SHINING LIGHT 2 (MARK 5: 15- 16, ISAIAH 60:1)

The moment you declare Christ as your Lord and personal saviour, you become a carrier of the light (John 1:4). It is one thing to be the light and it is another thing to shine. You don’t have the light to keep in your closet, it is meant to reflect and radiate for people around you to see. It is possible for light to be there and not shine.


To shine means ‘ARISE and WALK’; and if you are walking, ‘RUN’; if you are running, ‘FLY’; and if you are flying, ‘SOAR’. The light should reflect and not introduced because a shining light excels and doesn’t struggle. Whatever is stopping you from shinning is destroyed today in the name of Jesus.


  1. Brightness
  2. Temperature
  3. Colour (Beauty)

As a child of God, you are not only a carrier of His glory, you are also a carrier of the LIGHT of His glory. During the service, 4 people became carriers of this LIGHT by giving their lives to Christ, while 13 persons were in attendance for the first time to the glory of God.


  1. Father! The original me You created, let me manifest by fire!
  2. Father! Every glory robber and destiny manipulator assigned to me, separate us by fire!
  3. Father! Any structure erected to cover my light, collapse and scatter in Jesus name.
  4. Holy Ghost fire! (7 times) Every market anywhere trading the souls of men, consume them now!

The Breakthrough and Deliverance Service is a Divinely-appointed program used to deliver the people and usher them into higher realms of breakthrough. It will be coming up later this month, whatever happens …DO NOT MISS IT.