I want to thank God for averting tragedy in my family. I was called from Benin that flood carried one of my younger sisters and it was late at night. I thank God for positioning some men at the place because she was found. I want to thank God for preserving her life. Praise the LORD.



I want to thank GOD for keeping me. I got pregnant before the lockdown but during the lockdown, I discovered the baby in my womb was dead so I went to the hospital and tried to deliver. The baby came out with legs but the head was stuck inside for more than an hour and they were trying to drag the baby out. I got tired of pushing, and the doctors did not know what to do again. I was told to call my husband, and the only way was to shave out part of the baby’s head. My husband told them to go ahead. I didn’t know what happened again till they brought the baby out. I thank God because I am alive. Praise the Name of the LORD.

Mrs F.


I want to appreciate GOD because it was prophesied that when I clock a particular age my enemy would die. I just want to thank GOD because this month I would clock that age and I’m still alive. THANK YOU JESUS!!!



My testimony is to the glory of GOD. I had a big challenge in the office and my promotion was delayed. I had to face three panels for an accusation of fraud but they were all cancelled and eventually they concluded that there was no intention of fraud in me. I want to give GOD all the glory because He did it. I also want to thank Pastor and Mummy. Thus, I was finally promoted to a full Director. Secondly, during the pandemic, my younger brother who is a Medical Doctor had a friend that died of COVID-19 and another friend who got infected but was later healed. I give GOD glory that he kept and saved him throughout. THANK YOU JESUS!

Deacon F.O.


I Want to testify to the Glory of GOD because He truly answers prayers in this church. Last night my house almost got burnt but the KING OF GLORY saved me, the GOD that answers prayers in City of Refuge. The anointing in this church will not run dry in JESUS NAME.

Sis. J.A.