I want to thank God for my life and family. The Lord averted an evil occurrence from happening; I got home after sanitation and I was told a stray bullet pierced through the roof into the dining room. I give God all the glory because my children were supposed to be eating at that particular time. God did not allow anyone pay me a condolence visit.
Sis. S. O.

During the December 2018 edition of Praise Ye The Lord, I was pregnant and was told to come for inducement because I was past my due date; so, I danced that day and was delivered of my baby the next day. I am here to fulfill my promise to the Lord. I give Him all the glory.

2 weeks ago, on my way to church, my family and I were all on a bike, and at a particular junction a vehicle splashed water on us and I said “Jesus!” At the end of the service, my father and mother-in-the-Lord, Pastor and Pastor (Mrs) Ola Olukoyede, blessed my family with a car! If not for God. God bless Mummy and Daddy Olukoyede in Jesus name.
Bro E. O.

I want to thank God for life, good health for my family and I, and favour at work where He made me the head. 3 days ago, God protected me, I was waiting for someone at the bus stop when I was attacked by two armed robbers with cutlasses. I thank God because they did not harm me. I give God all the glory for protection and being able to celebrate another birthday.
Dcn. O. B.

I thank God for being able to celebrate my birthday, for making me a grandfather again, and for protecting my family and I. Secondly, I want to thank God for my work; a project I was working on was cancelled and I was bothered, so I told pastor and we prayed about it. To the glory of God, it was restored.
Bro. C.

I want to appreciate God for what He did this week. At the institution where I work, we were recruited by a consulting firm for the State Government and I head a crucial department. However, in another department within our organisation, the head of department resigned and the institution tried very hard to get another group head but it failed. Finally, last year, we were able to recruit someone for the role, but when the person saw the situation within the department, he quickly resigned and left. On the 40th day of fast, my Executive Director told me that I was going to head the department. During our last review, our performance as a department had improved significantly and we are now successful. Praise the Lord!
Bro. S.

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