Communication is very important in marriage. As women, we need to create time to nurture and develop very good relationships. Communication helps out during the teething period. Teething period in marriage is the development period where couples find it a little difficult to relate with each other because of their differences.
When communication is in place, there will be understanding and where there is understanding, there will be peace, love and joy. I have always advised husbands to give their wives a chance to express themselves. This doesn’t take anything from you as a man, instead it shows that you are matured with a large heart.
In the days of our fore fathers, some families did not allow their wives to talk or take any decisions. They lived the life of slave and master, and that was why most families were involved in polygamy. They didn’t experience an ideal home designed by God. Please husbands, kindly allow or permit your wives to express themselves; and I do advice women that whenever they have the opportunity to express themselves that they should do it in love, with respect and a gentle tone. But, I have noticed some men who feel disrespected no matter how a woman tries to explain herself with respect.

When communication is in place, the matter will not get to the extent of living like cats and dogs (which is living like enemies). The relationship gets better and better the moment there is communication between the couple. Two people from different places, backgrounds and homes need time to understand each other very well.
I have realized that you should not take any decisions whenever you are very angry. Many times when I am angry and I take decisions, it is always wrong. If you want to be a godly woman, you will have to trade away some of your rights to keep the peace. Love is expressed in communication.