When we talk about mental health, we’re simply talking about a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being. Our mental health influences how we think, feel and behave. It also affects our ability to manage stress and build relationships. 


  • Practice self-care by exercising, getting enough rest and eating healthy foods. 
  • Disconnect from social media.
  • Engage in activities that make you productive e.g. exercise classes, spending quality time with friends and family etc.
  • Volunteer by helping others in the community, church, school, or any non-profit organization etc. This can help enrich and expand your life. 
  • Engage in meditation which helps you feel calm. 
  • Seek help from a mental health professional when and if you need it. 

SEEK HELP: If, peradventure, you’re struggling to feel happy, or are struggling to cope with everyday life, you should see a mental health professional.