During last the May BDS, Pastor mentioned that some people would receive financial breakthrough unexpectedly and I held on to the prophecy with faith. On the same day, as I left church and went to the ATM to collect the last ₦500 in my account, I saw that my account balance had increased to ₦65,000. 2 weeks later, I found out that it was my fiancé in the USA who had made the transfer for my feeding. He made another transfer of ₦250,000 for me to get a new apartment; and now he’s thinking of coming to Nigeria to pay my bride prize before I put to birth. Glory to God.

Sis. P.C.A.



I bless the name of the Lord. During the special women’s program, God healed me through Pastor Becky Enenche. Praise God.

Mrs T.A.D.



I want to thank God for what He did during the fast. God did something for me which has only happened once in my career of over 15 years. It happened on the 40th day of the fast when I was not expecting it. I give God all the glory.

Mr S.



3 months ago, Pastor prophesied that “if you are here and you are due to go to Asaba, do not go.” I was due for an official assignment at Asaba, but when the list came out instead of Asaba, I was posted to Abuja. Secondly after the BDS, on my way home, I was feeling sleepy and I slept off while driving and when I woke up, I had nearly pinned down an okada rider to another vehicle but God took charge. Glory to God.

Deaconess O.



On the 24th of May, I boarded a bus from National, but, unfortunately, it was full of eight thugs who collected my cash, id-card, wristwatch and bag they asked me series of questions about my bank account. I thank God for safety, protection and they returned back my belongings. I thank God for saving me.

Mr I. P.



Recently, I was at the bank and after my transaction, I forgot my ATM card at the machine; and a man ran after me, he gave me my card and the money that was dispensed. I give glory to God because the man was not a thief. As we were taught in Sunday School (about tithing), I thank God that I pay my tithe and I encourage everyone else to do so.

Mrs S. B.



I thank God for the grace to visit and reconcile with my mum, the burden has been lifted. I also thank God for favour to and fro the visit. Secondly, I am thankful to God for my family and the church for encouraging us. I give Him all the glory.

Mrs V. A.



I give thanks to God. On the 19th of May, I lost my husband. I thank God that he did not give us problems. He cautioned us not to keep him in the mortuary. God provided all that was needed for the burial and I am also thankful for journey mercies for all those who came, near and far. The devil wanted to raise his head but God knocked him down. Glory to God.

Mrs J.



I testify for the gift of life, series of answered prayers and good health from January till date. Glory to God.

Deacon A. A.



I thank God for safe delivery. This one was not delayed like previous deliveries. I thank God for strength and when the baby started stooling after birth, I used the miracle handkerchief Pastor prayed on and the stooling stopped. I pray for those expecting a miracle like this that God would locate you before the end of this year.

Sis. P.


10 years ago, while delivering my baby there were complications and surgery was advised, while my husband was away at Kwara State. As the hospital staff were looking for a vein, the doctor checked again and the baby’s head came out. I thank God for life and my son is now 10 years old. Glory to God.

Sis P.



Since January 1st, I had been having wrong messages about death. Whenever I board a bus, the thought would come again. On Thursday, during faith clinic, Pastor asked us to declare and I started declaring and later that night, I had a dream where a man confronted me and said “you think you can pray?” I give glory to God that death has been averted.

Bro. A. W.



I wrote an exam and my prayer point was to pass it in one sitting. God did it! Secondly, I am thankful because I am alive to celebrate another birthday. Glory to God.

Mr V. E.



I thank God for safety at work. I joined my company in 2017 and many people have died during the project but I thank God for keeping me. Although, it is said that they (the company) wants to withdraw about 300 workers, whether my name is there or not, I am grateful to be alive.

Mr J. J.



In March, I received a phone call about a woman whom I guaranteed. All efforts to reach her proved abortive and as a result, my boss informed me they would be shutting down our office. I spoke to everyone but no one was willing to help. I made up my mind and got a lawyer, and he stood firm and they requested that she get another guarantor and I was exonerated from the case without paying a dime. I thank God for helping me.

Mr A. W.

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