Women, God has uniquely and wonderfully designed you. He has graced you abundantly and packaged you beautifully for one purpose – to be a helper. Your purpose as a wife and mother in your family cannot be neglected nor left to chance even when there is little or no appreciation for your efforts. 

Acknowledge that you are born to be a Total Woman and not just an ordinary woman. No man can completely fit into the role of a woman no matter how much he tries. Genesis 2:18, when you help your husband with the best you can, the result is in multiples, not additions.  Your husband’s help is located in your life as a Total Woman. 

You must know how to deal wisely and prayerfully to prevent the strange woman from gaining access to your husband and family. Remember, a strange woman comes to steal, kill and cut short your blessings, joy and home. So, you must know how to keep all forms of marital distractions from your home. And if the strange woman has already gained access to your husband, you must know how to get him back from her and keep her out.

A Total Woman is a superwoman. A superwoman is a hero and your works cannot be forgotten nor neglected for life.