25 years ago, my people looked at me and some of them said that I would be a beggar. But I replied that it was not my portion, that instead of me being a beggar I would be giving to people and I would be paying salaries. They thought I was joking. I went on with my life and to the glory of God today, I am married, with my own car, two houses and a company. I give all the praises to God.

On the last Sunday in October, Pastor preached that no one succeeds without a helper and suddenly, he came down towards the choir stand and laid his hands on some of us. The week after, someone called me to help erect a replica of our altar here in a church under Province 18 and I told her that it wasn’t a cheap job but she replied, ‘No problem’. And to the glory of God, I started the altar in the first week of November and within three weeks, I delivered the job. Also, none of my workers were hurt in the process. Glory be to God.
Bro. T.

Sometime in June at the Microfinance Bank where I work, a colleague of mine (a cashier like me) who had been using my log in details without my knowledge for fraud, absconded with ₦3 million. On a fateful day at the office, I was arrested and this colleague had stopped coming to work since Monday, pretending to be sick. At the end of the (work) day, we got to her house but she was not there. Then the landlady took us to her husband’s shop but he was not there too. So, the policemen said that ‘I was in for it’ and I was taken to a cell where I was overnight. During this time, I was also pregnant within 2 weeks to my due date. On Friday, she was arrested and I was released but ever since we had been on the case, going to the police station in order to absolve my name. on Wednesday, the MD of the Bank suddenly called me to say that I had been cleared of the fraud and I should resume on Monday. I am here to give God the glory for vindicating me and fighting my battles. Praise the Lord!
Sis. L.

Last year, between December and February, I lost three people to breast cancer and the enemy started telling me that it was my turn. But I kept saying, ‘NO.’ I was 40 in October but the enemy was telling me before then that I would not clock 40, that instead of a birthday celebration it would be my obituary. I became depressed but I kept praying. I was using the RCCG Convention mantles to pray and at the end of everything, God healed me. But last Sunday, it started again, so I went back to the hospital where I was told to go for mammogram and other sorts of tests but in the course of the week, all the pains disappeared. PRAISE THE LORD!
Sis. O. O.

Earlier this year, it did not look like anything good would come out from me but God Almighty has proven Himself so strong in my life. I requested for three things that God should do for me this year and by the grace of God, two have been done. I am now a landlord by the grace of God because when I newly arrived Lagos, I did not have a place to stay and I slept under the aircraft where I worked. Also, my certificate was withheld after graduating in 2015 but by October this year, I was given my certificate and I came out excellently.
Bro. E. A.

I thank God for quickly recovering from sickness. It was very serious but God took control. I want to thank my father-in-the-Lord for his continuous prayers for me; may God bless him and his family in Jesus name (Amen). I also want to thank the elders for their prayers and calls while I was in the hospital, may God bless them and make them well in Jesus name (Amen).
Mrs. A. T.

Before coming to this church, other churches we had been to kept telling us that before my father’s burial, somebody else would die. So, we kept praying against it. The last day of November, my mother fell ill and she was rushed to the hospital, and on the same day, my immediate younger sister who was pregnant called one of my other sisters that she was in labour and went to the hospital. I was confused and I told the Lord to take charge that I would not bury anybody this year. As God would have it, my younger sister was delivered of a bouncing baby boy and my mother was also discharged from the hospital, and she is healthy now. Glory be to God.
Bro. I.

During the November thanksgiving service, Pastor told us to ask for help. I had already given up hope, I didn’t want to trust anybody but he kept saying that we should ask for help. With tears in my eyes, I asked because I had been waiting for two years asking for this request. During that same week, the Lord surprised me from where I least expected. On Friday, my mother fell ill and started crying asking us to pray for her. She began to speak like she was prepared to die. We were scared because Tuesday was the 3rd anniversary of my Step Father’s death and we were told back then that my mother would pass on shortly. But I thank God because today, she is hale and hearty. Praise the Lord.
Sis. A. O.

I thank God for bringing to an end untimely death in my lineage. In my family, we used to bury someone yearly. But last year (2017) and this year (2018), we did not bury anybody. I give God all the glory.
Sis. N. O. B.