The Redeemed Christian Church of God, City of Refuge Zone (Lagos Province 72) organized an open-air crusade themed ‘THE POWER OF GOD on Saturday, 11th January 2020 at 12/13, Oluwagbebe Street, off Ologunfe bus stop, Shasha Road, Akowonjo, Lagos.


The activities for the crusade started on Saturday (11th Jan.) from 3 pm when the Zone’s ministers and workers assembled to evangelize and publicize the crusade in the streets around the venue. The drama unit added more colour to the publicity by staging street playlets at different locations on the streets surrounding the venue.


The main activities of the crusade started exactly 5:15 pm with praise and worship, followed by the opening prayer and the welcome address. After the choir’s ministration, the guest minister, RCCG Regional Evangelist (Region 1), Pastor Samuel Macdallys mounted the podium at 6:30 pm for his ministration. The sermon was titled, The Power of God and the text was taken from Luke 24:49. He shared on the 3 types of power in existence – The power of the devil (Isaiah 31:27-39, 1 Samuel 28:7); The power of man (Genesis 31:27-29), and The power of God (Psalm 62:11, John 11:38-44). He explained each power and concluded that the Power of God was ultimate. He ended his message by 7:45 pm after making an altar call.


To the glory of God, there was a great harvest of souls. 55 people (24 adults and 31 children) gave their lives to Christ, while 19 bibles were gifted to the new converts.


The total number of people in attendance was 183 (51 men, 67 women and 65 children)

The crusade came to a close at exactly 8:10 pm with the benediction.