The world has gone digital and the reality of this fact is already upon us with the impact of Covid-19 pandemic. Businesses can still be on the winning side if, first, your mindset on the new face of work is changed and you are ready to embrace it. Would the feeling be the same? That is really up to you to determine because your mind is the magic to transformation.

Let’s start from the basics. Do you know you can:

– Hold meetings with teammates?

– Hold ceremonies?

– Handhold your colleague or student to manage tasks on their computers or mobile devices?

– Have a cinema experience with your friends?

– Replay every conversation?

– Catch up with friends and family?

– Connect to other online platforms and every exciting exercise?

– Hold a webinar professionally and invite veterans from any part of the world?

Zoom is one of these solutions. It’s a cloud video conferencing mobile and computer application with interesting features such as:

– Allow you to share your laptop screen for your viewers to see what is happening,

– Record your conversation and saves it locally or in the cloud depending on your subscription,

– Allows some control of the screen, helping the participant round this system ensuring basic support,

– Whiteboard sketches,

– Playing videos and audio for your audience,

– An engaging chat box where you can send comments privately or with everyone,

– Allows recurring meetings back to back, which can also be scheduled,

– Live broadcast via other social media channels.

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Other alternatives applications are: SKYPE Meet Now, CISCO Webex, StarLeaf, Jitsi Meet, Whereby, Google Hangouts, Slack, and Microsoft teams.

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