GLORIOUS LATTER END (Ecclesiastes 7:8)

I welcome you into a new season and a Glorious end of the year 2018. So far this year has been Glorious and it is my prayer for you, according to our bible text, that the end of the year 2018 shall be better for you in all ramifications than its beginning in Jesus Name. Job 8:7 says “THOUGH THY BEGINNING WAS SMALL, YET THY LATTER END SHOULD GREATLY INCREASE.’ Brethren, it may not matter in all cases how you start a journey but what is most important is how the journey ends. You might have encountered a lot of challenges in the course of your journey in year 2018 but I want to assure you that God has not forgotten you. The remaining few weeks shall be full of signs and wonders for you in Jesus Name. It was said of Job that the Lord restored everything he lost double-fold. Have you lost anything that is precious to you since the beginning of this year? Be ready for a double-fold restoration in Jesus Name.

What Do You Do To Guarantee A Glorious End Of 2018?
1 Develop a relationship with the Almighty God your creator. Job 1:1 – The bible remarked that the Man Job loved God, he was perfect and upright and one that feared God; this is who Job was. You can only be guaranteed a Glorious end of the year if you have a relationship with God Almighty, who has all power and can change seasons.

2 Trust God and let your faith and belief in Him be unshakable. Job 13:15 – The man Job refused to focus on his challenges but trusted and relied on HIM who is able to deliver. It is my prayer for you that the Lord will put smiles on your face this special season.

1 Thank God and give Him praise for bringing you into the end of the year and for making you see the month of December alive in-spite of all the efforts of satan to destroy you.

2 I decree that the protection of the Almighty God will be upon me and my entire household this end of the year in Jesus Name. In my going out and coming in, the blood of Jesus Christ will protect and avail for me and my family.

3 I decree that all outstanding blessings and miracles of the past years and this year 2018 will locate me and be my portion now in Jesus Name.

4 The Lord who knows the end from the beginning will see me and my entire household through year 2018 in Jesus Name.

5 I will enter the New Year in peace and prosperity in Jesus Name.