SHINING LIGHT (ISAIAH 60: 1-3, 17- 22).

The first Breakthrough and Deliverance Service for the year, 2019 started with hymn ‘In Christ Alone’. And no power of hell will be able to take you away from His hand in Jesus name.
Light is the opposite of darkness, and shining is the opposite of obscurity. Light illuminates your path. It brings joy to every area that has brought in darkness. And you need light to fulfil destiny. But anywhere the enemy has overshadowed is filled with darkness. This year 2019, the Lord will shine His light on your path in Jesus name.

What It Means to Shine:
1. It means to arise from your present level to a greater and higher level (Matthew 9:6, Luke 15:18). And the situations of life determine and define your level. Whatever has bound you to a low level, God will destroy it today in Jesus name.

2. It means to overcome (Mark 5:25 – 29, John 5:5 – 9). There are situations in your life that if you don’t overcome, you will not have your testimony. Whatever has said you will not enjoy life, that brings reproach to you, will end today in the name of Jesus! As long as God is alive, today, your story will change for good in Jesus name. Every strange voice from the pit of hell asking you to do inordinate things will catch fire in the name of Jesus.

3. It means to receive favour (1 Samuel 2:26). It is not enough for you to overcome, when you overcome you must move forward. And to move forward, you need favour. No one succeeds alone. God will send favour to you today in the Mighty name of Jesus.

4. It means to have Jesus. This is the greatest form of shining because Jesus is the only one that can bring light into darkness. He can also turn every darkness into light. If you don’t have Jesus, you don’t have light. If you are not born again, it doesn’t matter who prays for you, who lays hands upon you, your problem can never be solved. Salvation is in the name of the Lord and not by your attendance in church. Be wise (22 people accepted Jesus during the service).
From today no one will be able to describe you with problems in Jesus name (AMEN!).

I. Father! Let your light locate every point of darkness in my life and destroy them in the name of Jesus.
II. Father! Every aspect of my life where the enemy has introduced darkness let the power of God deliver me today.
III. Father! I decree by the Blood of Jesus, arise by fire, pursue my enemies.
IV. Father! In the name of Jesus, every serpent of darkness assigned against my life, hear the Word of the Lord, loose me and let me go!

There were 49 guests (first timers) during this service. Whatever it takes, do not miss the February edition.

REMEMBER: The only thing that will make your deliverance permanent is your ability to say NO to sin and satanic influences; and you can only do this by surrendering your life to Christ today.
God bless you.