I want to give God the glory because God reminded me of a vow I made in Dec 1998 in front of Akure Police Station which I have not fulfilled when I was. I remember telling God I would be testifying from church to church if He can see me through and I wept bitterly because of the situation I found myself. Most of the people I expected to support me made me feel alone. Only a few people supported me and I told God that He should bring to my table everyone that condemned me. God reminded me of this vow in December, during the Holy Ghost Congress. I thank God because since I made the vow God had been gracious to me and he has brought those people that condemned me to eat at my table. The affliction that has passed would never come back again. – Pst. O. O.


I want to thank God for He has been faithful. God saved my mum from an accident where she was the only one saved among others. I want to thank Him for my elder brother and sister, He surprised them with a job after so many years of waiting. I also want to thank God for His faithfulness in my career, and journey mercies to and from outside Lagos. – Anonymous 


Someone betrayed me late last year and I found it difficult to forgive. I tried all that I knew but I still felt embittered, and it affected my walk with God. In December, I had a personal retreat and as I was reading my Bible, the weight of unforgiveness suddenly leapt out of my body. I want to give God the glory today because He has set me free. Praise the Lord! – Bro. S. A.


I went to the Redemption Camp for the Holy Ghost Congress with my family and my friend’s son. At Otedola Bridge, our brake failed and our car hit the one in front of it before it could stop. I give God all the glory because no life was lost. Secondly, God healed my mum and she is home and healthy after so many months of staying in the hospital. – Mrs O.  


I want to thank God for His faithfulness. 2019 was challenging for me health-wise. I had two major surgeries and I did not die. Praise the Lord! – Sis. M.


I want to thank God for His faithfulness in my life and family. On December 31st my husband called that our generator caught fire but he covered it up with a duvet and the fire went off. I want to thank God for intervening because our cylinder was close to it and we live close to a filling station. – Sis. T.


I want to thank God for sparing my life and for also healing my daughter after she collapsed and was rushed to Crystal Hospital. I want to thank God for the church and the prayers. May His name be praised. – Anonymous 


I want to thank God for His faithfulness. On December 21st, I was driving from Egbeda and while trying to swerve my car moved through the road divider to the opposite lane. I want to thank God for sparing my life because by the time I took the car to the mechanic I was told that the break was flat. I also want to thank God for averting fire casualty. Praise ye the Lord. – Anonymous 


I want to thank God for the year 2019 because the devil struck in so many ways and he declared war against my family. My mum encountered robbers on her way to Jos, she was asked to give them all she had, but earlier that day I woke up to pray and God intervened. I want to thank God for sparing her life. – Anonymous 


I want to thank God for what He did. The enemy fired in so many ways but God intervened. I want to thank God for Pastor’s prayer. – Anonymous 


I am here to return all the glory to God. A major part of 2019 was a challenge for me. My husband resigned to start a job and everything was at a standstill and I was heavily pregnant and lost the baby. From January to September, nothing happened. In October he went for an interview and he got the job although his qualification was higher than the position. Another opportunity came and they didn’t want him to resign however they increased his pay and added some benefits. In October our account was red and I told God that I do not want to continue like this and God did it. It reminds me of the Psalm (126) which says “when the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream…” – Sis. J. A.