Know that your wife will not plan your hurt neither would your husband want to harm you. The devil is behind the strife in your home. He is hanging around, in an attempt to destroy your covenant dominion in Christ. But you can choose not to give him any room. Once there is agreement in the three dimensions of a man’s life (spirit, soul and body) the couple have in their hands one of the most potent forces. Agreement in the body entails not being committed to any other person physically, but your spouse. In the realm of the mind, you should share the same thoughts, imaginations, dreams and aspirations. As it was in Genesis 11:6, a husband and wife can also be totally united, believing in the same things and sharing a unity of faith. It is time couples resolved whatever differences exist between them otherwise they will lose their dominion. If both parties will only purpose to be in total agreement on all issues concerning their home, it will be impossible for barrenness, financial difficulties etc. to have access to them.

When a couple has an enlightened understanding of their needs and are open to the help God is sending them in each other, marital conflicts subsides and each spouse is honoured and respected. Each of them, therefore, has dependency needs the must be met. It is surprising to see women who have a good understanding of their boss’ needs but not their husband’s. You see, when I got married, my husband and I were strangers, having no understanding of our courtships. This affected our relationship, but eventually time passed and we put commitment and sacrifice to our marriage and our home became real inspire of setbacks and disappointments. Few years after our marriage, things began to fall in place as we began to have enlightened understanding of each other’s needs.

“Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing” (Proverbs 12:18).
We must not allow our past to affect our future no matter what the situation maybe. You are wise if you will look at the good traits God has put into your man, and start to affirm, lift up and praise those traits. It does not matter what the situation of your spouse is right now. Your words can lift him up and strengthen him. When a man’s spirit is crushed, he becomes vulnerable to physical and spiritual attacks. You can begin to cultivate the habit of speaking positive words to your husband. Don’t ever curse him. Remember that you have become one, spiritually, and that is how some couple fail to notice it because they are used to saying negative things to their partners which later in future affects both of them. Know that what you say is what you will see and what you see is what you get.