I was in the church on Sunday when Pastor shared the testimony of someone who was promoted from level 8 to 13, and I have always had it in mind to share a testimony of God’s wonderful work in my life.

I joined City of Refuge in 2017 and along the line, I gave my life to Christ, but even after I realised that I had a problem with borrowing money. It did not matter the month of the year, I was always in debt before my salary was paid. There were months that I determined not to borrow and I tried everything possible, but days before my salary was paid, something would happen that would make borrowing my only option. Then in February 2019, I believe it was the Spirit of God Who whispered to me that I cannot claim to be a Christian and be selective in the things I believe about the Bible, that I should always pay my tithe. And ever since, I have keyed into the word of God and He has been merciful unto me. My salary remained the same but I did not know how God was doing it because I have been blessed beyond my understanding – I get jobs outside my office for installations. I was living in a room and parlour in Akowonjo for a year, but I now live with my family in a fully-furnished 3-bedroom flat near Ketu, and I am also furthering my education in addition to my HND at a private university which I never thought I would be able to afford. 

Secondly, as an HVAC design engineer, I am being underpaid in my company which could be faulted to my negotiation when I was initially employed, and appraisals in my office do not go above 10% of the salary. So, I had been trusting God for a breakthrough for a better job. In November last year, I was called for an interview, and I was asked what my expectations were in terms of pay, and I gave them a figure that doubled my current earnings. Weeks after the interview I was told by the HR that they couldn’t process my offer letter because my demands were beyond their structure. After a few calls, they stopped calling and I also gave up on the job. 

During the last Breakthrough and Deliverance Service, I used the church’s mobile app to watch it and claimed all the prayers. As God would have it, I was called on Monday afternoon from the same company that an offer had been sent to my email and I should go through it. Surprisingly, the offer is now triple my current earning. This is an interview I attended in a native attire because I felt it was a Friday but when I got there, I saw people that were formally dressed. God is wonderful! My current employers are now looking to match my offer but I told them I am moving on and I have since given a month’s notice as stated in my contract.

I just want to thank God. He is my All in all and I pray He perfect the good work He has started in my life in Jesus Mighty Name.

Bro. B.