In continuation with the March Breakthrough and Deliverance Service, the Lord ministered unto His people (where 14 were first-time attendees) on the role remembrance plays when the tides are turned in a man’s favour as seen in 2 Samuel 9:1 – 13. Here are a few key components that led to the tide turning in Mephibosheth’s favour.

  1. When it is your time, God can use anyone (irrespective of age or status) to turn the tide in your favour. So, never look down upon anyone.
  2. 2 Samuel 9:3 speaks of the power of connection. The power of connection will work in your favour in Jesus name.
  3. King David set out to favour a member of Saul’s household for Jonathan’s sake.
  4. Your location sometimes matters in how far you can go in life. Lo Debar means ‘not having’ or ‘low pasture’; it was a town of forgotten people (a slum) (2 Samuel 9:4). However, in spite of this, God found Mephibosheth. Help will locate you today in the name of Jesus.

After the tide turns in a man’s favour, Psalm 126 becomes his testimony.

If God could repair Mephibosheth’s life, He will also locate you in the name of Jesus. Therefore, do not ever allow a condition to define you. Instead, make positive confessions about yourself.

Remember, Jesus is the One Who turns tides. Whenever God remembers His (Jesus) sacrifice, He turns the tide in your favour; which begs the question – do you have a genuine relationship with Jesus? (16 people accepted Jesus during the service).

Psalm 40:2 shall find expression in your life in Jesus name.

During the course of the service, the Lord dealt with people afflicted by these 5 spirits (familiar/unclean spirits, the spirit of setback, the spirit of evil projection, the spirit of near-success and the spirit of ‘up-today-down-tomorrow’.

Prayer Points

  1. Every satanic padlock used to lock my destiny, wherever you are I unlock you now.
  2. Father, that contact that will hear my story and proffer solution to my problems, connect me to him/her.
  3. Father, connect me with my destiny helpers before the end of this month.

Glory to God.

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