I want to specially thank God for two major things. He saw me through the organisation where I had worked for many years and He helped me to bow out gracefully. Before the end of December 2018, we went somewhere to work and looking at the records, I discovered that my staff had not been working there. I enquired why this was so and I was told that it was because the property owner was a herbalist, so they were afraid to go there. However, I went to the place myself, truly the man wanted to demonstrate that he had powers. He tried to direct some evil at me but God took the glory. Knowing that a child of God must never be a coward, I confronted him with the Word of the Lord and all the evil returned to him. I give God all the glory.
Dcn. A.

I thank God that 5 years ago, God used my husband to make a great decision in my life. I resigned from my job without hesitation to attend a fashion school. And I thank God because, today, I have a fashion school of my own which is 5 years old today. So far, I have not had a reason to regret resigning. I also want to say THANK YOU to Jesus for always protecting my husband on his numerous journeys by both air and land. I have never received a distress call from him. I thank God for His faithfulness in my son’s life too. And I also appreciate God for removing the spirit of fear from my life. A lot of friends told me that I could not drive and this became a serious challenge for me. I attended a driving school but 4 years later, I still did not drive. There was a particular Sunday that pastor encouraged us to sow a seed and help someone, and that day someone requested for my help which I offered and I prayed to God to also help me overcome my fear of driving by the reason of the seed. I thank God that today I can now drive well, even if a trailer is by me. God helped me through and He made 2018 a blessed year for me. Praise the living Jesus!
Sis. D. D

December 2017, I received a distress call from my daughter; I called our Daddy and Mummy-in-the-Lord and they prayed with me. Later, I travelled to meet her in the UK. I also called my son in Atlanta, informing him of the situation and requested that he join me in prayers. 24th December, we were asked to bail my daughter’s husband, whom the home office had picked up. After listening to the home office lawyer, the judge overruled the office lawyers claims and said he must be making a mistake because my son-in-law and daughter were legally married having reviewed their documents. The judge then asked him to go home and help his wife, my daughter, who was heavily pregnant. That was how he was released. In February 2018, he was picked up again, and I called mummy again and she told me not to worry and just hold on to God’s promises. The following Thursday, my son-in-law called me from detention that he would be arraigned in court the same day at 5pm. So, I called the lawyer and he said he was already going to court. The judge asked if this was not the same man that was brought before him a few months ago and he asked him to be released. However, there was a man who was attacking my son in-law telling him that he was to be deported because his name was already on the manifest. Upon looking at the list again, it was seen that his name was not on the manifest. In April, when my daughter put to bed, I went to the UK again, and on a certain day while I was at home, the doorbell rang and, behold, it was my daughter’s British stay that was being delivered. The following week, my daughter’s passport, my son-in-law’s and my two grandsons came out. Today, the entire family are British citizens. Praise the Lord!
Mrs L. O.

I want to give God all the glory for restoring one of my son’s academic life which was almost cut off in 2017. He was suspended from school during his second term but today, he became the best in WAEC and is currently undergoing training at the Defence Academy. Early last year, I kept receiving mysterious calls but the caller mostly remained mute whenever I answered it. Whenever he spoke, it was in a language I did not understand. This went on until the end of February. One day my younger sister called me and instructed me not to go out between March 24th and 25th, that there would be a strange call that would require me leaving the house; that if I answered the call and leave the house, I would not return alive. I informed my wife and we prayed together. We attended the March BDS – Silencing the Voice of the Enemies, which came at the nick of time. Before then, I had made a promise to God which I wanted to fulfil in 10 months, so I told Him that I could not die before fulfilling my promise. I was upstairs during the BDS and the strange call started coming in, while Pastor was declaring against voices from the grave and that was how the Lord delivered me. I am standing here as a living soul to thank God. Praise the Lord!
Mr I. O.

I give all the glory to God Almighty concerning my daughter. In November, during the naming ceremony of her baby, somebody peeped through the window of her house and said congratulations. I asked her why did she not come in to greet them and I was told that my daughter’s case was different in the community because, until the church intervened, most women at childbirth, are usually the ones calling for help. And some would die at childbirth and their husbands would be called to carry their corpse but when she heard the sound of the baby and mother alive, she had to stop and congratulate us. Even though the devil tried his best, God still spared my daughter’s life and even gave me another grandchild that same month. I give glory to God even for the ones I am still expecting. Praise the Lord!
Mrs M. J.

I was going through some challenges and I decided to hold on until I got victory before telling Pastor. However, along the line, I decided to inform him and he prayed with me. For a year, I travelled every weekend by air from between Abuja and Lagos and I thank God for His divine protection the entire time. During the challenge, my name was sent to the CBN governor for approval by someone I don’t even know, I just kept praying and having faith. I also met with Mummy GO and she said God is working on it already. Meanwhile I received a call before the 31st of December for a next level from overseas, I don’t know how they got my contact and as regards the approval from the governor I know it will be done in Jesus name. Glory to God!
Bro. E. A.

Since I joined this church, God has shown me so much love; he delivered me of all my problems. Before Pastor travelled to resume his job at Abuja, I was always coming to him for prayers but since he was no longer as available as then God has given me power and grace to pray for myself with results, Praise the Lord! God has been so kind to me and He even used my children to teach me how to speak English fluently. God also gave me a second great grandchild on New Year Day. May all glory, honour and adoration be to Him in Jesus name!
Elder F. I.

Last week, when I visited my daughter, she asked me if I did not notice her bulging stomach which had been making her uncomfortable. She went further to say people have reproached her and said so many things about that stomach and she believed that when Daddy would come, she would receive her healing. And, truly, when he came the stomach became normal. Praise the Lord!