I want to thank God for what he has being doing in my life, especially during this just concluded RCCG fast. Last year, pastor was preaching on the ‘Lessons from the Journey Zarephath’ and I kept on retracing my steps to see what I was not doing right. At some point, I realised that I was bigger than my job and I kept on praying about it. I almost resigned from the job but God kept telling me to be patient. A lot of unfortunate things happened in the course of the fast; my boss called me towards the end of the month and explained that she needed me to resign because she did not have enough money to pay me. I did not know whether to cry, weep or mourn. However, when I got home I was at peace and I kept thanking God for the opportunity to break forth. In February, mummy asked us to pray that we will testify in March; I prayed with everything in me because I knew we were rounding up the fast soon. During the week, I kept on thanking God for a door that was about to open and then one day while praying, I sat down and was practicing my testimony and praying that I would stand before the people of God to say that the door finally opened. God has done it! The door automatically opened on February 28th without any struggling. I want to give God all the glory. Hallelujah!

Sis B.



During the February thanksgiving service, Pastor told us that no matter how we feel at that moment, God wants us to dance. As many of us that were in that service, we would remember that he kept asking us to dance. I danced so much like I already had a victory. To the glory of God, I received the answer to a prayer that I had been praying for years that very week. And to crown it all, I received the breakthrough that I had been trusting God for on February 28th. I want to say; may His Name be praised forever in Jesus name.

Sis E.



Last month, I testified that I had joined the kingdom partners. I travelled for a burial ceremony the following week and I did not open my shop for three days. On getting to the shop, while I was still talking to my neighbour and opening the padlock, I saw that the roof had been opened. I just laughed as I informed my neighbour. Eventually, when I opened the shop, I discovered that nothing was taking out my shop by the armed robbers; I don’t know what made them to leave even after gaining access into the shop. I laughed because I know I pay my tithe and often assist people, so it’s impossible for my shop to be burgled. I praise the Name of the Lord in Jesus name.

Sis S.



I want to bless God for the grace to go through the journey of nine months of pregnancy successfully and He gave me my heart’s desire, a baby girl! I also want to appreciate God because He remembered me in 2018. In addition, I finally got a job in Lagos State. Glory be to God!

Sis O. A.



I stepped into this church in December 2017, and I told God that I liked the church and asked Him to affirm to me if this was the church that I should fellowship with. I set three major goals for the year 2018, one of them was an 8-figure financial goal for the year and in January 2018, not even up to 30 days after my prayers, God fulfilled that financial goal. I thank God or the opportunity to share this testimony after so many postponements. Praise the Lord!

Sis M. B.



I thank God for my elder sister in particular. She got married in 2013 and since then we have been praying for the fruit of the womb. In 2016, she suffered a miscarriage and we thought all hope was lost. However, in June 2018, she conceived and to the glory of God, she was safely delivered of a bouncing baby boy this February. I want to bless and appreciate the Name of the Lord because today my sister is a mother. Let somebody shout Hallelujah!

Bro E.



For the past two and half years, I had been under several pressures at my office, majorly because I had a new boss, who due to cultural differences, had many misunderstandings with me. He showed me so much hell but to the glory of God, God used the same man to approve my promotion which I did not deserve. I have now been lifted two steps in my career. I also want to thank God for the successful burial of my uncle whom we lost at the beginning of the year , I asked God why he made me weep at the beginning of the year and God said to me’ I will give you joy’ and it was the promotion I earlier talked about. I thank God the we buried him in peace and everything is now back to normal. Praise the Lord with me!

Sis J. J.



I have come to give God all the glory for the fulfilment of His promises from this exalted altar. There are so many words that come from this altar and I try not to forget them. At the beginning of the year, we prayed seriously on the on the covenant of life. I wasn’t able to come to church on the last Saturday in January because I got into the wrong bus, popularly called ‘one chance’. It was a very terrible experience but I thank God because it could have been worse. We were beaten terribly but a week after, I was able to get back on my feet and here I am today. I lost a lot during the kidnapping but I brought my friends together afterwards and we prayed seriously for restoration. We told God that we did not know how He was going to do it, but He just had to. I am here to say that to the glory of God at least 37% of the loss has been recovered so far and I am grateful to God in advance for double perfection. On the same week of the incident, there were about four different bad news that came which we continued to pray about and God has already turned one around into a testimony, and I know He who has started it this way will bring it to completion.

Sis C. N.