I want to appreciate God for what He did for me during the 49-day fast. I did not use to fast in the past because I had a serious ulcer. If I fasted for just a day, it would turn into a month of health crises; so, I was always scared of fasting. But this year I told God that I really wanted to partake of the fasting with the brethren. The first day, I was afraid but I summoned courage and started not minding the consequences. And from the day I started till the day I stopped, I never had any crises and the ulcer has gone. Praise the Lord!

Sis. E. M.



I want to thank God for what He has been doing in my family, this year He gave us a major breakthrough. I also want to thank God because on the first Monday in March, I had just resumed at the Lagos State Teaching Hospital where I was supposed to meet a client. I alighted from the car with my sales rep after we had parked the car and a jeep came rushing towards our car with high speed and the only thing I could do was to shout Jesus because I was confused. Suddenly, the driver swerved and the car spun around three times. I thank God because the vehicle did not hit us. I also thank God for seeing me through a mini-surgery and since then I did not have any complication arising from the surgery. I return all the glory to God. In addition, I want to thank God for my younger sister who graduated from the University of Lagos last week with a second-class upper division in Engineering, despite the challenges of being on medication. Finally, I want to thank God over our last born, who recently gained admission into a university. I give God all the glory in Jesus name. Amen

Sis. P. E.



I want to appreciate God on behalf of my family for what He has been doing for us. He has been faithful. Months back, I lost my job and had since been trusting God for another one. 2 weeks ago, I met with Bro. Ebenezer and told him that I did not understand how my life was going. He asked me if I was born again, I said yes. He asked me to check myself to see if I was indulging in anything that did not please God, so I did and I concluded it must be that I still patronize beer parlours. So, I decided to not visit them anymore and to the glory of God, yesterday I was invited to resume work at a place I never dreamt of. Praise the Lord!




I just want to appreciate God because He is in this place. I had been trusting God for the payments of a particular contract which we executed but the money was delayed, and I had been praying about it. During the last BDS, Pastor said, “there was someone here who thinks he has lost a contract but the contract is coming back to you.” I bless God because not only was the contract restored to me, all our outstanding payments were also made last week. I also thank God for our 13th year wedding anniversary, I give glory to Him for His faithfulness, and our children will be celebrating their birthdays this month too. Praise the Lord!

Mr D.



At the beginning of this year, I had some health challenges and I felt I could not participate in the general fasting and prayer program. However, I trusted God and prayed. I came to the altar and made a vow to God that if He would heal me of the stomach problem I had, I would come to praise him. I thank God that for the first time I was able to fast almost all through the 40 days. I bless the name of the Lord because I know that by this He has healed me in Jesus name. Amen.

Sis. T. B.



I am giving this testimony to the Almightiness of God. In 1999, I had to undergo major surgery and God saw me through, but ever since I had been having stomach problems. My daughter also underwent surgery and God made it successful. During these periods, death snatched two of my sisters in five months, I also lost my brother and everything was really rough. I went to see Daddy Ola Olukoyede who just resumed at the church at that time. I explained everything to Daddy and he prayed for me. After he prayed, he said that the Lord would restore my health. Five years ago, I celebrated my sixtieth birthday anniversary and Daddy prophesied that as I grow older, I would only look younger. I am 65 years old today, hale and hearty. Praise the Lord!

Dcns. E. A.



I am here to testify to the glory of the Lord. Last year, I got a job as an assistant through a friend. I was being paid by my friend instead of the company. In December, the owner of the company, a white lady, paid us directly in dollars and said she did so instead of throwing us an end of the year party. My friend got to know and was angry that I was paid the same amount as her. In January, she called and said that we had been directed to return a part of the money. I told her that I had already given the money to my mum, and she later said that I wasn’t going to work with her again. In March, Pastor was praying and he asked us to ask for something we would like God to do for us that week and he returned to his seat. When he came back to the altar, he said God told him that someone in the congregation asked that God will touch the heart of someone to call you back to work. Three days later I was called back to work. Praise the Lord!

Sis. O. E.



Last month on the 10th, it was a Sunday evening and I was getting ready to sleep. I decided to have a bath and upon getting back from the bathroom, I saw that my ceiling fan had fallen on my bed. I praise God that nobody was on the bed at the time it fell. My younger daughter who was always fond of staying in my room had just returned to the school that day. I thank God that she was not around. I can’t imagine what could have happened. Praise the Lord!

Mrs D.



I want to thank God for what He has been doing in my life in the recent past. He has been doing so many wonderful things in my life. I thank God for what he particularly did in my mum’s life, three weeks back, she underwent eye surgery and it was a very huge success. I want to bless God because even the doctor testified that my mum’s surgery was about the most successful even though her eyes were about the worst case; each time my mum calls she says that her eyes are as good as new. Secondly, just before I graduated from university in 2017, I prayed to God that I did not want to spend any time out of school unemployed. I want to thank God that my prayer was answered. Few months after my graduation I got the job that brought me to Lagos and when I resumed, I discovered that the job did not commensurate with the pay. So, I began praying for a better job and I got my dream job on the 1st of April 2019. I just want to give God all the glory!

