I want to thank God for His goodness in my life and family. During the first week of the pandemic, I was at work and I received a call from my wife, she told me she was not feeling too well. The nature of my job requires that I work for 24 hours, so I told her to hold on till I get home the next day, but she kept calling, so by 5 am she went to have her bath and went to the hospital. Before I got to Crystal Hospital people were already congratulating me. Secondly, I want to thank God for saving my job. We used to be seven in my department, but two people were sacked from the head office. May the Name of the Lord be exalted.

Bro. O.G.


I want to thank God because I am a living testimony of His goodness. I came to Lagos in 2018, and ever since God has been so good to me. Six months after, I got an apartment. I was engaged in 2019 and now I am married in 2020. I was also given a quit notice, but God gave me a two-bedroom flat instead. God is really worth serving. Glory to God.

Bro. F.A.


I want to thank God for His protection. When the pandemic started, I still went to work daily, and a very close friend whom I worked with also died within the same period. The COVID-19 test was carried out for people at my place of work, 25 of us, and 17 persons tested positive. These are people whose offices I went into daily but I tried to be careful throughout. I thank God that I have not come down with it even till this time. Secondly, during the pandemic, I was promoted to directorship level and my wife was promoted to senior management at her office. Truly when the world says there is a casting down, there is always a lifting up for me. I give God all the glory.

Dcn A.T.