GREAT JOY (Matthew 2:1-10)

Greater is the end of a thing than the beginning there of. It is never too late for you to testify of God’s goodness. The last Breakthrough and Deliverance Service for the year 2018 titled ‘GREAT JOY’ indeed kicked off with great joy with the hymn Joy to the world but God proved to be unpredictable by changing the message from Great Joy to ‘BREAKING EVERY YOKE THAT HAS TAKEN JOY AWAY FROM YOUR LIFE’.

The sermon was focused on (spiritual) prisons. Prisons house the saddest people in society because they do not have access to joy and they cannot make any form of progress. And the worst prison a man can be locked in is the Prison of Sin. Prisoners of sin are those who have been held captive by sinful acts or lifestyles, they cannot leave sin by themselves. And where there is sin, there is death which can be spiritual, marital, financial, career etc. So, prisoners of this kind can only be released by deliverance seasoned with prayers and fasting. And if you can deal with sin in your life, you can deal with every other thing.

The joy of the Lord cannot locate prisoners but Who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass, when the Lord commandeth it not? (Lamentations 3:37). 73 people were released from the prison of sin by giving their lives to Christ while 48 were in attendance for the first time.


1. I decree over you the sun will not set until you are victorious in Jesus name.

2. Holy Ghost will bring you out from wherever the enemy has kept you in Jesus name.

3. Every gang up against you that says on your day of joy your sit will be vacant, I destroy them by fire in Jesus name.

4. Every conspiracy against you shall be a ladder of progress in Jesus name.

5. I reverse every sentence of the enemy over my life in Jesus name.
This message continued on Monday, 31st December 2018 during the Cross Over Service – LAST NIGHT IN SLAVERY. You can order for your copy by contacting us on social media or via this phone number – 09090879801.