In January, my wife put to bed safely but after the naming ceremony we discovered that the baby had some medical complications that required surgery. Our baby went to the theatre and came out alive. He is well and is doing great. Secondly, I have been struggling with my ICAN professional exams for some years now and in 2018, I told God I must complete the program that same year. I wrote the November diet of the exam and I felt that I did not do very well. During the December 2018 PRAISE YE THE LORD Service, I told my wife we have prayed enough over the matter and it was now time to praise the Lord over it. We sat in front row praising God throughout the service, despite my wife being heavily pregnant. The result eventually came out on Jan. 15th but I was scared to check. A friend suddenly called me and said congratulations! You are now a chartered accountant. I give God all the glory.

Bro. D.


I thank God that I am not at home mourning my first child. He was involved in a ghastly car accident at Akowonjo Round-About on Friday. I thank God that he is alive and well today. I have come to return all the glory to God. Praise the Lord!

Sis. A. S.


When my daughter was born, she had to be transfused with blood 24 hours later because she had a minor issue with her rhesus factor. The procedure was quite long but God took total control and she was fine afterwards. Ever since, she has been hale and hearty, and we have not had any cause to visit the hospital. And to the glory of God, she clocked one yesterday. Praise the Lord!

Bro. K. S.


Towards the end of 2018, we lost our Dad, and the burial ceremony was held on Dec. 28th. I want to appreciate God for granting everyone who came for the ceremony journey mercies and also for making the ceremony a success. God indeed manifested Himself even as we gathered to thank Him at the end of the day. Secondly, in Jan. 2019, my sister informed me that she was going to undergo goiter surgery; and the devil reared his ugly head. She had been induced and wheeled into the theatre, but after some time the doctor wheeled her out and said he couldn’t perform the surgery because the surgery might not be successful for several reasons. Eventually she started bleeding from her nose and mouth without any cut and the operation was rescheduled for the next Tuesday. She waited but nobody called her to come to the hospital and it dawned on us that the devil was out for battle. She was later called on Wednesday, and the surgery was done and it was successful. The Lord took absolute control. After the surgery, she then narrated how patients in two other rooms had died. I give God all the glory that we did not have any cause to mourn in the new year. May His name be highly praised in Jesus name!

Sis. J. O.


I want to appreciate God for my family. Since He gave us a child, the boy has been a source of tremendous blessing to my family. I once came to testify of how God terminated a series of miscarriages (4 times) and gave me a miracle baby. I really want to appreciate God for that. During the Nov. Breakthrough and Deliverance Service, I invited my sick father-in-law and told him to believe God for his healing. He had been diagnosed with so many chronic sicknesses. I was just praying that God would locate him in the midst of the crowd and suddenly Pastor went towards where he sat and stopped. He took him by the hand and lead him to the alter and told him that he was healed and ever since, he has been healed. I want to appreciate God for terminating the plan of the enemy over my father-in-law’s life. I give all the glory to God!

Bro. T. A.


My daughter-in-law was due to deliver last month. She called me and I encouraged her that she should decree upon herself that she would deliver safely just like the Hebrew women. I told her to inform me when they got to the hospital so we could join them in prayers. I prayed with them at the hospital and not long, about two hours later, I heard the cry of the baby and also saw the baby via the internet. I just want to thank God for His mercies and faithfulness over me and my family. Praise the Lord!

Sis. L. O.


During the one of the past BDS, Pastor called the kingdom partners for a meeting and I joined them unknowing. Ever since, the Holy Spirit had been laying it strongly in my heart to join the group. After Jan BDS, I joined them and upon getting to my shop that Saturday, customers kept coming buy things as if one had opened a tap of water. It was like the blessings had already started coming when I had not even dropped the money. As if that was not enough, I started receiving bank credit alerts from my brothers and sisters without asking any of them. God has been so faithful, ever since that Saturday I kept receiving alerts and I know how much I have in my account now. Praise the Lord!

Sis. S. O.


I was involved in an accident last month. My car was stuck in between two fully loaded container trucks. The car at my back had a failed break and hit my car, sandwiching it in between both trucks. We were about five in the car and we all came out of the car without a scratch, alive and well. As soon as I got out, I was just laughing and the people around me wondered why. It’s because the devil has failed. Praise the Lord!

Bro. S. I.


In Jan., while people were complaining about the month being hard, it was indeed one of my best months. My husband and I celebrated our birthdays and our wedding anniversary. On New Year Day, my husband bought me a small car. However, the devil wanted to destroy the car but he came late. In the space of a few minutes, a learner-driver hit my car and drove into my shop. But I thank God that no life was lost and everything that was damaged have been repaired including my car. Everything has returned to normal. I just want to bless the name of the Lord.

Mrs. F. A.


I want to appreciate God for the safe delivery of my baby in Nov. 2018. In the course of the pregnancy, the doctor told us after a scan that the baby was not well positioned and might have to deliver through a caesarean section. However, I prayed that she had a normal delivery for our first child and would do the same for this second child in Jesus name. And within 2 weeks, the baby’s position returned to normal. The Lord also enabled my family and I to travel abroad. And last year, we were able to move to our own house. I really appreciate the name of the Lord for these.

Bro. A. B. A.


From the day I stepped into this church, it has been one testimony after the other and I was telling my sister that it seems those who have been worshipping here do not know the grace they are under. Three months after I started attending this this church, I got promoted in my office. I also gained admission for my Master’s degree, which I had been struggling to get. Sometimes last year, I had a dream that Pastor Olukoyede picked an orange among those that were on the table and asked me to take it, I did and after that he left. I was about to follow him when he said that I should go back and pick all the oranges on the table, they were so much, and I did so. A month later, I was transferred at my work place to a much better place and since it’s been awesome. The financial favour I have been receiving since then has been awesome. I also want to thank God for healing my sister. The devil really came for her last year ready to fight but the Lord defeated him. She started having this severe heart palpitations, it was so bad she had to move to the family house for adequate care. I kept praying for her, and during the BDS services I would use myself as a point of contact to her, and God took over. She has not experienced such since the beginning of this year. May the name of the Lord be glorified for He has done these grate things for me and my family.