The greatest oppression of the devil is the captivity of the mind. Satan will only go to the extend you have given him to operate in your life. One of the terrible things evil covenant does is that it brings limitations to one’s destiny. And one of the hallmarks of limitation is failure at the edge of success. When an evil covenant is operating in your life, you will not be yourself.

In the past editions of this series, we had learned about how evil covenants were created, their symptoms and the rules for breaking them. This month’s focus was on a third rule for breaking hidden evil covenants – KNOW YOUR ENEMY. You must understand the strategies and the devices of the enemy before you engage in battle (2 Corinthians 2:11). You can’t go into a strong man house to take his possession except you first bind him (Mark 3:27). Before you can fight a strong enemy, you must first take authority over them and you cannot take authority except you know the Owner of all authority (an altar call was raised and 36 people gave their lives to Christ). 81 people were first time attendees.

Prayer points

  1. Father! I decree and declare, every hidden covenant and power that has tied me to where I do not belong, hear the Word of the Lord, your time is up, loose me and let me go!
  2. Father, every hidden evil covenant made on my behalf and destiny, wherever you are, catch fire!
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