synonymous with oppression. Every force whether natural or spiritual or psychological that has stopped you from becoming whom God wants you to become in life is the Mighty. When good things are happening around you, the mighty causes you to be a spectator. The mighty turns you against the vision of the Almighty in your life. He makes you an object of mockery instead of an object of blessings. The mighty is the shrine that swallows favour, help and breakthrough.

Instruments of Oppression of the Mighty.

  1. Witchcraft power – Witchcraft is the power of manipulation.
  2. Dream caterers – Serving people food in the dream.
  3. Sorcery – Those who operate in the demonic supernatural realm; they can put on the nature of other people or animals to attack.
  4. Satanic Ministers – It’s more demonic. These are people whom you think are men of God but are agents of Satan. 
  5. Spirit husband and spirit wife – 90% of delays in childbirth are related to these instruments.
  6. Familiar spirits – Deceptive manipulators.

How to Overcome.

Identify the point of contact with the mighty in your life and deal with them. These points of contacts mostly come about through sin and iniquity. Repent and surrender to God.

Prayer Points

  1. I decree and declare, every strong man and woman on assignment to destroy the purpose of God for my life, through any means be bound!
  2. Father, every power that is mocking God in my life, catch fire!!!
  3. Every power prolonging delay in my life, your time is up, catch fire!
  4. Any power that steals from me what will announce me to my generation, return it by fire!
  5. Arrow of sorrow in my body, hear the word of the Lord, come out by fire!
  6. Enchantment power assigned to cause my downfall and trouble my life, what are you waiting for, catch fire now!!!
  7. Every waster of destiny visiting me at night in my dreams, your time is up, be roasted by fire!
  8. Father, let the greatness inside of me begin to manifest!


(Psalm 65:1-13)

I welcome you warmly to the month of December, the last month of the year. Glory be to God in the highest for thus far He has helped us this year, particularly the first eleven months. The Lord has kept us in His mercy, He has provided for our needs, protected us from the deadly attack of the enemies, and granted us good health despite all that has happened. This year’s challenges have been enormous, ranging from Covid-19, which unfortunately took the lives of so many, to insurgency and banditry all across the nation but the Lord has kept us safe from all these. Hallelujah!

It is time to count your blessings and give thanks according to Psalm 126:2.

The Lord has been good to us in the first eleven months and I believe He will do much more in the remaining month.

What should be your expectations?

  1. The month of December shall be a month of harvest for you. Exodus 23:16 – “And the feast of harvest, the firstfruits of thy labours, which thou hast sown in the field: and the feast of ingathering, which is in the end of the year, when thou hast gathered in thy labours out of the field.” This means God will make you eat the fruits of your labour and your sweat will not be in vain. I, therefore, decree that everywhere you have sown you shall reap a bountiful harvest in Jesus Name. No power of the enemy will deprive you of your harvest. Isaiah 65:23 says “you shall not labour in vain nor bring forth for trouble” in Jesus Name.
  2. Be rest assured it is not over with you yet. Joshua 14:6-13 shows us that it took forty-five years of total commitment and dedication by Caleb to possess his portion of the land. God who gave the promise through His servant Moses ensured it came to pass, Glory to God! This means that your expectations regarding any area of your life can still be realized because our God does not forget, He is the very present help in times of need (Psalm 46:1). He can still make you fruitful this year, your dreams can still be realized, the Lord can still deliver a good job and means of livelihood into your hands, you can still make it in your chosen career and vocation, the letters and documents of joy you have been waiting for can still reach your hands before the end of this year, that sickness that has held you bound will disappear from your life as God lives, and you can still dedicate that house before the end of the year. You will no longer be identified with any moment of sorrow as the year comes to an end. You can still make it so do not give up, you will testify in Jesus Name.

Prayer Points:

  1. Thank God and give Daddy praise for all He has done for you since the beginning of the year; count your blessings and give Glory back to God.
  2. Father, You had seen me through the first eleven months of this year, please see me through the remaining days in Jesus Name.
  1. Father, I know with You nothing shall be impossible, please fulfil all Your promises for my life for the year in Jesus Name.
  2. Father, please intervene in the situation of Nigeria before the end of this year in Jesus Name.
  3. Father, please watch over all the members of City of Refuge as this year comes to an end in Jesus Name.