Mr E.



I want to thank God for His presence in this place and the gift of God in the life of our Pastor. During the January BDS, Pastor gave a word of knowledge and said before the end of January somebody was going to get a job. And I was already praying to God for a new Job. On the 30th of January, I told God that it was just a day left for the month to end and I had still not gotten the job. Miraculously the following day, I got two job offers. Praise the Lord!

Sis. E. O.



About 2 weeks ago, I was on my way to Abuja from Lagos but our bus had a flat tyre immediately we got to Ondo State. We continued the journey when the tyre was changed, but between Kogi and Abaji, we heard a gunshot behind our car. I advised the driver to increase his speed and as soon as he did another set of armed robbers crossed our way, so we had to park. The car doors were opened and everyone fled. As I was running, I fell on the express road but I managed to enter into a ditch. While I was there, I could hear the armed robbers shooting sporadically. I decided to jump down the ditch and what I saw was a man in white being escorted by a man with a gun, I felt it wasn’t safe enough so I went further into the bush. We were in the bush for about an hour and thirty minutes before the police came. But they just drove through blaring their sirens, they did not even check what was happening. Not long afterwards, the military who were on patrol came and rescued us. On getting to the car we discovered that a passenger had sustained bullet wounds and was left in the car. We took him to the hospital and continued on our journey. I want to thank God for sparing my life even though I lost some properties in the attack.

Mr O. T. E.



Earlier this year, I had been praying that God would give me the opportunity to come out to testify. I want to thank God that indeed He gave me reasons to testify. God gave me a breakthrough in my place of work, I was the best staff of the month. Last week, Pastor said that we should pray that our cloud full of rain should pour down. I never knew he was particularly referring to me. On the 28th and 29th of April, I was awarded two international trips at work. May the name of the Lord be glorified forever.

Bro. M.



I want to appreciate God for the successful completion of my 4- year degree program. I was returning from visiting a friend’s mum who was ill and I was involved in my accident where my leg was broken. However, I thank God because today I can walk properly with both legs. Last week, I had a dream that I was shot at the back and since it had been very difficult for me to sleep and wake up. It caused my lateness to the workers-in-training and Pastor asked us to attend a three-day vigil as punishment. On the same week, we started the vigils, I was able to sleep soundly after the first day and all pains are gone till. I bless the name of the Lord for spoiling the plan of the devil over my life, may His name be praised.

Sis. S. A.



I want to thank God for the opportunity to come out to testify. My elder brother was admitted the second day his wife delivered of their baby and I told God that He will not give me a blessing and take another from me. As the baby grew, my brother remained in the hospital but we kept on praying. In December, we celebrated a family member but in January we lost her. It deeply hurt my family. In February, I underwent surgery on my leg even in the midst of prayer and fasting. In March, there was confusion in my husband’s office, and I came here and we prayed about it. As God would have it, in April, my month of restoration and light, on the first day, God gave my husband another wonderful job. On the 2nd day, we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. On the 4th, my son graduated from UNILAG after successfully completing his Masters’ degree and now serves in Jos. My brother, who had been sick, is now healthy and will be resuming work tomorrow. On the 18th, my daughter will be 24 years old. Behold, my celebration is here. Praise the Lord!

Sis. D. O.



I want to appreciate the name of the Lord for being God over us, for being my Husband and a Father to my children and for being able to celebrate my birthday this month (April). Ever since I started attending this church, I have had no cause to lack. At times, I would just look back to see how far God has brought me, even my in-laws wonder how we had been coping. I thank God for giving me the strength to move on, may His name alone be exalted in Jesus name.




I have come to give this testimony to the glory of God. He put laughter in my mouth and I can boldly stand to say that God is good. My wife put to bed last week on Wednesday. It wasn’t an easy journey; my wife was in labour for two days but we kept on praying. She said she was having serious contractions but the child refused to descend lower into the cervix. I called Mummy and Daddy Olukoyede, and they joined me in prayers. God then ministered to me that my wife should be wheeled into the theatre for a caesarean section. I told the doctor and he said I would have to be with them in the theatre. I agreed. I was there and I saw the way she was opened up and the baby was brought out. The cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck and there was no way he could have come through normal delivery, otherwise, we would have lost the mother and the baby. I just want to give God all the glory that I am celebrating and not mourning. Two days later, I was told that my mum slumped in the hospital and was at the point of death. I said the devil is a liar; I thank God she was treated and is now hale and hearty.  I give God the glory!

Bro. Dan.



I was skeptical about coming out to share this testimony but I cannot just keep God’s goodness all to myself. Since January, we have been having issues in my company and as a result, salaries were delayed. I want to thank God because He has been faithful, we have not had any cause to borrow or beg. Recently, God raised help from nowhere and I have been wondering how He has been doing it because I cannot fathom it. I want to give God all the glory because He made a way where there was no way. I also thank God that my son celebrated his birthday on March 26th. I remember after he was born, he had a bad case of jaundice but today he is hale and hearty. I made a list of all I wanted to do for him on his birthday and presented it to God in faith and miraculously, God did it all. Praise the Lord!

Sis. F. A.

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