I thank God for the salvation of my soul. The Spirit of God had been ministering to me to sleep in my sitting room, and on 17th February after sleeping for 12 minutes something suddenly woke me up. Then I woke my wife and asked if she perceived anything but she said no. Afterwards, I opened the kitchen door and I saw light burning from our changeover switch. I took a towel, dipped it in water and I threw it at the fire so the fire went off and everywhere was full of smoke. I had to call my neighbour to help me put off the light but to my surprise, the neutral just fell from the pole. I thank God for sparing our lives. I pray God would continue to strengthen our father-in-the-Lord.

Mr M.


In 2018, while I was pregnant, I was told to do series of test and all were negative, so my doctor asked me to go for a scan and the person who conducted the scan told me that there was no trace of pregnancy. The following Saturday I came for BDS and was crying. I told God to show me a sign and that same day before 5 pm I started vomiting. I went back and the pregnancy was positive. I give God the glory because this is the same baby the doctor said was uncertain. Truly, He is a miracle worker.

Sis A.I.


Last year, I had a series of challenges, especially with accommodation. It got to an extent where it seemed like everywhere was shut and nothing was working. In February, during the fasting, I told God I wanted to enter into a covenant with Him and by the second week of February, He had perfected everything. I give God all the glory because He is a covenant-keeping God.

Mrs O.


Last year around July, my wife and I were praying to God for new jobs and to the glory of God, we were able to switch jobs. I also sat for the last two papers of my ACCA and the results were bad. On January 15th, when the result came out for the re-sit, I did it and passed. I am now a chartered accountant. Lastly, my mum had low blood sugar and it almost claimed her life. She was taken to the hospital immediately and after her doctor saw her, she became healthy and alive. I give God all the glory.

Bro A.



I am giving this testimony on behalf of my younger brother whom we considered the least of all. He called us and told us a man wanted to help him secure employment at the Nigerian Port Authority. He has only School Certificate and I was surprised that with all the rules set for employment, God was doing wonders. All the rules made were bent for his sake and he has been working there now for eight months. May the Name of the Lord be praised.

Mr P.


I give God all the glory because my miracle is unquestionable. On the first Sunday of this year, I woke up in the morning and fell, then I began to breathe strangely and couldn’t walk well. However, during the anointing service as I touched the oil, I became well so I started jumping up and dancing. I give God all the glory.

Mrs B.


I want to thank God for my elder brother who was sick and had several tests. The doctor told him that there was nothing wrong with him but we started having strange dreams of death. The first week of fasting and prayer, my uncle confessed he was responsible for my brother’s sickness and he went to lose him. To the glory of God, he can talk, move and eat. Lastly, God also delivered me from the object moving in my body after the pronouncement by Pastor during BDS.

Mrs P.